Painting A Motherboard DIY Mod – Part 2, The Stunning Reveal – ASUS Rampage V Extreme

Did I actually brick an ASUS Rampage V Extreme by trying to paint it blue? Find out in this video…

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Title: Televisor – The Chase
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ThatOneYouTubeDude says:

lol haters got roasted

Wes Westbrook says:

Good for you…..always push the boundaries!!

Matt Adamowitz says:

Couldn’t you just 3D print some fake inserts for each of the slots?

Miguel Saavedra says:

Why didn’t he use paint markers?

Hunter Killer says:

Lol hypocrits completely shut down. Seems like you will never hear from those bastards again.

Mac Mevo says:

Who is watching this video in 2k17

william corley says:

painting a motherboard 2, where linus roasts the haters and still has a working board. lol

Sajjad Akram says:

use cotton buds for precise touching.

Carlos Perez says:

forget them haters, you’re awesome linus!

LDM tech says:

2:20 Linus has a really big nose…

Kiro says:

would it be easier to brush paint it so you don’t need to cover the whole board, just a opinion. nice vid 😀 always looking forward to videos.

vaudevillian vicarious says:

I love getto modding.


you should do more things like this it’s fun

Jarvis Coleman says:

yet people paint their whole boards now….

Nick Savage says:


tankimus says:

Don’t care if it worked after painting.. Stupid idea

Flyn Hawn says:

Fantastic video Linus, keep it up! This is a perfect example of why I love your channel. How can you be expected to provide tech tips if you’re not pushing the envelope to see what’s possible? Two thumbs up!

lilith vlad says:

linus hatas gona be panzy little morons dont pay em no mind

Klaas-Harm Wessels says:

is there an easyer way without risking to break your board

i have yellow slots ugly af

ZeeDownG says:

*I hate blue parts :v*

lineseyaether says:

typically on audio books i say i read or are going to read for tense or i am reading X if asked what books are you currently reading, but if i am actively listening i would say i am listening to my book or listening to [book title]

ofc everyone who knows me is long used to how audible (and audio book cassette tapes from far enough back) work and are used to it and all read kindle and paperback avidly so it works well especially if taking to people who read the printed word primarily.

also know you audience and simply speak as if it was a physical book if you don’t feel like explaining audio books to people who don’t know or are judgmental about it.

Drunken Punk 800 says:

What a snarky douchebag.

qentsy says:

couldn’t agree more with you! good job, was a tense watch!

Arkam Mohammad says:

“Take that haters” 😀 #BURN

Meow Meow says:

Great video love the voice over addressing the internet but at 5min in the video the camera zoomed to close and saw the specs of red

WhoLock says:

what a waste of a perfectly goo-

*suppressed gunshot*

*throws body in meat grinder*

avatartube7 says:


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