Painting a bathtub DIY results vs. professional reglazing

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This video is a followup video of a DIY project I did on epoxying my bathtub. After a year or so I started to notice peeling on my tub and despite spot treatment the problem persisted. I decided to get help from a professional and this video shows the difference from what I did compared to a professional tub reglazer.


Christopher Titus says:

Great video. I am a professional refinisher myself. You are right on. Can’t begin to tell you how many conversation we have had trying to save customers from going the DIY direction. With your permission I would love to feature your video and experience in one of our blog post.

Lula Zeta says:


Lisa Emory says:

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Surface Magic LLC says:

You can expect to get 10, 15 or more years out of the finished tub as long as you use gentle cleaners.

Hallo Ween says:

Thanks for posting this. I bought a home with an old and dirty cast iron tub and was thinking about painting it until I can get the money to remodel the bathroom. I have the Rust-Oleum kit and have a feeling I’d end up with the same result after a short time.

Connie Fontenot says:

Stop using latex paint dude

GreatWhiteNiko says:

Since I resurface tubs I think I know all the chemicals used. But every so often I come across tubs resurfaced somewhere in the mid or late 1980’s. At that time resurfacing was not even on the radar. But apparently some people did it.

Those tubs are almost impossible to sand. The resurfacing material is laid down very thick (often 1/16″). It sticks extremely well to the porcelain. I’m not sure if it is Polyester but it performs very, very close to real porcelain. Does not yellow.

When I see a tub like that I know I’m up for very hard work. But nowadays such coatings are nowhere to be seen. Still – with proper application and maintenance modern resurfacing products will last for many years. The chemists that created these products designed them that way. But it is a matter of proper application AND maintenance.

Cape Fox says:

What kind of surface prep did you do with the off-the-shelf tub paint?

Skeptical Open-mind says:

Here in Florida home depot sent 2 guys to deliver and mount my new bathtub. They charged me $190 more on top of the $275 for the tub(season sale).This spraying thing is a little too messy and dirty job isn’t? Is it really worth it afterwords?

GreatWhiteNiko says:

Cool guy in orange shirt. Did it right. No skipping steps. And a few light coats, not one thin and one big fat one. Great job!

SoBu2 says:

Wow I was curious if I should hire someone or try and do it myself. This is the first video I watched and I happen to be from buffalo so this is perfect.

S Fosh says:

Thank you! I have watched both of your bathtub videos and have decided to go with the professional. LOL Your tub looked so great after you did it yourself and I was disappointed when just two years later it had peeled so badly. Thank you for posting the video so I don’t have to spend the time doing it to just turn around and have to re-do.

sizzorgirl67 says:

I just had my tub reglazed professionally and it’s bumpy is that normal?

Paul says:

U do not need a $300+ *professional* . My tub was painted by a handyman 6 yrs ago,, now peeling, all I have to do is to buff with several corse of steel wool, start with most corse, then move fine to medium grade. Now go to a local high quality paint store and see if they sell their own mix of the high quality glaze (the one sold at lowes, paint stores is OK, but my local shop will mix a more epoxed paint = lasts longer/higher sheen). Now tape well, and paint as instructions, I believe 2 coats. save yourself $300+ Will look the same as in vid, or perhaps better than the vid demo.

Stacy R says:

Thanks for posting this. We are also in B-Lo and bought an old cast iron tub to put back into our bathroom (sounds crazy I know). I just cleaned it up, and it’s not horrible, but does have some stains (rust) and scratches that appear to be permanent.

What constitutes proper maintenance, and what do you use to clean it? Thanks!

Surface Magic llc says:

Remember to use Gentle cleaners. Like dish detergent and water or a family bath cleaner. Like dish detergent and water or a foamy bath cleaner.

