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I know you guys love natural DIY cleaning recipes, and I also know that you love essential oils and making your home smell great.

So… this week we take a look at 7 easy to make natural DIY cleaning products that get “aroma-boosted” with some amazing essential oils infusions.


Peppermint –
Eucalyptus –
Lavender –
Tea Tree –
Grapefruit –
Lemon –
Orange –
Thieves –
10 Oils Variety Pack –

COMMENT QUESTION: What’s your favorite DIY cleaning recipe?

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Bee Arnold says:

thank you sooo much for this video! I needed recipes! great suggestions!

Stuti Shukla says:

Haven’t u tried lemongrass essential oil?? Its amazing and my most favourite one 🙂

Gossip Gal says:

Btw I would love to know where the carpet squares are from.

Lori King says:

I use baking soda and an SOS pad to clean my shower. It works great!

BarbC Vermont says:

Loved this video! I’m getting more and more into making my own cleaning solutions. I have been loving a recipe I found for a Homemade Daily Shower Cleaner: 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide1/2 cup rubbing alcohol1 tsp dish soap1 Tbsp dishwasher rinse aid2 cups of water
Pour the peroxide, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and rinse aid into a 24oz spray bottle. Then, fill the spray bottle the rest of the way with water. Replace the top of the spray bottle, and slowly tip the bottle back and forth to gently mix the ingredients.  The hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol work together to help keep mildew at bay, and the soap and rinse aid fight soap scum.
I found this recipe on One Good Thing by Jillee!

Atypical Beauty Guru says:

…. any option of adding an oil to a floor steamer like the cheapo Shark version?

MsFiftyPlus says:

I got this general all-purpose cleaning spray recipe from a book I read in the 80’s: 2 Qts Water, 2 Cups Clear Ammonia (not sudsy), and 4 Tablespoons dishwashing liquid soap. I combine these in an empty gallon jug, pour some into a spray bottle. It has a strong ammonia smell, but it cleans nearly everything. I use it to get out carpet stains, laundry stains, sanitize counter tops/door handles/light switches. You just have to be careful when using it on walls, it will remove cheap paint.

Jane Ray says:

When I am drying bedding or sleeping garments in the dryer, I add a warm wet wash cloth with 15-20 drops of lavender essential oils to the dryer. Then after the clothes are dry, I take the wash cloth and put it in my night stand to smell while I’ll falling asleep. Love it.

Kelsi Lee says:

can i safely use the citrus oils on my countertops? particularly grapefruit and lemon? also maybe peppermint??

Pam Arnold says:

To scent vinegar I fill a mason jar with fresh lemon balm and lavender from my garden, cover it in vinegar and let it set for at least 4 weeks. Strain it and use as you would regular vinegar.

MommaIrwin says:

The EO’s we use for cleaning are 100% pure can be taken internally. We have replaced many spices, meds and personal care products with DIY using our EO’s

Harley says:

I love using Young Living EO’s. They’re seed to seal and they have a whole Thieves cleaning line.

Dawn Ruhl says:

If you have a cat, be stingy with the oils. Essential oils can be toxic to cats. Loved this video, good ideas.

Trish B says:

Oh My!! I made the all purpose counter cleaner you showed – seriously it is THE BEST I have ever used !!!!
Thank you SO much! Really cleaned left no streaks and smelled great too ❤️❤️

Charity Hung says:

How can I clean the mold inside marble, this is in washroom

Chelsea says:

Hey Melissa, I love your videos!! I had a question about your DIY cleaning products. When you say to add water to the products should it be distilled or is regular tap water ok? Or does it really not make a difference?

Dhriti Chudasama says:

hi where do you use vinegar

Presley Steverson says:

Lavender is good to clam and relax your muscles

Wildhoney says:

the ones in your description bar are not the ones you are using in your vid! give us the link to thoes!

Dom Baldock says:

Try lemongrass, it’s halfway between the citrus smell you love but the all the benefits of a herbal oil. You can thank me later 🙂

MrDevenob says:

Could you do a video in a bikini or something similar? That would be amazing

Juhani139 says:

Sorry, I didn’t hear anything you said, I was staring at your beautiful hair! 🙂 (Joking aside, thanks for all the helpful videos, definitely one of my fav channels on youtube. I always feel like cleaning after I watch one.)

