Pinterest DIY Bathroom Cleaning Hacks TESTED!

Today I test out some Pinterest DIY bathroom cleaning hacks. Do they work? Watch to find out! 😀 Hopefully you enjoy these videos where I test all sorts of life hacks. Thank you for watching!
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This video is not sponsored. I appreciate you friends soo much for watching!

Email: management@aa7media.comHere are the Pinterest bathroom cleaning hacks I tested:
1 cup baking soda
1/4 cup citric acid
1 tablespoon dish liquid
5+ drops any essential oils you like
lemongrass essential oil
lemon essential oil
silicone ice tray
store in airtight jar like mason jar

1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon glycerin
2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
20 drops essential oils
glass spray bottle

Cut off a piece of magic eraser and leave it in your toilet overnight to clean.

Place a few drops of essential oil inside toilet roll and you smell a fresh scent
anytime someone uses TP.

Thank you sooo much for watching! Hope you enjoy my new series testing out life hacks! This video is not sponsored.



Carrie Beth says:

I so appreciate all the work you put Into your videos.   loved this one!

At Home With Nika says:

I live abroad. is citric acid Lemon salt? I am a little confused

Kim's Beauty+ says:

the last one doesn’t make sense…

Jeannette Topolinski says:

Thanks April! I love videos like this

Stephhcouture says:

omg april your top is super cute

Nina R says:

Your voice sounds different in this video!

Kim Sangil says:

Love it when you post DIY’s!!! Love ya, April 😀

Monica Alan says:

Wow that’s great .Thanks a lot . If you could only list the ingredients what kinda of companies you used for alcohol and for essential oils ?

Sara Arias says:

more please. this was nice to see. thanks for sharing.

TrevorandKian says:

man you are just the ultimate momma and wife!

hargurl says:

Yes! Please test more~

Mel_Delanghe says:

Ooooh I’m gonna give these ones a try! ^^Thanks so much April! <3

Carol Capps says:

The scent in the toilet paper roll works nicely.

3 Dazzling Girls! says:

April, you should try the grapefruit and salt hack to clean your sink!

28MouseEars says:

I’d love to see some vinegar hacks for cleaning the bathroom! ✨

Being The Bakers says:

Love these videos April!

vanessa felix says:

Magic eraser totally works. It takes off stubborn water stains that look like a ring.

Robin Nieto says:

Great hacks, but is it ok to flush the sponge?

Victoria Ivette says:

I lovvvee these videos especially from you cause you’re so sweet and honest 🙂 god bless you and your beautiful family

Heather Landry says:

how do I get bad soap scum off a glass shower?

24carlam says:

I would love to see more cleaning routines and what your favorite cleaning products are!!

JAZZ KING9810 says:

Yasss girlfriend you roll your toilet paper from the TOP and not pull from under!!! Me too!! Lol

thehauntedmansionfan says:

Never flush anything porous down the toilet. It will expand and clog the pipes.

MommyOf Two says:

The magic eraser won’t clog the pipes?!

philamena lawton says:

Great video April I loved it!!!

Toya Maxi says:

Great video!

Katherine Truong says:

I cringed so hard when she flushed the magic eraser, you’re not supposed to flush things like that. but other than that it was a great video! love you!

Denise Beals says:

flushing the sponge, no good. Her next video will be DIY on how to unclog your
I love these kinds of videos April

Marriage & Motherhood says:

Love the DIY pooperi! Thanks for sharing!

Meggan LaCour says:

These are my kind of videos

The Buchanan Family says:

Thank you for trying these so we don’t have to 🙂

FanBuzz JKS says:

new fan <3 love your edits. what nationality are you?

Narcy Dishon says:

Thank you April. Love seeing these!

RoseAustin C. says:

Thanks for doing the experimenting for us. I’m definitely gonna try the DIY toilet pods.

theIronArtist says:

I don’t think you can flush the magic eraser. That would be my concern.

Lexi Olivarez says:

Awesome video!! Very helpful!!

Denise Ontiveros says:

I love the video but it seem a little too fast for me, could you do homemade cleaning products to test. Thanks

Allison Lilly says:

I love these types of videos. Great job

BelindasChannel says:


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