This time I wanna show you how to make super cute freckles with henna mehndi, deal with overhanging eyelids, and make your nose look smaller thanks to special makeup technique, apply red lipstick neatly, pick the right foundation tone for your skin, shave legs in emergency situation, make one product makeup and much more helpful stuff!

Have you ever got this nasty feeling when you’re brushing your hair and all of a sudden your old hair start falling down and crawl on your head? Ugh! Well, I’ll show you simple and effective way to clean your brush and get rid of the nasty hair!

I also wanna share with you my favorite super creative and fun makeup bag design! Guess what we’ll need for that one? An umbrella! Now how cool is that! 🙂

You’ll also discover the way to remove hair using simple thread, make cool massage device.
I also wanna share with you insanely effective solution for waterproof makeup. You’ll need some aloe vera, water, witch hazel and couple drops of your favorite essential oil.I can’t wait for you to try it out!

Find out how to make amazing homemade liquid tights, enlarge your lips, curl your hair with forks, apply makeup correctly and a lot more useful stuff!

You’ll also learn how to make a spray to straighten your hair when you’re in a rush, curl your hair with a hair straightener. Also check out awfully easy and stylish lazy hairstyle ideas for every day, suitable for all hair lengths and colors! Being beautiful is OUR lifestyle! 🙂


0:30 Overhanging eyelids
1:03 Mehndi freckles
1:55 Perfect foundation tone
3:44 Clean your brush
4:22 Mind-blowing umbrella bag design
6:35 Deal with stretch marks
10:45 Open pores solution
13:43 Edible lip balm

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Spoonlicker W. says:

Most of these are so fake

Kiki Lps says:

7:16 Is that Inquisitormaster?

מאי אליהו says:

מה זה השטיות האלה

Invisible_ Vectoria says:

This video is awesome. Thanks for uploading this :3

Agnese TV says:

0:09 hahaha

Камилла Газимагомедова says:

14:40 this girl is a beautiful.
I russian girl and my english language bad language in the world sorry. 😉

TUSHY says:

“नंगे सोने के कमाल के फायदे जानकर चौक जायेंगे किसी भी प्रकार की सेक्स समस्या से अगर परेशान हो तो बेझिझक संपर्क करे – डॉ. राजीव रॉय ( Sexologist),
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Siddhant Das says:

0:58 indian privilege

Yvette Mariah says:

Please tell me why she was going on a date with Ronaldo

استمتعي مع افكاري says:

I LOVE YOU 5-Minute Crafts

ملاك وعيوني هلاك says:

بالدقيقة8:30عملت الخيار والموز منشان السواد حوال العين ….اللي بشوف تعليق بتمنى يجاوبني رجااااء…..عندي قلة نوم وبدي وصفة رجاااء حدا يقل

Poorvaja Kelkar says:

I like the fact that there is some amount of hair on the leg which is being shaved. Almost every advert model shaves an already shaved and clean leg.

F'cking Paradise says:

It’s dangerous to use lemon directly on the skin , if you go out after and get sun light , you will get marks
( excuse my english ahaha)

xRolly says:

Ok i’m a boy and i’m thinking to myself: ok why do girls even put makeup like half of these things wouldn’t even be a thing if you didn’t wear makeup. 2. 14:50 ok no one is gonna get like 20 forks just for that every time your gonna do something like that.

هدوء الليل says:

دقيقة13:42 مساحيل اسويها يتجمع على فمي ذبان

souksombun TV says:


Zoey zoey says:

Why “girls problems”?

نٌےـٱزِّوٌكےـيّےه صِےـٱكےـه says:

شنو خلت وشنو 5:59

وهنا الصبار ومي وشنو 9:13

noisy boy says:


Tripti Kushwah says:

How do u guys know about MEHENDI?!?

Genna Rivenburg says:

How do these girls have hair on there faces?

my life is hamburger says:


Yakup YAKUPOGLU says:

1 . 26 gert ooo kols perfect way

Agnese TV says:

0:09 this looks so lovely! 🙂

Odessa Dales says:

Wow amazing

XxWolfieLovexX Xox says:

For people who dont like 5 min crafts: Why watch them? It means that u like them.
For people who like them (A.K.A Me): You’re Amazing.

Amnnar ه says:

ايععععععع احنة العراقيات متحتاج هلكد لبخ

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