Van Life – DIY Painting A Camper Van w/ Raptor Bed Liner & Fixing Peeling Paint on a Chevy Van!!

This is PART ONE of Mike’s Practical, Tactical Van Transformation.
Do you have peeling paint? hail damage? chips, dents or scratches? fading or oxidized paint?

Are you looking for fender flares for a Chevy Van? Do you have faded bumpers and want to restore the finish? Is a van wrap too expensive? Looking for a Kevlar type paint? Are you looking for a a camo look, military paint or desert look for your van? Looking for a sound deadener for your van? Are you looking for a paint or coating with durability and functionality?

Do you have a Chevy Express van or GMC van with peeling paint? There are hundreds of thousands of white Chevy & GMC vans roaming the streets with peeling paint! If you haven’t noticed this already, now that we’ve pointed it out to you, you’ll see them EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, GM has yet to step forward to offer a recall on this obvious factory paint peeling problem on Chevy and GMC vans. Equally unfortunate, fixing peeling paint is no easy task and could cost thousands of dollars. Fixing hail damage is costly as well, not to mention that as soon as you fix it, another hail storm could pop up and you’ll be right back where you started… with hail damage!

Perhaps you want a new color on your van or an off-road look? Would you like your paint to be scratch, stain and hail resistant? How about being resistant to corrosion from road salt and rust? How about a paint with a UV protectant (UV inhibitor) that also acts as a sound deadener?

Is there such a product? We thought about adding a wrap to the van, but not only does that cost 2 or 3 thousand dollars, it only lasts about 5 years and any peeling paint or hail damage would show right through. So there’s more time and money involved just to prep it for a wrap. We certainly didn’t want to go to the expense of repairing every little blemish and dent in order to do a professional, traditional paint job either.

After much research and deliberation, Mike found an amazing solution that SOLVES ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS!

It’s called RAPTOR! U-POL’s RAPTOR bed liner coating is a durable 2K polyurethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier. It’s a textured, protective coating that was traditionally used for truck bed liners. You’ve probably seen it applied to a jeep here and there and other off-road type vehicles as well. Other coatings, like Rhino Liner, Line-X, Herculiner, Durabak, Rust-Oleum, Monstaliner and paint with Kevlar (usually 4-5 grand), have similar properties. After much research on all of the bed liner choices out there, and due to RAPTOR’s amazing reviews and great ratings, we chose to go with RAPTOR. And by the way, there is no rubber in RAPTOR. RAPTOR is a thick polyurethane coating, which gives it great UV stability and impact resistance without the use of additives such as rubber.

For a product to be inexpensive (you can do your whole van in RAPTOR for about $300-500), easy to apply, a DIY product, heat, scratch, stain, UV and fade resistant, plus be a sound deadener, we couldn’t be more happy with it! We wanted a matte finish and RAPTOR comes pretty close with a slight sheen. We applied RAPTOR to our camper van (see video above) and we want to share with you the how-to, DIY tips and tricks to applying U-POL RAPTOR to your van.

For more information and a list of RAPTOR products used in this video, please see

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THIS IS A DIY VIDEO: This DIY video and post are for informational purposes only. The creator provides no warranty or guaranty and cannot be held liable for issues resulting from the implementation of the information provided.
This video is a DIY video on how to paint your own cargo van or camper van with U-Pol’s RAPTOR coating.


PJ Jackson says:

Did the chevy’s get the paint issue fixed after 2007?

keyoke69 says:

how hard is it to wash off now?

B Welkinator says:

Ya’ll are working in a paint booth without respirator protection??!?!?!

Fermin Lopez says:

esta chingona

Michael Anderson says:

EPA rules called for water based paint which requires longer drying times and all car company’s are in a hurry up workers mode
take it from a retired auto worker

Charles Fleming says:

Thanks for the vid.

HOTexasCatfish says:

All I need to know is your Neighbors name haha. Great video. Now I’m planning on doing this to my 2001 Dodge truck.

Josh Ketchum says:

Great van videos man. How many bottles of black did you use for the bumpers and rockers?

Lovewee Poms says:

looks good !

james dacus says:

Did they pay you for this

Isaac Flores says:

When you car wash your van in a regular car wash is there any problems? Looks great!

dave w says:

wow nice job

Peter Honeycutt says:

A white van with sound dampening paint? Sounds a bit creepy

Stephane Genest says:

yap fucking Gmc crap van keep buying them less for us

Dave Floresca says:

Awesome job love it….

cassandra Robinson says:

looks fantastic, new wheels now.

hate me says:

How much weight did this add………..

Dign-nbama says:

This is an awesome idea, I’d give it 2 thumbs up if I could.. 2 thumbs up on the nice neighbor/friend also..

hoopervFixes says:

Great video Mike.
Theres two videos I have really been existed about. And plane to do both of what I saw in the videos. They both were on your channel. This one and the Xpel tint. I sure would like to know about how much it was to tint your van. I know it can be quite different from van to van. But just to have some kind of an idea would be great. Keep up the good work on the videos. Thank’s

David Hefner says:

Ok….let’s move on.

dan parisien says:

Amazing job!!! I love the finish and all the benefit that goes with it.

ScinnerNo1 says:

DIY? WE did this, WE did that? From what I can see you diddnt do annything? How is that DIY?

ไกรศิรพงศ์ ศิริรชฎาพล says:

Awesome Project

Patrick Pedigo says:

that look nice, think I’m going to do my jeep that way

Kingalbert says:

nice job I like it

Broken Fang says:

How does it effect fuel economy ?

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