What’s In My Zero Waste Gym Bag? + DIY Cleaning Spray

Native Deodorant: https://fbit.co/5wF7
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– Hydroflask: http://amzn.to/2gMHUnd

Orange & Vinegar Cleaner Recipe:
– Save the rind of about 3-4 oranges
– Put empty rinds into a quart jar.
– Cover with white vinegar.
– Allow to sit for about 2 weeks, either in a cabinet or on the counter.
Shake when you think of it.
– Strain the liquid into a reusable spray bottle like this http://amzn.to/2j5uTpt
* Use to clean almost any surface

Create the Peace ☮


⇨ PURCHASE MY REUSABLE BAG HERE: https://shelbizleee.wixsite.com/shop/product-page/reuseable-bag-create-the-peace


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Vegsthetti says:

i love that youre all about looking things up and understanding that they are harmful/not eco friendly. im trying my best to do the same always <3

faeriesmak says:

Yikes! That cleaner is SCARY! I don’t even buy cleaner anymore…except for toilet cleaner. I have been using a vinegar based one that we have been making and a vinegar and rubbing alcohol ones for glass. The orange peel vinegar has me intrigued! I might have to try that one!

Marji Pasman says:

might be worth sending ur gym an email with a suggestions to reduce their waste! some people just don’t even think about it

Christine Kerschner says:

The scent of that deodorant sounds amazing! I’d love to try it ❤️

Nicole Deejay says:

So interesting to see whats in cleaners. Most people do not think twice using those sprayers at gyms. This really educated me. Thanks Shelbi.

Keegan Ders says:

Hey if natural deodorants arent working for you, you might just need to rinse your armpits first with soap and water (sorry if that sounds crass) p.s. I love your channel <3

bingaling5 says:

How would you do zero waste when prepping for hurricane? I’m preparing for Irma and had to buy packs of water which I normally don’t do

Puff Mc Fluff says:

Very informative 🙂

Emily Miller says:

It is honestly scary what is in those cleaners. Thank you for sharing them. I hope they eventually change the sprays…

Marissa Bergeron says:

I have that water bottle!

Yanin Rosales says:

haha, I love paper towels but I know it’s so bad
I need help :/

Alix Reville says:

Its so hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that we put things in our cleaners and every day items that can impact us so negatively. And that’s being selfish and only thinking about us. If we took better care of ourselves in this aspect our earth would be much more healthy and happy.

Melissa P says:

I love that water bottle!!!!! It is so great and will never stop recommending them to people.

anna sanchez says:

Wow I am definitely switching my cleaners today!! Love learning all these things from you Shelbi!

Shelbizleee says:

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for the giveaway!!! And turn on your notifications for me over there because I will be posting it tomorrow.
I N S T A G R A M : Shelbizleee (https://www.instagram.com/Shelbizleee/)

Lily Gonzalez says:

I used limón as my deodorant and it works great and it’s cheap. You still sweat but not has much and you don’t smell. I workout and go running alot and I don’t smell after I’m done running.

Ashley Crew says:

you’re the reason I started using vinegar and essential oils for cleaning around my house and for that I have to say THANK YOU! I have a two year old daughter and I cannot imagine using that crap around her

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