Sail Life – painting the galley, waste oil tank, heater & dehumidifier – DIY sailboat refit

In this video I paint the galley, build part of a waste oil tank (made from wood and epoxy) and brag about my new heater + dehumidifier.

Update on the portligths:
I’ve heard back from the company. Yes, I got a reply on a Sunday evening! That is fantastic customer service! The gap is totally normal. I need to use the screws to “pull in” the portlights. Phew! 😀




Dohicky (track temperatur and humidity):

West System tank guide:


Armando Flores says:

who is your port lights supplier?

Mando Yachtsman says:

Screw down the port light and let it sit a bit then remove and apply your sealant. It may help form the curve and minimize the flex stress. Nice job on your interior. Love the videos.

David Kaiser says:

Remove it all, then u can see the window from more angels 😀

J Ellington says:

hey mads,
youre video quality has greatly improved since the beginning. Im looking into starting a channel similar to yours but for product reviews and powerboat DIY. I know you’re busy between work and maintaining both boats but is it possible to make a video about your video/audio/mounting/editing equipment? thanks and stay warm!

Jim Ciotti says:

What is the “do-hickey” that tracks the temperature and humidity…Looks pretty cool

Talhern says:

Thank you for letting us in on the triumphs and mistakes of your build thus showing the human and humor in the build. Great Video. Hope you have fun with a well deserved break. You will be missed.

The Wind Catchers says:

put in adjustable shelves. this way you can use it for storage but have the flexibility to change your mind

elliott forgues says:

love the long video Mads. great work thanks 🙂

Txwallbed Murphy Beds says:

Maybe this has already been suggested but I would use the cabinet on the left side for the microwave (it appears identical) and the new opening for whatever was in that cabinet. Never cover a window. Light is so important.
I am female and perfectly comfortable with the “hi guys” reference. And I love your videos. Do not change.

gordon6029 says:

Hey Mads, give a shout out on your channel to this crazy guys channel. Eric Aanderaa He is a hard core blue water sailer.

Carsten Friedrichsen says:

Hej Mads, hvor har du været flittig, både med at lave båd og med at lave film her til YT. Tommel op for det 🙂
jeg har set måske haldelen af de film du har lagt op, og kan huske at jeg er stødt på en hvor du laver en hoalding tank,
men nu kan jeg ikke finde den igen 🙁 hvor blev den af !! hvad blev den endelige konklusion med hensyn til MAS epoxy vs. West system, hvad er best til prisen ??

Sail Before Sunset says:

By the way, flaws in the teak on an old boat are not “flaws”. They are character marks.

Robert Packerbacker says:

Love the face palms in your videos! Makes me chuckle.

大阪 says:

Not sure what blades you use but bosch T130RF3 blades are suggested in the forums for cursing fiberglass.

David Richards says:

great video Mads, I too used to burn through saw blades and suggest turning down the speed of your saw. The blades don’t get hot and melt, your cuts will be perfect.

大阪 says:

Humm…. Regarding the Microwave, I would hate to waste the wonderful natural light that would be available before stuffing a microwave in the space. Dependent of the size of the “future” microwave maybe it would be possible to make awn acrylic frame as a surround. This “in theory” would allow light in while also allowing for you to mount the microwave. It could be possible to use frosted acrylic that would closely match the appliance.

Just a thought as hate to see the natural light wasted….

DrakeParagon says:

Athena is looking absolutely fantastic Mads! And as always another awesome video. 🙂 So nice to have both that heater and dehumidifier running in there. I never saw someone make a plywood/fiberglass diesel tank before – really cool to see. Have a great time in Deutschland! I’ll never forget how much fun it was to check out the weekend fish market in Hambourg – what a party! I hope the boat show is wicked fun and hope we might get some video from your trip too or photos on facebook? 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the cabin all painted and varnished and all of your other projects through the winter!

Christerart1 says:

Hello Mads,

It was great meeting you “in real life”..=*^)

Hope to see you (again) in spring when Jess and I head for Sweden and Joya.

“till then, take care and keep up the fantastic work!


Christer (and Jess)

James F says:

I watch every video, Mads. Keep up the good work!

jinx0192 says:

I would make those two spaces into one if you could. Then you don’t have to worry about the size of the microwave, and with the divider gone you might let in more light from the window.

Someday Sailor says:

How about a small herb/pepper garden under the window? “Food” for thought 🙂

Agnieszka Sionkowska says:

No video next week 🙁 have a brilliant time on your trip to Germany and we all hope for video from the boat show, pretty please 🙂

Brian Totten says:

It looks like you have your electric heater plugged into a coiled up extension cord. If this is so you should know that the coiled cord can heat up to the point that it can melt the insulation and start a fire due to the heavy draw an electric heater creates. The boat is looking great by the way.

someonec86 says:

Great video as always. Always look forward to your vids.

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