TAPE ART – a DIY Painting

Whattup homies! So here’s my first crack at instructional art 🙂 this is a DIY, step-by-step tutorial for tape art (specifically in a herringbone pattern). I tried to keep it simple and fun, so I hope you enjoy.

Next week I have a ‘drunk paint challenge’ coming with a friend, that you get to know a lil more about me..BUT…I need some more ideas, what do you guys want to see? Send me some ideas!

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Last Video (Skull face painting): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSx2Wx7sNGY

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amibear21 says:

I like this vídeo.

Sradha Swami says:

Thanks for your help

Reka Fialowski says:

You have such a positive vibe. It made my day, that you’re opening the possibilities to everyone 🙂

Ashley Nicole says:


Merria Benton says:

im a newbie love the work

Gloria flores says:

your so cute and love the way your just having fun with it great video

Joseph Surms says:


Alejandro Mejia says:

can you do that on a wall

Paul Harding says:

Terrible video. And that pattern didn’t do anything to show off any creativity. Thought was going to really turn out fantastic and was very disappointed. Sorry

Zulfikar Abdulaziz says:

cut the crap and get to work

Matthew Haan says:

wish you were still active

Miguel Irizarry says:

You did good but talk to much

emeritus511 says:

love your video…♡

Ilona Pulianauskaite says:

hey liked and subscribed can you please do same for me:)

Jazzy lynn says:

great vid. ty

Sancha Gaspard says:

Step 5…lmao. Awesome project and stellar delivery. Looking forward to more great ideas. Thanks.

onesilly fag says:

Love this! Thanks. I am teaching my self and you are my newest instructor.

Kawaii Unicorn says:


Peter Sudaria says:

sir!!?is it ok if I used double sided tape?

Alejandro Mejia says:

can you do that on a wall

scorpionzdezignz says:

Jacob, you are a trip! lol I enjoyed your video, and you did a great job!

sujatha Venkatesh says:

I am going to try it. Thank you

Greta Lacchei says:

Fa un po’ cagare

shannontiya atoya hopkins says:

…….. wow :L

Mikkel says:

You talk too much, kys you piece of shit…

jlt1984 says:

what did you use for glossy finish?

Jasmine Jusino says:

Fun video to watch and makes this kind of painting very approachable.

Sweet Tooth says:

omg I just found ur channel I wish I found it sooner!!! I was ALL over the Internet trying to find good diy Christmas gifts and I think I found it!! I love art and I agree that anyone can do it!!

Ayesha Aziz says:

hey which thing did you use for painting initially?

CoOl GiRl says:

too much talk. ^^

veronica mansilla says:

Por qué habla tanto??? casi 13 minutos para un resultado tan pobre!

BritJ 1995 says:

Ugghh I love you <3 ^_^

Alyssa Rotz says:

I wanted to paint something because iv’e really been into painting lately and well i saw this and i really got inspired to make one… i actually did it differently than yours and of course i didn’t use painters tape either i actually used….the black tap (can’t remember what its called) if you would have kept this channel going then i feel you could have made a career out of it. You are so creative, your music is great, you super funny and your adorable. What more do subscribers want?

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