Melanie S says:

I love using essential oils, it’s so hard to know if the brand is good quality! I’ve seen some that say 100% pure then it also says flammable, wtf? Also what is that red c shaped thing in the cup next to/behind the sink? It looks like it could hold something but there is never anything in it! Please someone tell me what it is……..

sbeckas says:

Can I use these oils to work with microfiber cloths, or will essential oils water break down the cloths? FOUND the answer with a lot of scrolling. The answer was YES! Does a “search” function exist on comments??

Smallville Boyd says:

I could not believe how easy it was to get the grease off of the stovetop hood with the grapefruit and orange essential oils! Thank you!

Rhapsody BLEU says:

whatevere you doh! ur UGLY and the things that you do will be UGLY!!!bye

Presley Steverson says:

Can you do a daily and weekly clean with me pleaseeeee

AussieZach88 says:

First time commenter but I love eucalyptus oil it’s a real Aussie thing I have grown up with it you can use it for just about anything it’s got so many proposes I even use it to get stickers off can even use it for miner cuts no joke I add it or all my cleaners also safe for pets so good

Chloe Garza says:

You should try young living essential oils

Atypical Beauty Guru says:

Also. My husband owns a Window Cleaning Company (30 years) and they use dish soap and water… about like you would use to wash dishes. He insists on Dawn, but I secretly think it doesn’t matter. The dawn cleans the glass and as long as you get it dry and no lint (obviously we use squeegees) but old t-shirts do nicely. Also–the dish soap leaves surfactant on the glass which prevents/slows fogging.

Janine Graham says:

Cheap store brand toothpaste with baking soda is great for cleaning your fridge

Iriz Perez says:

Can any one suggest how to get rid of the musky smell that comes out of the AC unit? I only smell the musky smell when the cool air is blowing out and throughout the air-vents. Unfortunately, leaving behind the unpleasant smell behind. I have tried to add different essential oils to the filter hoping it would help mute the bad smell, but it doesn’t last. I have called my land lord to have an AC technician to take a look for any leakage…again no solution. This smell, makes my clean house look dirty and hazardous to my health and family. Sending out an S.O.S to Clean My Space fans.

Ulku TheGreat says:

I honestly didn’t think I would consider using essential oils for cleaning, I’m definitely going to try it out

WWDD- says:

Great video as always! I wanted to mention that you might want to research using essential oil around cats. I saw kitty on the bed :). (I have 4 cats, 2 dogs,  and i am a certified aromatherpist). Dogs and cats process things differently from people and dogs have limits with essential oils too, but The feline liver works differently and they often can’t process essential oils since the oils are about 70% stronger than the actual plants. Some oils are worse than others but all have cautions with cats just like with kids and we elderly. Dogs also have limits with essentials oils.  I do use my oils all the time but make sure kitties, and dogs, are in the other room and don’t let them in a room where I diffuse.

Monica Little says:

Hello, What kind of Mop bust and Mop is that gray and red product you used in this video. I would want something just like it.  I hope you can Please respond.

Dorothy Horton says:

Excuse me did you say Vodka for cleaning?????

Denise Bishop says:

My favorite cleaner can be used on everything. This is the recipe – 1cup water
1cup alcohol
1cup vinegar
1 cup peroxide
1 tsp DAWN ( original )
put into dark colored spray bottle ( has to keep light out to keep peroxide active) not the clear or white, the must be colored enough to keep light out. This great it will clean everything plus it is very antimicrobial and anti smell. thank for the essential oil video this is going to help my cleaner

Jennifer Spears says:

Where can I buy these oils please and thank you

Lynnette Siegl says:

Hi Melissa
I really like your DIY Cleaners. Just wondering if you heard about James DIY product !!! Since Cascade is so expensive to use; James recommends making your own Dishwashing Soap; so here goes with his recipe take 2 tbsp. Baking Soda; along with 1 tsp Dawn Dish Soap! I don’t want to wreck my dishwasher. Just wondering if you know the answer? James from the Best 15 Hacks

Private says:

Great tips and that cat is hilarious.

PeaceFreak says:

Eucalyptus is popular in Australia, also good for clearing the nose if you have a cold. Use it anywhere, it also disinfects.

Heidi Hanz says:

Can’t use lavendar. Really bothers my allergies, but I use vinegar a lot except in the bathroom since the acid in it harms the finish on my fixtures.

Patty Hanna says:

Melissa, what is the best way to store your essential oils?

Radiating Kathleen says:

just an FYI – NOW Food’s thieves blend is called Nature’s Shield.

sara lee says:

thanks melissa for the awesome videos!

Avery Simpkins says:

Melissa what do you think about laundry detergent as a all purpose cleaner?

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