10 DIY Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love

10 Girl trends you can DIY. Check out these 10 amazing DIY projects to enhance the look of your clothes! Which DIY will you try at home next?
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It seems like every few weeks, there’s a new fashion trend that catches our attention. Many of these styles come straight off the runway at New York, Paris, and London Fashion Week. As I’m sure you can imagine, these luxury pieces can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dol lars. The items just aren’t attainable for many fashionistas on a budget.

That’s why the DIY community is so huge, especially when it comes to DIY clothing, clothing tutorials, and how to make clothing. Many trendy and fashionable designs can be made in the comforts of your home without spending a fortune! If you want to have some fun and create beautiful clothing and accessories at the same time, please watch our video 10 Fashionable Fashion Trends You Can DIY.

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I got no jams says:


Holland Thompson says:




In one of the videos – trends guys hate
floppy hats were on there -_- so why they liked by guys now?

Pipsa Tanskanen says:

“10 DIY Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love”? Wtf?! Why does it have to say “Guys Love”? Most guys dislike like half of these things

Cause Why Not? says:

The girl at 00:51 scared me so much i thought it was a picture xD

PuppyProductions says:

girls fashion trends guys hate: floppy hats
girls fashion trends guys love: floppy hats

Not good with people says:

I came here for the title…. I think they lied.

maria moore says:

hi i love the talko soooooo much

AnnyeongSalmaImnida says:

Who else thought of our Gucci Tae when she talked about gucci?

tiffany casey says:

cool tag with me if you think thats cool for fashion people

Buby ♥ says:


fruity cereal says:

what if this whole time talko was one person and we were all fooled thinking it was multiple people ohh. lol I need to stop conspiracy theorys

PrincessLovesYou! MSP says:

“Talk to me to get stabbed”

Maisha Anjum says:

love u A

Xx_Trinity says:

My hat would say “Bruh”

Melody Gonzalez says:

haters back off!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megalou Draws says:

It says trends that guys love but in one of your other videos that says trends that guys hate it says guys hate floppy hat what even

Misty Lohan says:

My hat would say nobody asked you

Love Mabe says:

My hat would say: hat-ted out to the beach

Zoe Drane says:


Lamyeol 77 says:

loved this video!!

TheTalko says:

This weekend I will iron on some rose patches to my old denim jacket. Which DIY do you feel like trying out?

T Graeve says:

in one video u say that they like them, in the other u say the dont…

Rose LUNA says:

it is pronounced ion ok don’t get it wrong again

The intertwining Pokemon says:

My floppy hat would say “Professional Vacationer”

Samuel Seager says:

I don’t like denim jackets PERIOD

Sanda says:

Why did you add “trends guys love”??

Raeda Zeffirelli says:

my hat would say VACATION LOVER

CrazyHorse284 6 says:

I’m confused, If the point of the video is about DIY cloths, then why is the Title of the video”Girl Trends Guys love”? I like the video! But just confused is all!

Eva Is Crazy! says:

my floppy hat would say don’t be such a beach lol

Jhilkate Dejesus says:

My hat would say “Peace and Love”

Lind. says:

It is so weird, like in one video they said things that guys hateand there were big hats, but now the title is”10 DIY Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love” and they have big hats, so do guys like the flapy hats or not? xD

Chiaki Nanami says:

what about this has anything to do with guys loving this?

BabyCaliAndBabyBlue says:

I thought that the talko said that guys don’t like big floppy hats do they like them or not?

M. Mathers says:

That tittle is really misleading

Chamroeun Ponhsetha says:

I thought in one video you said guys hate floppy hats

Andrea Siana says:

guys love these but i got all of these and i still don’t get boys lmao

Vanshika Malgani says:

my hat would say “I love talko”

2022Deniz Ali says:

Ok um I’m not sure if boys ACTUALLY like any of these

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