The “Miracle” Shower Cleaner

This is a pin that’s all over the internet. I’m happy to say it’s a winner!
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Jeannie Alviz says:

You did not shake/move the two liquids.

michael Anthony says:

“Thank *goodness* I coupon.”
Question: What or who is this “goodness” that you are thanking?

Leonie Cent says:

Thanks for your great video… I’ll try it. Also, why not add a few drops of clove oil which kills every bacteria known to man, or some other pleasing oil.

Bhawna Tyagi says:

It worked thanks.

Lydia Beth McKinney says:

You need to caulk around your fixtures.

Teri Maue says:

put you caddy in the dishwasher, it will be shiny clean!

Beverley Collins says:


Jasmine says:

Habla hasta por los codos

Pancakebut says:

id like to see her scrub my bathtube with that fofo sht. She would be running for the door out as fast walk as she could. Lmao

Carol Binnie says:

Your tap looks amazing as does your shower head. Hello there wee man or lassie

trimel81 says:

your lighting changed,too….before spraying it was yellowish….then after that the light turned whiter….

Kelly Anthony says:

I was skeptic, but vinegar and water with some Dawn works. My new cleaning agent against soap scum in the shower. Who knew?

Veronica Walls says:

you took to long.

Serenity Archie says:

I have the same conter tops at 1:19

Jessica Davis says:

I prefer longer videos. And I love all of her videos. Always good content.

Missy Rogers says:

hi, hi, hi 🙂

Peachez Avalos says:

8/17/17 I’m going to try it it look like a new tub. Lol

Valorie AR says:

I did this to clean my bathroom and it worked great! My bathroom looks like its sparkling! I used it on the shower, all over the toilet, the sink and on the counter top. The vinegar had me coughing but it was way better than using bleach.

Kerryman says:

That’s way too much Dawn. A little of that goes a long way.

Vanesa López says:

I love this

Loggie and Tay Tay Forever Together says:

You talk to much girl very stupid even you have a Good point

addie jo says:

its weird tht she says “for quite some time” instead of for a long time…

Xyz Same says:

Acidid (vinegar) and alkaline (like Dawn) counteract each other. And another comment says it is dangerous to breathe in the combo (when sprayed). Vinegar on its own works fine, just keep it away from the faucet (you can use it on them, but do not leave too long), the smooth surfaces will not need the vinegar for long. – on the bathtub it may take a little longer (calcium + dirt buildup).

Alexxxxandra says:

Toooooooooo looooooooooooooooong!

Austin Duncan says:

Thanks!! This works great. So I tried it on my stainless steel sink in the kitchen. This sink has not shined like this sense it was installed 10 years ago!!

Carol Binnie says:

I’m so glad that I live in a soft water area. Our water’s the best lol 😀 :p. Cheers for the great tip hen. The wee one sounds so cute

2baSelkie says:

Thank you for your lovely cheery video. Alas I could never work up such enthusiasm about cleaning what must be a bathroom that would win the worlds most yeukiest bathroom title ever 🙁 I have hard water too. Even this mixture does not work. The whole room just has to be replaced, but we have to sell our house, and with little money it seems senseless to do this when someone will just rip it out anyway ! I still watch before and after bathroom programmes longingly. Never mind today I will attach it with a 🙂 Thanks. Fran.

Russel Zwirz says:

You can take that basket down and put it in your dishwasher and watch

Dave Gerber says:

You’re supposed to use dawn ultra. Not the original. But if the cheaper stuff works too that’s great!

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