Carlos Gonzalez says:

Whats the cost of services like that? very good work

Matthew Foley says:

yea a new tub from home Depot might cost 300 dollars but you are forgetting the new ones are thin and cheap plastic usually that cracks easy, and if you do replace the tub it ends up costing over 1000 easy before you are finished, you need to buy the new tub, remove the old one which means you have to rip walls out to get the old tub out, the. you have to find somewhere to dispose of the old one, then you need to plumb the new one in, then you need to fix the walls around the tub and then recaulk it. also it takes days to do all that and makes a mess. or you can just reglaze your existing tub for 300 and have a new looking tub fully functional 24 hours later with no mess or replumbing ect.

Celestial Nova says:

Oh no. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out well. It looked beautiful at first. You still did a pretty good job. I guess sometimes a quick fix isn’t the answer. I have also seen DIY paint for tubs. Using a roller and a medium paint brush. I don’t know if that’s any better though? My tub is white and in pretty good shape. I just has some stains on the bottom that I can’t get out from shower Matt. I figure the spray may still be helpful for the stains.

btw… the tub looks beautiful in the end. He did an awesome job. Glad you got it looking the way you wanted.

Cazzoz Duroz says:

Obviously this method is useless since a brand new bathtub from home depot runs around $300 or less. Avoiding toxic air in the air, keep the bathroom busy for 2/3 days and pay this idiot a lot of money…and after all it is JUST REPAINTED!

Janiesue08 says:

Great Videos! I really messed up man, I did the same thing as you and now the tub is peeling and it looks like crap! Today on and off I have been in the bathroom scraping that paint off. It looks like I am going to have to hire someone :/ If you don’t mind me asking, what was the cost for the Professional?

Bob Irwin says:

You can also change that ugly color if you like. Many people want to change that UGLY pink, green or colored tub and make it a nice clean white.

alextheromanian says:

itll be interesting to see how long his job lasts

maggie bridget says:

Is this a porcelain tub?

kwalmer says:

Thank you so much for the follow-up video Eric! Glad I didn’t waste my time. About 10 years ago I had a blue tub professionally done and it’s starting to wear now, but the company is out of business and miracle method sucks so now I’m looking for an alternative… Thanks again.

Bryon Payne says:

What is the cost to have a pro do this?

Kinshun Mui says:

Hi, TWO questions, what DIY kit did you use the first time around and what was the cost of the professional job? By the way, great time lapse video. I am able to remodel two bathrooms in my house and was considering resurfacing both tubs as oppose to replacing them with new ones for two reasons. Prices for brand new ones average about $150-200 so it is not a bad deal considering that the average resurface kit are about $50 for one application and then there the labor required. I have experience in restoring cars so I know about thr elbow grease required and it is not fun. The other reason for not replacing would be the pain of installing them and all the new plumbing associated with the new ones since they might not line up. This is a tough call since I understand the behavioral characteristic of paint. Even with a professional, the paint is a new substrate laid over an existing one and it is not set in like factory one which usually go through a baking cycle to add durability.

Shamsun Noor says:

This video is very insightful. I’m not going to waste my time doing this project myself all thanks to this video. Thanks again!

mobilemowers says:

Looks like mine after 3 months with Rustoleum kit. I followed every step. Waited 3 days before using ect.

Smiling Bear says:

Very interesting. Thank you

kruff39 says:

this is how a tub was done in my house, one year later and no problems

N/A N/A says:

I reglaze tubs this guy is a pro!!

Colleen McCray says:

How long does this last? Was there a guarantee of any kind?

traderjoes says:

Eric, was this a one day job? How long did you have to wait before using the tub after he finished? Hours? Days? Thanks!

djchino says:

What was the price for the professional reglazing? and how long before you could use the tub?
thanks in advance

alex quinones says:

how about a tile paint?

Surface Magic LLC says:

Surface Magic proudly stands behind there tubs with a written warranty usually 3 or 5 years. But expect to get more use out of it as long as you use gentle cleaners.

Kristin McGuire Elser says:

That is awesome and we have the exact same tub out here in California in our 1950s home that needs re-coating.

Adam Woronecki says:

This is awesome you took the time to put this up. I’ve been putting off doing my tubs because I wasn’t sure on these kits. Because of your two videos I now know which way to go. Thanx! Also, you should do a Bane impression in EVERY video.

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