Mid Century Modern Coffee Table DIY | Modern Builds | EP. 11

Today on Modern Builds I show you how I build this mid century modern coffee table from a single sheet of plywood (and a couple of scraps). If you have any questions or comments don’t forget to leave them below, thanks for watching! – Mike
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3/4″ Sheet of Maple Plywood
Dark Walnut Stain
Semi Gloss Polyurethane
Legs: http://goo.gl/R4v6v9
Hardware: http://goo.gl/jh4bkD
Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery

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diego6strings says:

awesome channel dude

Silvaraci Designer - USA says:

Beautiful this very well executed design, congratulations


Good job. nice video.

Shelby M. says:

Could I replace the table legs with 22″ legs to make it into a desk (accounting for the height of the table itself)?

Unboxing Boxes says:

yes but how do you open the draw ?

African Cichlids says:

nice , subbed

Bordo says:

Are you doing any plans or something or just.. doing? btw. what a beautiful design <3

reptiles miami says:

how did you get maple at your Lowes mines doesn’t have maple . What could be an alternative oak?

Aleksandra Doncheva says:

what is the bracket for the legs called?

Celine Larsen says:

How did I end up here at 2 am…

Dennis Lilly says:


Lisa Hung says:

good video. thumbs up . i love mid-centry furniture.

cfav says:

Dude, how have I never seen you before? This is epic!
P.S. You are super sexy; just putting it out there in the universe.

Subbu Deivanayagam says:

Are the legs stable for you Mike? i got hte exact same leg and hardware, it seems a little wobbly? Thanks

Mariea Boyd says:

How much did this cost in total?

Emily Knaub says:

I’m going to do this project but with the hairpin legs! I think that would look awesome with this table. Good job!

Sarah Bowe says:

Love this! Built it, but ended up thinking that the 16″ legs made this feel too tall for a coffee table. We swapped the legs for 12″ and now it’s perfect. 🙂

Marcelo Owczarek De Sa says:

lindo trabalho!!

Morten Floor says:

link for the legs please 🙂 I dig this, i really like your dinner table and sofa too.

Trent Hankinson says:

why did you hang up 8 legs to dry? aren’t there only 4 legs used on the coffee table?

Anthony Frasco says:

Love the build! Question: what size are the legs in length? Also is the drawer made out of the sheet of ply wood or scrapes you had?

garfiglio says:

What saw are you using to cut the sheets?Great work mate!

oscar silva says:

excellent work greetings from mexico

DM says:

Looks great. I was going to buy a similar one for my home but having watched your video I think I’ll try making one myself. Thanks.

classic287 says:

Wicked nice…..

lorenzo mottes says:

great but why you don’t edegebend before assemble?

Lea Stonhill says:

Love this style, please could you do a corner TV cabinet in the same style?

Risqi Maulana says:

Dude, you’re so genius

Rok Stubicar says:

Any idea where I can get those legs or similar one? Becouse I am in Europe and this company is only shiping to the us states.

Ala Serafin says:

Great videos! Love the projects, going to use these great instructions to build my own and save some $$$

Marcelo Pippa says:

I’m in the middle of making this right now…couple of questions…did you say you used 1/2″ plywood for the drawer? The bottom of the drawer looks thinner…is that also 1/2″? And what at those little pads your using on the drawers? Thanks!

jaide spilhaus says:

This is so gorgeous, going to give it a try at my workshop 🙂

Khizran Mustafa Wazir says:

so beautiful

Ellen Luz says:

Wow! Awesome 🙂 I love it.

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