Paint Cabinets Without Sanding for under $120 – DIY Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking to transform your old kitchen cabinets and you have a small budget, this is one way to do it. I wanted to paint cabinets white with out spending too much money. The Rustolem Cabinet Transformation kit allowed me to repaint my cabinets with out having to sand them all. All for about $120.00 dollars!

DIY Kitchen Cabinets
Painting cabinets without sanding
Painting Kitchen Cabinets with out sanding
Rustolem Kitchen Cabinets Transformation
DIY Kitchen cabinets under $100
How to paint Kitchen Cabinets
How I Transformed My Kitchen Cabinets


Barbara Morgan says:

why would anyone paint nice cabinets

Vicky K says:

Can you list the products you used?

She Ser says:

Great job! by the way, we love Rudy’s too… Are you guys in Austin or Houston?

Shannon says:

Has it chipped at all? My mom painted hers and they chipped very easy so I’m wondering if you sealed it or anything

Maryori Acicle says:

excellent job!


I’m in Houston too! And I’m getting ready to do my cabinets any tips? And what color is that you used on the cabinets? And if you could have done anything differently during this project, what would it be?

Brooklynn Richards says:

Nice transformation. Looks like a whole new kitchen.

Janice Woods says:

Very nice job. I just purchased an older home with all wood cabinets. I need to do a complete home update. i am on a budget and intend to redo each room in the house. I feel like I can paint my kitchen cabinets and that will make my kitchen look so much better until I am ready to redo the kitchen. Thank you very much for this video.

Alyssa Perales says:

Looks nice Angely 🙂

Kayinfso Here says:

Great job!  Thanks 4 sharing….looks great.

David King says:

He’s due for a nap hahaha


well ,I’m a handyman in seattle area honestly i never do something like that isn’t professional but good try

Kim DL says:

It looks really nice. I’m doing mine now, but I have a question, did you use the top coat finish or the step #4 included on the kit? Or you bought a new one to cover the paint? Thanks!

Lisa Carey says:

Do you put a clear coat of finish on over the paint? Like a polyurethane clear?

Kerry Me says:

Well done looks fab

Legna Beats says:

Good job! Going to do my cabinets soon. Thanks

My Kitchen Corner says:


Russell Sova says:

Shoulda used Kilz 2 primer first! One coat of the top coat is then all you need.

sheila spaulding says:

Looks great!

Rudys!! Are you in Oklahoma or Texas?

Aquagirl 87 says:

Great work! So, 1. Can I just get a deglosser, primer and paint to achieve what you did, since that’s what came in the kit? 2. Did you get more paint because you didn’t like the one in the kit, or could you have used a roller with what came in the kit to get your result? Thanks!

Elizabeth Martinez says:

Love it!

momof2 says:

I’m thinking about painting my kitchen all white soon … thanks for the video 🙂

justmeandmydogs says:

very nice

Coloradoski24 says:

After the white primer paint did you add a top coat or was it already semi gloss?

salvychick83 says:

I did this 3 years ago to my kitchen cabinets, still looks good! ☺

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