Sony A6000 Sensor Cleaning DIY

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Charles Morrison says:

Those sensor swabs are UHHHMAZING!! I buy them in bulk lol

Ricky Kennethson says:

Thanks so much this video was so useful to me. Thanks TechnologyMafia. Greetings to your lovely wife.

Dylan O says:

What exactly does the auto cleaning do?

LJCH4E says:

I did cleaned my a6000 sensor. My tested method is better (your method is also very good.) I recommended 100 ISO and f22 shoot the blue sky or anything bright blue instead of white so it will help you find more spots. Why blue? Because we all shoot at the sky and outdoor. That cleaning DIY is good. Just remind for anyone who are newbie need to make sure to check sensor liquid if its non-flammable which mean you can bring it at airplane. I bought two liquid sensors are Eclipse Sensor Cleaning Fluid (flammable) and Aeroclipse Digital Sensor Cleaning Fluid (non-flammable travel safety.) Last, cleaning your lens (different method cleaning it) before put it on. 🙂

vanDeursen says:

What’s that icon that looks like a flag at 1:56, over the corner of your left monitor? Thanks

Eftihis Mpalomenakis says:

Great video! It would be even better if I had the camera ㅠㅠㅠㅠ. Only the body costs 600 in greece @.@. Can’t wait to work..

Victor Nuñez says:

Hey are you guys in the USA? and do you guys have an instagram account

Moggridge says:

Very useful information, thank you.

Julius Samaniego says:

this information is exactly what I needed to clean my a6000. you’re videos are much appreciated! thank you

Chris Poblano says:

I love how you’re still rocking’ that Sony A6000 and are doing lens reviews because that is what I really need, lenses! I got the A6000 last October and I love it! Keep up the great work!

Chryseas S. says:

Thanks Tech M, another great and useful video!

Matthew Yeung says:

I have that same VSGO sensor cleaning kit and used it on my Sony NEX-6. Worked great.

TheAsianpage says:

My A5100 doesn’t have this button anyone know why lol

Carsten Bruhn says:

Looks like you used a swab to small…

Boy Ralf says:

so it is a one time use sensor cleaning?

Prashant Singh says:

sir but in Sony a6000 manual book they’ve given as you can clean it with water. mean to say very small amount of water.

Aritra Dey says:

What is the price of Sensor Cleaning DIY???

zach biggs says:

What exactly does the software sensor clean do? And do you have any thoughts or plan on doing a review on the sigma 30mm f2.8 (picked up a used Sony a6000 yesterday with that lens as well as the 55-210mm kit) thanks as always for the video!

myfirstkissgoesalittlelikethis says:

what happens if the sensor is contaminated? my sensor is really crazy with cleaning marks and etc but nothing that i saw visible when taken a picture.

Bryan Adams says:

Great tutorial, thank you! Does anyone know what the surface of the sensor is made of? Is it glass or something else?

Louis Curry says:

I have just used Q-tips after accidentally touching the sensor with my finger changing lenses. Not really recommended but can work in a pinch! Thanks for the video +technologymafia, love your work!

Jaime Fermin says:

Good video. Before and after pics would’ve been nice…

Parth Mashrani says:

Got an a6300 in Jan.. Only removed the lens once and got dust on the lens.. Thank you for this tutorial..

Hey Ehh says:

hey! can you give me some advice pls? I’m thinking of buying my first lense (i have a sony a6000 + kit lense). My options are Sigma 30mm f2.8 or Sigma 19mm f2.8. I like to take pictures of whatever. I have read that 30mm has a better quality. What would you recommend me? Pls help me im lost 🙁

Programmer Qn says:

I was wondering if you could just squeeze the bottle instead of shaking it to get the drops out. I used similar cleaning kit before for removing a smudge. For a stubborn speck of dirt that doesn’t come loose with a rocket blower, I use a Q-tip and flick it off carefully.

Moctezuma Cadenas says:

I tried cleaning my a 6000 one time and I was super scared to do it because I was afraid of breaking the sensor or ruining it. I don’t think I used a lot of pressure either. Just curious, how much pressure did you apply on the swap when you were swiping across the sensor?

Yohanes Yudha Dwi Saputro says:

great !

lux284 says:

Hello, you said not to touch Sensor with anything or alcohol
So that’s exactly what you do with the cleaning kit ????
I would be happy to clarify. Thank you

zed4fun indonesia says:

how about clean it using cutton bud? can i?

Ertugrul Kahraman says:

Useful video, but any tips on cleaning it w/o the cleaning kit?

SuperDigitalMe says:

What about the a6500 with its ibis?

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