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I love DUI’s… I mean DIY’s ha ha! In this videos I do a tutorial on how to make that wood pallet couch from Pinterest that everybody is talking about. This really is a fun and cheap way to do pallet furniture. ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

Everybody goes to pinterest for interior design and home design ideas. Pallet furniture has gotten very popular lately on Pinterest. Pallets are easily accessible and super cheap. So pallet furniture is a great way to go to save money.

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I Pinned this wood pallet couch on Pinterest and I Just had to make it. I love Pinterest so much. Even though we were getting ready to move I had to make this pallet couch. It was a lot of work but well worth it. Go Pinterest!!


Gale Underdue says:

This video was entertaining, as well as informative, and educational!!!
The children, and Dave are hilarious!! 🙂

Nez Green says:

I literally watched the same cushion video right before I watched this

Shivice Brown says:

enjoyed watching you guys !! hahah the screwing part had me rolling

Shivice Brown says:

Ok I commented to early. Not the baby crying himself to sleep. hahahahahah the realest family ever. This is how projects really happen.

Karem Green says:

I am having difficulty in finding the foam to make the cushions… Where did you buy yours?

Henri-Ansel Vallee says:

I get that this was some romantic thing but there was nothing practical here. Just keep this video with your wedding one and spare the rest of us.

Slava and Karen says:

Cool video! Me and karen really likeed it!

Tim Knudsen says:

so you being board and wanting a project means,, get your husband to do all the work……….so awsome !!!!lolololol

The Dude Lebowski says:

Billy Idol did well for himself! *fox*

Sphinx Hutc says:

okay ,I can say that I’m glad I hung out with this video.. at first I was like “what the hell”.. we get caught up in rush rush rush got to have it now, but this was worth taking the time for.. it was funny as hell and it shows” real life”…. you truly have a great working family. and if more people would take the time to work together as you guys did, as couples and as families we would be in a lot better place in this world…. today’s modern families miss out on so much by not taking time together.. these types of beautiful projects clearly can bring happiness. thank you for sharing and letting us into your home…


Здравствуйте, полезное видео. У нас на канале видосы такой же тематики, возможно для Вас будет полезно.

Ban Bacim says:


lilly waters says:

you people talk too much about nothing

Braxton Hill says:

what happens to april life

Quiet Storm says:

Beautiful!!!.. and definitely worth the time which I’ve rather spend than a ton of money.

bokytoky says:

only in america you can sit all day & do nothing !
answer is so simple : american government is world bigest criminal, and they stole everything on earth !
but no so long, the GOOD’s punishment is very very close !!!

Sami James says:

lol @ “I don’t have enough stuff going on in my life”

Candice VS. Candice says:

You did an amazing job April. It looks beautiful.

Sarah Bevie says:

Are you from Utah? I live in Indiana buuut I heard KSL!

Remington Mcneese says:

Go to woodprix page if you’d like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think.

darren edmonds says:

I like how you broke everything down. Thank you

Genell Patterson says:

Great Project!!! Congratulations to you both!

myra hope says:

Wow talk about being desperate for attention!!!

Janice says:

I desperately need you to fix my hair color. Plus I love how funny you are. Where is your shop located. And now I want to have pallet furniture. LOL

TheYah00netstar says:


Jimilynn Collins says:

You did a GREAT job.

Carlos Quintanilla says:

how can they live in such a mess and then show that to everyone? waste of video

Abco Furniture says:

Amazing video footage.
See more Office Cubicle Decoration, Modular Workstation In Chennai

Jania Hudson says:

this was too cute I laughed so much but I love how it came out


HAAAAAAAAAAA 14:03 I wasn’t ready!!!!

This is the best pallet bench vid I’ve seen so far. Great diy project…THANKS!

Olen Pagan says:

This idea is simply great, thanks! By the way, head over to Woody Hyezmars site, you can google his name, I think he’s still giving away his woodworking book!

C lee says:


Elivanelima Maria says:

Parabéns!familia linda.Adorei seu video porém nao falo inglês mas amei…

Nadia House says:

it turned out amazing you have skillz

Kathryn Emma says:

Awesome definitely fun to watch ,

Brandi Baca says:

I’m sorry I know that this video is not about this but those kids need to be buckled up right two of them aren’t even in a seat belt and the toddler is not strapped in right her chest buckle needs to be on her chest I hope they don’t get in to an accident

George & Koben says:

Thanks I love ur video. Cus I want to diy a couch but my hubby doesn’t agree ahaha I love this
I’ll get started ASAP .

Ann M says:

note to Davey, “trust the talent of the people around you” lol hair cuts

Jodi Shebagabow says:

I wonder if anyone has any problems with pallet furniture, like tiny wood bugs, splinters, or if it was durable?

Lilli hatzen says:

Good Job April. If I had a huby who would help me I would do it,too. I love it.

Mike Phelps says:

you 2 R Way Too weird

Carolyn Kirk says:

I love this! And your family is beautiful! Keep doing what you are doing!

Eddy Acuna says:

Where did you get the foam?

Tanya Angelis says:

is this is scary movie?

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