YAY 14 DIY CLOTHING LIFE HACKS! Hopefully you’ve never seen some of these before, even tho ever girl should know them!

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Jennifer Treanor says:

Song name from 0:00 – 0:07?

Kunja Kunja says:

pls make hd vidie

MakeMoreMusicOk says:

what’s the name of the song playing at the beginning of this video?

Poutchyka says:

My friend tied a shoe lace around her neck, and it looks like an adorable choker. She often gets compliments lol

That Awkward01 says:

Unless you have pixie hair. *sigh* the stuggles

Micky Mouse says:

How do you know so much hacks

Gidgy Gold says:

Oh no!!!! I have never seen the finger nail polish panty hose trick lol!!!! Throwing out that bait for more subs with a 500.00 dollar gift card.. Clever.. This is so stupid..

Eva Abe says:

What is yellow soap? That’s the name? Anybody?

Emma Vestergaard Ladefoged 4A Sennels Skole says:

It’s from @5 minutes crafts

Corina Dimitrakis says:

hola soy Corina me podrías darme tu numero de teléfono para chatear

Angel. Arika says:

9:24 i have those exact pants they are my favs

Anta Sara Gueye says:

alcune idee sono state copiate

Hannahs i love gymnastics says:

I’ve seen some these

lizard198032 says:

I know this is nothing to do with clothing but I found out that if you have pen or marker on your hands that eye makeup remover take it off I suggest to use the eye makeup remover for washable eye makeup

chrwhitt says:

Okay, so, the mod podge on socks… I’d use the mod podge to connect the lace, and then I would sew the lace. My concern is that it would come out in the wash. Other than that, I loved these hacks! Thank you for sharing!

Alexa Grijalva says:

tbh its like shes sponsoring everything shes using like the soda the sharpies even her pants ahahahah but don’t worry I love this channel

Rachael Aarsh says:

You copy Sara so much

Maddy Stephen says:

why do you talk so much like why I know you try to do YouTube please but does it mean you have to talk a lot so I

slimecik tv says:

baby face

Andjela Plavsic says:

you koping 5 min. craft and you are sooooo ugly

Camkinz101 says:

she look’s a little like mia stammer

Melissa says:

when the wire pops out of my bra i push it back in then super glue the whole closed. Once dry use a finger nail file and file it smooth. It ends up lasting for a long time.

Alexis Nargelovic says:

I love u so much

heather Pierre says:

pick me

Miu Kim says:

I roll all odlf my clothes

Vanesa Slavcheva says:

you are beautiful

JocelyntheAwesome says:

What is yellow soap?

The Neonz Dimention says:

literally seen most of these already

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