Sail Life – Compact laminate, painting, varnishing, aft cabin plans – DIY sailboat refit

In this video I do a test to see how difficult it is to work with compact laminate. As part of my DIY sailboat refit I continue working in the saloon (painting and varnishing). She’s coming along nicely 🙂


Christerart1 says:

You forgot to mention you’ve gotten better looking as well – age agrees with you…=*^)

I think there are tons of people who watch religiously and never comment – Jess and I took a lot of time before we commented or “talked” to you.

toxicandtimeless says:

Congratulations on 200 videos Mads! I’ve enjoyed your videos since the beginning 🙂

greg g says:

you should consider a heat resistant material for the counter top., a place to set hot pans and such.

scrabbleamber says:

Mads, why have you stopped using the 2 Pack paint that you used on Obelix, is the Multipaint up to your high standards

Keith Bussard says:

Nice work! I enjoyed your video!

Mads Laumann says:

Really enjoying your videos!
Just bought my first boat, which needs work and I really don’t know anything – but learning alot from your video – keep ’em coming 🙂

From Denmark too by the way, and I’m also a developer/IT consultant and…hold on….my real name is actually Mads 😀

CK H says:

Remarkably skilled, talented and inspiring young man. Nice dog too. Have a great time over there. What’s the long term goal? Go around? You would be a natural for it.

Living the Dream says:

Pretty dang spiffy.

SVDreamChaser says:

I am usually a real traditionalist when it comes to varnished or oiled wooden interiors in boats and would never think of painting over the wood, but this looks really good. I am now considering trying white with varnish trim in our coach house as we rebuild it. Nice work Mads!!!

Jared K2JPK says:

Thank you so much for these videos! I hope to one day be able to do what you’re doing!! Your channel is a great inspiration!

Randy Thorne says:

I enjoy your video’s along with your knowledge and talent. You are the best I have seen for overhauling and refitting, I admire your standard of work. I hope to get through all 200 video’s soon, as for the color of you counter top, I would think that black in low light conditions would make it harder to see things on the counter. White is a bit plane and there is quite a bit of white now, so I would vote for the grey. It gives a bit of contrast and is a soothing color that goes with any other colors that you would use for upholstery, curtains or even lights. Thanks for your hard work, it is appreciated.

Christerart1 says:

As for the countertop – both Jess and I prefer the light grey..=*^)

Damian Gregory says:

Oh yeah, forgot, Congrats on the 200 videos. That’s a massive library of tips and good ideas, how to’s for the rest of us to draw on. You Tube will keep them safety archived for years. Also when your an old man one day you should get a giggle from them some day when watching this journal of this early period in your boating adventures There’s been a few really funny ones to. I promise to comment again on the 400th Vid. Till then take care and don’t inhale to many paint fumes. Damo

Bugs Moran says:

I’m late on the poll but I hope you went with the dark grey.


Sarah Geiger says:

I’m a reasonably new stalker… I mean fan… anyway, just watched one of your old videos and I see what you mean about being cringe-worthy. Both your English and your video creation skills have come quite a way since the early days!

Suppressor Dude says:

How are you venting the carbon Monoxide from your Paraffin heater? Would there not be an accumulation in your absence?

Chris Bamford says:

That white really transforms the look of the saloon. Congratulations.

Keith Hollenback says:

another great video! What is the head room?

Jon Jeter says:

Oh No !, not another 200 comments 🙂

Here’s my take on the counter color, you have so much white going on in there I would add some color in the cabin by setting off the counter in a contrast color of black or even a brown to go with the trim, just say’n what do I know 🙂

jd tmn says:

im color blind

Philip Patrick says:

I like your videos very much. As far as the cabinet top material I think dark colors are better for this. Just my opinion. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

Milos Marinkovic says:

Congratulations Mads ! I watched all your videos from the begining and I hope to see the next 200 videos !

Clayton Rohner says:

Yes please. 2000 more. Quit your stupid job and do these full time.A week is just too long!!! Why are you not on Patreon so we can give you money to do this full time?
Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on You Tube.

Eero Sario says:

Really enjoyed this video just as I did all the 199 previous ones as well! I’ve followed your channel from the very beginning but for some odd reason have never managed to leave a single comment, sorry for that!

Thanks to watching your videos I had the courage to start working on my first boat around two years ago. I had absolutely zero skills in the beginning but I’ve learned TONS from watching your videos, so a big thank you!

Things I value most about your videos and that make your channel one of the best boat DIY channels I’ve come across are a) your pleasant and easy-going attitude, b) showing things in detail (close-up shots, length of the content and the amount of explaining the planning and execution) and c) the technical quality of the videos.

Very much looking forward to seeing how Athena shapes up and what you come up with in your next 200 videos 🙂

Aaron Twa says:

Congratulations on 200. Looking forward to the next 200!

Mad Island Sailing says:

Congratulations on 200! You do an awesome job!

Dale Buckley says:

Sanding sponge’s are cheap in Canada , painters use them all the time .

cjs0879 says:

No only do I prefer the dark grey, but as one of the choices you could get as “free scrap,” it’s an obvious pick.

James F says:

Congratulations on your milestone video. Your videos are like a great TV show – I wait all week to see what’s next. Keep up the good work, Mads. You’ve got a growing fan base.

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