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Out with the orange and in with the nice, new pastel pink! Promotional and other consideration provided by BEHR® Paint

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As much as we love our new office space, I always knew the outlandish orange paint had to go. Unfortunately for my pretty pink dreams, Joey was pretty resistant to the idea of a cotton candy-colored office. All it took was some energy healing, a team effort, some overalls, and a few gallons of paint to give Mr. Kate studios a stunning makeover!!

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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Shot by: Brad Etter and Cooper Shine
Sound: Alfonso Cano
Edited by: Brad Etter & Sarah LeJeune


creative weirdo says:

so want to take a selfie on that wall

The Spirit Child says:

I want to marry Reed

Emma Rosario says:

I just found this channel and this is the second video I’ve watched and I already LOVE it!! definitely gonna want to try some diys:)

Amna Al Mansouri says:

I liked the orange

Luisa C says:

I love the walls so much. I love pink it is my favorite color. When I grow up I just want an entirely pink house.

cait gregory says:

It looks like the Barbie dream house! Am I right??

MyCupcakelandia says:

OMG!!! This episode was so funny #ILovePink #ILoveMrKate

Crystal L. Glenn says:


sajinsohan says:

Behr reminded me of Caroline from 2 broke girls

Becky Naomi says:

The guy with the camera looks like Scott Hoying from Pentatonix.

Luisa C says:

I love you guys so much. I really want to know though why you guys are so awesome. How do you do it?

chio uruakpa says:

Joey is such a hard worker my lord


you guys should do a victorias secert room.

Kalima says:

Yeaaa….. Should’ve stuck with the orange. The pink isn’t popping.

Kayla A says:

I hope you all are still decorating in a decade or so when I finish school and get my own home! I would pay so much money to have my space brought to life by you. So much talent!

Sladana Milacic says:

I love iT dit is de 8 taim ai die iT

Kimberly Morales says:

That has to be the coolest pink office ever!!!!! #SohappyISubscribed

Anna Gray says:

Life-sized Barbie house! Love it! ♥♥♥

HealthyGroceryGirl says:

Love it!! Such a fun color! Great teamwork!! 😀

Nellah Grace says:

wow that must have took agessssss!! well done team Mr.Kate!

Taylor Chambers says:

The building looks so cute!

Lizzie 1o1 says:

is Mr Kate transgender? BTW not trying to be mean!

Waniya Fahad says:

the pink looks so good with all the plants

Theblackwidow101 says:

I am on joey side sorry pink is ugly

Iman Noor says:

The pink looks so pretty!

Violet Angus says:

My house is pink

MomentsOfZen with Jeannine says:

OMG, all the pink reminds me of Pink Ladies from the movie Grease.

muneera says:

who films brad filming tho?

momina ali says:

Uglyyyyyyy pink

diasyang says:

LOVE the pink! And Joey gets hotter and hotter every episode!

Abbera Ahmed says:

joey so hard working .. and is it only me or anyone else also think no one gives importance to joey . ok maybe only me

Brian Carey says:


ster k says:

Brad with blue hair is literally how I imagine Teddy Lupin

joyjacobus says:

I must admit,I liked the orange better…

SKAS says:

I thought I wouldn’t like the pink because I loved that orange but I love the pink to I wouldn’t decide on colours because they both looked good!!!

duality Discretion says:

Love this episode <3

Not The Devil says:

How the hell were they able to do that in a day.

Apar Rathee says:


Karina Ramirez says:

can you please do mt room next

Mommy Garcia says:

The pink looks so much better !!! My favorite color !!

milkflavoured says:

My new life goal:
Go there and take a selfie

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