13 Cool DIY School Clothes and Fashion Hack Ideas by Crafty Panda

Going back to school? Go back with fashion & style! Become popular with your friends and learn how to reuse old clothes. Fix your girly problems by changing to a new dress code! Learn how to use lipstick at school, and many more cool DIY and fashion tips

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아이스댄싱홍주 says:

고양이 가방 어디서 파나여

Johanna Kidd says:

Very creative

꿀벌집 says:

I’ll try it, too. What a beggar…
I am not good at English because I am Korean.

Ayed Frnses says:


Rounnok Mazumdar says:

WOW magic

viva la vida says:

Desmaei 2:00 kkkk


I am a osana najimi

Jose Campoverde says:


Ceylin İsen says:

5 minute crafts KIDS in çakması

alex rosales says:


Айгуль Борангалиевна says:


Lucimar Jesus says:


tosi chavez says:

tacHido huahu

luis enrrique osorio patrocinios says:


Eibar Castañeda says:

Me encancanto

descubriendo cosas says:

Yo también tengo ese escooter

Justine Kae De Luna says:

What is that thing on 6:45?

왕자림 says:

대단하시네요. 창의력이 띄어나세용~

Христина Лало says:


Karisa Santacruz says:

I think these are better than troom troom and 5 minute crafts. Anybody else agree?

My personal opinion though

Liza García says:

4:41 What song?

Вика Калюжна says:


soy fan de anime Nahomi P H says:


I like Hamburger and SPRITE says:

Lol i have to wear uniforms and now we have to have a certain type of bag so like i cant do any of these……….FUCK

Edit: why tf did i put lol

papacrr122 papa says:

انا بحب افلامك كلها كلها علي صلاح حاجات وانا

fiersha noviyanti says:


Lisset Flores says:

Jsbsbdkdb Sheilkknnsksnslssb. Bsjdjdjdldkrjdkdkk dbdkejeidndndjdjdjdjejdjdjdbznin es de jsbsbdkdb Sheilkknnsksnslssb que suene a ir haz

Mina TV says:

That’s very successful, thank you.

Monis Ponis says:

Ar jus Lietuvei


Thank you fır watch

Harsh Sharma says:

What is song

써리 says:

3:24이건좀.. 아닌듯

Virginia Clark says:

I feel there is an easier way to get pen out of shorts than to bleach their lives out…

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