Spring Cleaning | How to Clean Your Room, Tips/Tricks, & DIY Room Organization 2016!

How to Organize your room for Spring! Spring Cleaning! How to Clean Your Room! Tips and Tricks to Stay Organized! DIY Spring Room Organization! Sometimes I can be a clean freak so I hope the tips I show you guys in this video can help you out in making your room clean 🙂 Let me know if you found this helpful in some way and let me know what other spring related videos you would like to see!

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PS. If you’re having a bad day, I wanted to let you know that you’re beautiful and to never doubt yourself. You can do anything that you set your mind. Push through hard times, and overcome obstacles. 🙂


Emma Whitley says:

dat ass doe

Mom222hdz Hernandez says:

can you do a update makeup collection

jayraliz garcia says:

hi mel I love u so much I was wondering where did u get your throw pillows from your bed at? <3

Easy Tutorials says:

Why does she do everything slow?

Hannah Poteet says:

Love the viteo made you can. Came over to my house and help me clean my room i would love that please make more viteos this is Hannah beth poteet

Yasemin Cavit says:

Can I send you a letter ?

Sierra Ortiz says:

I love your vid

Jenna Turner says:

this is a good vid

Itzmeeeselena says:

I love your tips❤️

Taetym Dog lover says:

How old is she

Jess dancer says:

I love how your personality shows so much through your videos!

Taetym Dog lover says:

How old is she

Noel Wolf says:

Just found your channel, you are seriously such a great youtuber! Your video topics are interesting, your channel is designed super well, and your editing and background music is on point! Subscribed, and I hope you get a ton more subscribers 🙂

Alyssa Medley says:

What editing program do you use

Riana Muller says:

You are the best youtuber I love u u r actually helpful and I watch every single one of your videos u are so pretty your amazing❤

Evelyn O Sullivan says:

What was the song called that you played at 4:15?

Maddie B says:


sumeya hussein says:

Hi my name is Gracie and I like your figure this week it was my first video I said before so I didn’t subscribe to I didn’t drive to your channel but now I am it was awesome that’s all I can

Samantha Ramirez says:

the quality is great as always 🙂

HashtagGeek says:

Just found your channel, and I LOVE IT! Your videos are just so relatable/helpful. Got yourself a new subscriber.

Imagine Fun says:

Im am the unique she looks like Abbey of miracles from heaven?

Caitlyn Fahrman says:

I love you and your videos so much❤️

Mariam Ehab says:

how old are you millessa

Anjali Topare says:

I liked your video very much .And I am awaiting for your next video.and u are so pretty

Alyzza morgan says:

all of them really helped me clean my room. I liked the second one the best

HeyAirish says:

You’re one of my favorite youtuber. Love you Mel!! ❤️

sofia kells says:

StupidCoz who needs to learn how to clean their room?

Annie James says:

what editing software do you use??

Lauren says:

i screamed when you started painting on your bed

sumeya hussein says:

I love your video it was awesome and I love it

Shadowluna 330 says:

I think you should of painted it pink and then left the wood

Mom222hdz Hernandez says:

can you do a update makeup collection

Crayraymc says:

Lol why do you keep looking up xD whats so interesting up there?

Teya Brinkman says:

say mel2able 3× fast it is crazy

Lily Hynes says:

Ur Vids r soooo good!!Everyone in the world should subscribe and like her videos#YOURAMAZING!!

Ebony Page says:

how old r u????

kel2able heishman says:

please do a winter cleaning video

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