SO GLAD I FINALLY DID THIS!! Painting my headlights was WAYYYY LONG over due. I bought the Morimoto C-Light kit along with the Optional sealent (a must have). We used Satin black plastic paint and yellow metal cast paint for the headlights! I think the yellow for the DRL’s is definitely a game changer and I’m super happy I did it like that!

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KoU ちゃんねる says:

Nice car!!

Axel says:

looks good

Angel Espinoza says:

what’s the name of the song

Angel Mariscal says:

Need some help I’m doing c lights and I have like lint n shit on the inside ? What can I use to get that clean with out messing up the inside of the headlight ?? Micro fiber ?? Like for camera and tv screen??

Cryo says:

fuck, you make a subbie look like utter shit

The J Media says:

Nice! I’ve been wanting to do that to my Lancer GT but been a little afraid!

Kuat Subarist says:

good job mannn!!!

Angel Valenzuela says:

how long did all this take ?

Kian Palmer says:

Are those Morimoto C-lights more of a blue or a white? In the video it looks very white but other places show that it is more blue.

Looks good!

tigergreg8 says:

This car now from the front looks so pissed. Haha. Didn’t think I’d like it, but it looks really good.

Wendy Williams says:

Do you have any other modifications other than the Tomei?

Turner Carson says:

seems like so much work for the result..

Shawncey Stiles Subaru says:

did you instlall them omn limited headlights? i have to install my morimoto leds in my limited headlights .

luis arellano says:

looks clean props from all of illimois

Nate J says:


Sonny Miller says:

was that the stock DRL lights in this video ? it looked pretty dam good with the yellow

Christopher Lambert says:

Dustin, you mentioned getting the sealant. Did you also use the DRL harness?

Adrian Llanos says:

What type of wing is this?

Wintradebuster says:

new here, why is there a cop car in his driveway? 😀

Kendall Coates says:

nice dude! doing the same thing to mine, but also turning my c-Lights into daytime running. worried to work with the adhesive tho any tips ?

BTB BackToBack says:

Who’s cop car

Chris R says:

Great video!

Aaron Wheeler says:

Wheres the detailed video??

jorge anaya says:

looks so sick

Toofast For you says:

How u claim your a car guy when you don’t even know how to do shit to your car

Mr Abb says:

can i know? what title for the music on 0:36 ..please reply my comment

hippykid1994 says:

how do i get my cluster to look like that O.o? anyone

mo4everable says:

i wish i had people that will help me with me car all my freinds are not car guys

Junge Robert says:

Why is there a cop car in his driveway

Alejandro says:

Nice car man , subscribed .

Dave OG Miles says:

Does he know he can buy aftermarket carbon headlghts

dorian budana says:

nice car ….good job…

Stefanos Moulinos says:

This is TJ Hunt but with a nicer car

Malcolm Kindell says:

Off topic but, where did Jesse get the window decal with his name and flag? lights look great

ELI'SWRX says:

Looks soooo good I will be doing this weekend

TLS Gaming says:

it pisses me off how people talk shit about what someone likes like if he likes his headlights he likes them i like them its his car…

Wendy Williams says:

0:15 why is there a police car in your driveway?

Carlos Ramirez says:

You don’t have to bake these headlights. Subaru used a new sealant design that doesn’t require you to bake them.

Tony Romo says:

is he a cop?

Saul Sosa says:

dude where did you get our front bumper?

Brennan O says:

Where did you get that whole front bumper part?

Omnipotent says:

Those are clean af!

Tou Vang says:

How much HP did that add?

Dave OG Miles says:

it looks shit

1buickregal says:

I need that song

jason hampton says:

Sits in left lane and gets passed on the right. Quality driver.

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