If you want to buy something new for the spring but the wardrobe is full of old clothes, check out our creative ways to transform old clothes into something cool. Don’t throw away old t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, and jeans, let’s create together something special! You will learn how to reuse your old jeans and make fancy garments, how to make a cutout prints on your t-shirts, transform a shirt into a dress. It might sound difficult but you will need only basic sewing skills to create cool things. Watch our video and turn your old clothes into something really cool and trendy!
Here are the best clothing tips we share:
– If you don’t like your old denim jacket or it has a lot of stains you can’t wash, cut it and use laces to upgrade it. Same trick you can do with sneakers
– If you want to give a fashionable note to a pair of normal denim shorts, you can create a lace insertion, using just some simple items. It takes literally 2 minutes and scissors to create this cool fashion DIY idea
– Check out how to downsize jeans literally in 1 minute
– Transform your old sweater into a cardigan
– Fix your broken flip-flops quickly with a ribbon. Now your flip flops will look so elegant!
– Turn your old jeans into a shopping bag
– Get rid of sweat stains on your white t-shirt by using a lemon
– Turn your leggings into comfortable leggings
– Learn how to turn your old pullover into leggings
– Do not buy a denim vest as you can make it out of your old jeans
– There is a creative way to transform your t-shirt – make a cut-out print. Usually, cut-out prints cost a lot in stores, but with our tutorial, you will learn how to make a cutout heart t-shirt with a just in a couple of minutes. And you don’t need to have special skills

00:14 Stylish denim jacket
02:21 Cutout print
06:09 Downsize your jeans
10:15 DIY denim shopping bag
16:09 DIY leggings
16:39 Stylish denim vest

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Lake Wager Lalason says:

These were trendy maybe in the 70s

TheGachaEditor says:

I honestly hope the.thumbnail is a joke..

Keisha Dobbins says:

If they really say that thumbnail is trendy then they need to stop bashing black men for saggy pants it’s tready when white people do the same thing from blacks

HatefuIOne says:

You know that I just clicked for the thumbnail man

Tiny Llama says:

I wanted to know how to make the boots on the front page guess I never will know );

Adriana Yessenia Ramirez Marroquin says:

Yo vine para ver culos soy hay

MagnificentMillie Millie says:

All these are brilliant but I am just too lazy to do them. Anyone else?

Black Swan says:

Trendy? But where, I never seen any of these before

Akaschya Galgolove says:

Ah yes i always sew with UHU….

Mohammad Sahzed says:

stop copying Blossom

Paper Man Official says:

T shirt makes short
It’s amazing …..

Julie Di Iorio says:

Who is watching this knowing that they won’t do any of them?

Hola yo soy Erick el Pro says:

Tuyo spota

Strawberry Furry says:

I think this should be on Robby because of the thumbnail

Brøøké Greer says:

Five minutes craft stole it from Blossom and 123 GO unless they working for each other

Angelina Scaduto says:

oh and also please stop zooming in on the crotch area there are children watching AKA me and my friend

Stephanie Vicente says:

4:50 they look the same

Lalrintluangi Tochhawng says:

I like it

Angelina Scaduto says:

1. These do not take 5 mins 2. The stile of the jeans you cut up were bootcut you wear them with boots.
You can just go and buy the real thing instead of wasting your money on the materials.


0:09 There’s no way Im going to where that -_-

Luz Ornelas says:

No glue

Rachel Rachel says:

How to look like a cheapskate fool…. 5 Minute crafts!

HarjotDIY-ary says:

The thumbnail tho….

Btw I have a diy channel

Radha B says:

Show me how to remove cat hair form cloth

Jojo Plays_robloxandgachA says:

Cool video

Anna Natalia says:

Wow pretty!

Johnny says:


Griselda Rojas says:

Who knew At the time 13:39 they started playing Denis daily’s intro song!! Like if you heard it

Banana_ jin says:

In every video showing the same hacks again and again just changing the girls

ωillσω τrєє says:

0:09 SHX UU H 2 IHH2S 8H2 G Y2 X

iamakss 1 says:


lourdes rendon says:

I hate your video Camila rendon

Morgan Walsh says:

Pants falling down is a trend?!?!

xXSaaraAlam123Xx says:

I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing underwear on my neck or anywhere else where its not supposed to be

lola the focx says:

No, they aren’t.

DR_Virulent Epidemic says:

Some of the ugliest sh*t

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