Sail Life – Painting & preparing to rewire the boat – DIY sailboat refit

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I finally finish painting the saloon and continue to prepare for rewiring the boat.


Sail Away says:

Hi, the lock on your main hatch/door, do you know where I could get that? I am still looking for a good lock and this winter I am replacing the doors. Lock like that would look just right! says:

those bolts on the instromentment panel above the hatch are security torx’s you need a set of security bits for them.

JC F says:

A couple of things that I’ve found really helpful when rewiring boats like you are doing are these small clips that can be glued with the supplied glue, they are very strong and help you better organise your new wires and zip tie them up away from any chafing hazards.

The other thing that is very helpful for tracing wires without having to completely remove them or if they go into a hidden or non accessible area like so many boats have.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

Dans L'eau says:

You started this vid off differently Mads?

G King says:

Looking forward to the rewiring videos. Particularly, the connections that come off the existing panel for power and ground before you attach them to the new fancy panel with blocks and jumpers.

Rottingboards says:

I loved this video….a lot like me…always getting sidetracked on projects.

Petrus Grisselbum says:

I have found taking high resolution digital photos very useful in documenting things before enjoying “Taking them apart!”

ted clubber lang says:

You don’t need OCD to be frightened at the wiring situation aboard Athena:-p She really needed your help! And man, I nearly laughed myself to death at that “swearing in danish”- segment

Niels Brandenborg-Hansen says:

Har tænkt lidt over flg. : Hvis du vil bo i agterkahytten, og samtidig vil bruge den som, instrument panel, el tavle, div radioer osv. Tror du så du får ret meget søvn på frivagter, fordi alle disse ting er det den vågne vagt skal bruge ???

Joris Tijsen says:

You should make an amazon account and use the affiliate system to link to all the products that you use. (The led lights for painting!)

athiest4you says:

The electrical looks like a hell of a lot of work
Must do if you want to travel worry free
Great meticulous work!

Samuel Lowrey says:

I do love a tidy Electrical System, Have Merry Christmas Mads, I’ll be thinking of you here in sunny hot Melbourne 36° Celsius.

Rottingboards says:

LOL, I have never heard Danish swearing! Awesome! Hopefully more is introduced into your videos.

whitetail says:

Another good video, enjoy watching.

Sailing with the Foxwell Family says:

Hi Mads. Great film as ever and thanks for sharing. The best bit about it from our point of view is that no matter how much work we seem to have left to do on sea Horse your, your there every Sunday to show us that there is always some one else worse off than us 🙂 Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Robert Vinet says:

Thank you for yet another wonderful episode Mads. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and holiday season.

Dop Pie says:

Hi Mads, Merry Christmas and a happy 2017…
Thank you for the tips about tools, toys and books…
Cheers. Rob

Mads Laumann says:

It’s amazing you take the time to make these video, as it have to take time from your project. But please keep on doing it 🙂
They are very well done your videos and very interesting 🙂

SenseiDave13 says:

Merry Christmas Mads hope you and your family have a great holiday . Thanks for all the videos.

Chris Hubbard says:

oh my oh my…Stumbled onto your channel today when it showed up under some of my other sailing channels. The greatest thing is that you are all about OCD repair and DIY like I am. A huge reference for when i get to redoing my boat, that is right after i buy her. I have so many criteria that i am driving myself crazy waiting for the right boat. But in that haste i hope not to miss the boat that is right for me. Awesome channel and this is where i stop for the day. Watched the whole intro list and this far into this playlist.. awesome awesome awesome! I am thinking of using some arduino in my boat if it is possible and allowed as far as regulations go. Fair winds and much luck getting Athena int the water by end of summer..

vegan ist says:

Always impressed.

varad17 says:

wow….what a rats nest as we call it at work….most people would not be so upbeat about it. Your enthusiasm about tackling it is commendable .
on the off chance you don’t know already, if you put your test meter on continuity ( where it will give you a tone signal) and connect one probe to the end of a line ,say in the nav station , you could take the other probe and “test” lines at where you think the line runs too…that will take all the guess work out of it…..

Xavier Bell says:

always great stuff

Martin says:

Great video. Always nice to see your approach and detailed documentation. It inspires me to improve my own boat. Thanks man…and Merry Christmas!

Stephen Sprenger says:

Mads, Those are security screws. They require a special bit to open them. There are many different types of security screws which companies use to prevent their customers from taking a device apart. You can get a nice selection of security screw bits from Amazon for $12.99. I have this set: Neiko 10048 Security Bit Set, Chrome Vanadium Steel | 100-Piece Set

Alec Ver Bunker says:

Those are pretty common in the US. It’s called a Security Allan there a common fastener in public buildings wear tampering is a concern.

jd tmn says:

so,how did you learn how to build boats

Stephen McColley says:

Wow 256 comments already! That seems huge to me,especially since I mostly just watch and lurk- congrats! I see you are about to show the Nigel electrical book, I just wanted to mention the Don Casey book, actually I have found all of his books very helpfull. Here,s hoping the elves label all of your remaining wiring for you for Christmas. Happy holidays and ad always THANK YOU!

bmr4106 says:

That wired instrument pod screw is called a “pin in head” security screw. The telephone company used them to secure pay phone components. Good luck.

Grigor Browning says:

I wondered initially if the opening shot coming out of the hatch was to mark your first night aboard. Perhaps after an all-night wire pulling session… 🙂

Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales says:

The screw is a torx security screw, you can use a small flat head screwdriver and cut a slot into the middle or of course they can be bought at home depot here in the us

Beanieweenieable says:

Been watching about two yrs now and just thought I would post and say thanks for your always informative videos…Merry Christmas or as you may say vrolijk kerstfeest!

Jóhann Berthelsen says:

Since I am from Iceland. then I understood what you were cursing

swetstein2 says:

Mads, I’m curious: how do you spell your dog’s name, and what does it mean?

FrenchAM100 says:

Another great video Mads, I am always getting sidetracked on my boat, especially when you are exploring the hidden depths. So satisfying to sort out wiring. What are boats such a mess with wiring I guess too many cooks. Btw those screws on the pod are security bolts you can get some bits online to undo these. Guess they are to stop anyone stealing the instruments. Have a great Christmas…

Nigel Dance says:

Which cabin does Yurgel get? Something big enough for all his toys ? (Hamilton, Ont)

Red10152 says:

Just an idea I wouldn’t pull all the wiring for everything out yet I know its hard to stop. Later on when you actually start rebuilding you can use the old wires to pull the new ones through the tight spaces you might encounter.

Adventures of Gypsy Soul says:

Nicely done….again. I’m like you in that I get a crazy level of satisfaction in cleaning up messy wires. Must be how we are “wired!”

Txwallbed Murphy Beds says:

Fantastic. What is a bus?
I have the same mess of wires. This video helps me to move forward and start my process. You are quite an inspiration!!!

Breehorn Sailor says:

Hi Mads, so curious about the svb package. Looking forward to the next “real” episode. Have a nice christmas …

Michael Samuel says:

Hey, what kind of camera are you using besides your GoPro?

steve covaleski says:

Thanks Mads.

Leif Nygaard says:

Love your channel and videos Mads! Really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. Was wondering what is the name of the lights you talked about?

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