Reset Day | Get Your Life Together + Cleaning Routine ✨

Spend a Sunday reset day with me! Here’s how I get my life together after traveling and leaving my life and home in a mess, including journaling, meditating, speed cleaning (ha, I wish I was that quick IRL), unpacking, working out and so much more. My reset routine has changed since I moved into an apartment with my bf, so I thought I’d share this updated one!

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dilberozsarik1 says:

Can you do a video and talk about your job … your past job your relation with money and now where you are !

Tooba Abrar says:

Hand washing ….dont have a dishwasher

Zunzun says:

I handwash the dishes because we cannot afford a dishwasher jsjsjsjs

Li Yue says:

Your voice is so nice!

Sierra Camelia says:

HAHAHA I have a designated tray for my husband too LOL

saladtong says:

same! I never learned how to use a dishwasher so I also hand wash my dishes haha

Nichole Ann Marin says:

Using the dishwasher saves water. Then hand wash the bigger items. It’s always important to be aware of trying to conserve water. You won’t miss your water till your well runs dry. Also, you can collect rain water to water your plants. Sometimes sink water has a lot of mineral build up, so rain water is essentially better for them anyway 🙂

sohna Harzeez says:

handwash but my boyfriend hand washes then uses the dishwasher

Nicole Jade says:

Regarding the whole dishwashing segment, I do both. I load up the dishwasher with pots, cups, plates, utensils etc and then hand-wash pans, bowls and any other large dishes. I find that hand-washing the larger items is best because then you can get rid of those hard stains that don’t move at all in the dishwasher.

Officially Kayley says:

Did anyone see the fridge open and close in the background?

Elizabeth Marrow says:

Hate to wash dishes, have a dishwasher and love it

Rune Odilia says:

How long can you store ginger in the cabinet btw? I store mine in the fridge but they get bad really quickly, i thought itll last longer in the fridge tbh XD

Havivah Chinye says:

Hand wash

Carla Popa says:

Hello Aileen! Thank you so much for changing my life. I am so much happier with myself and what I do. I appreciate myself more and more every day. Your channel is so refreshing! I was wondering if you could give some advice about living with someone else. Before meeting my husband, I was content with my habitat and I had my own routine, which got imbalanced after we moved in together. Eight years in and I am just about starting to feel less anxious about the mess he leaves behind. I don’t clean after him, we clean together. He vacuums, I do laundry – we split tasks. But there’s something exhausting about living with another person, because they have their own pace and priorities. He was never taught about decluttering and he was always a hoarder (receipts, old clothes, food wrappers etc.). I am on the opposite spectrum, as I like to stick to essentials and I do not leave anything to pile up. I know I am not the only one, if you Google: how can I cope with living with my messy husband, there are hundreds of women who describe the same issue I have. I hope you are able to give some advice! Anyways, I with you a lovely day ✨

languagebucket says:

If I have one, definitly the dish washer. It’s less water and less work.

Eugenia Thomas says:

♥️♥️♥️new subscriber

maria regina Bernardo says:

adoro seus videos. são inspiradores

Kellen Destiny says:

thanks for sharing the tips

CJ Sweets says:

I have a dishwasher but I wash my dishes by hand since my dad would always make us do it when we finish our food so I’m used to washing them by hand. That and I also don’t really know how to operate a dish washer lol

Jay Carr says:

I hand wash only because we don’t have a dishwasher, but if we did I would not be handwashing for sure. lol.

Lavendaire says:

Love you!! If you want to watch more, here are some related videos:

→ Declutter with me (KonMari) |
→ 2017 Reset Routine |
→ How to Organize Your Life |

pastel _tea says:

Do you recycle trash ?

deepikagupta1 says:

I love u and your videos. You are so amazing:)

Cinzia Emmanuello says:

Ok, wait wait wait. Are we all gonna listen to life advices from someone who didn’t learn how to use a DISHWASHER?

Lia Rocha says:

This inspired me to actually clean my bedroom

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