ToolGirl Mag Ruffman – DIY Dry Cleaning

Cut your dry cleaning bills by 90% with this easy non-toxic method

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DryCleaningOhio says:

Not a bad tip on how to do dry cleaning yourself at home. Well presented too.

Nads Octave says:

I’m definitely going to try this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jared Moreno says:

the host reminds me of an actress from an old T.V. show called tales of Avonlea and I think the characters names was Olivia.

JDBeats93 says:

leave work with smelly clothing, come back smelling like an alcoholic, classic!

Amy Stotts says:

Aren’t you adorable!  I love the wet pit references!  haha!  I’m a recovering alcoholic and couldn’t POSSIBLY deal with the smell of vodka…it turns my stomach AND an alcoholic shouldn’t have it around the house, of course.  So, this won’t work for me.  Also, my dry cleaning needs at the moment is to get a stain out of a down comforter, so this wouldn’t work on that.  Darn…thought I’d find a way to save the $50+, but I might just purchase one of those at home kits.  Thanks for sharing!

Hekym says:

social emergency lol

axelbrinck1 says:

does regular rubbing alcohol do the same?
any risk of staining?

Robert and Melissa Fayyazi says:

Lol love it. Awesome.

Frederick Ashby says:

“Why does everyone keep saying I smell like booze?”

OC Guy says:

u are sooo sweet babyyyyyyyyy thank u

Mary Williams says:

Thanks! Can you substitute rubbing alcohol?

Omar Martinez says:

U funny! Let’s drink it

litten lit says:

Since the odor of vodka is very slight and barely noticeable right out of the bottle, it’s very likely it wouldn’t be noticeable when dried.

dcracing1 says:

lol some sort of a backdated Fallon video

Mains de mariposa says:

social emergency!  I love it.  Way to go Mag.  Always helpful!

Denise Shaw says:

Thank you. Dry cleaning adds up!

bigbadnewman says:

Would metho work?

LU NANDO says:

Is that for real? hahaha

worldsbiggeststar says:

ur so cute!

SugeeMcLeLe says:

Thanks Sooooo much, I will definitely try this!!!

LadyGds says:

Ur beautiful, u have a nice figure, I hope I look as-good-as-you when I’m fully matured. I’d better go ahead an sign up for the theatre. 😉

Tanner eauphalant says:

wow i have been accidentally dry cleaning for years

Bridget Kathleen Hennessy says:

Question! How about 70% Propanol? Would that not also kill the germs like 40% Vodka? I feel a little weird buying a big ol’ bottle of Vodka.

imbadwrench says:

I would suggest not smoking in that shirt

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