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How to paint trim inside a house. Simple tips and hacks painting wood painted trim work. House painting tutorials for the DIY painter or home improvement professional. Handyman painting tutorials and instructions. DIY Instructions painting trim and home improvment hacks on The Idaho Painter.

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POA says:

I’m constructing my own home.  I’m priming everything and painting THEN installing trim. How can I spray all my trim without having to go back and cut in the walls and ceilings again?  If I spray the trim before installing, how will it look if I spackle then touch up?

Eduardo Sanchez says:

I’m sure they had lots of drips

Jacqueline Stephens says:

I’ve heard painters don’t like to spray in an occupied house. How long before house is occupied would you recommend spraying?

gaming Pikachu says:

hi brook lol

diver dave says:

wait a minute !!!
why did spray paint the door laying against the wall – without covering the wall with paper to keep the white paint off the wall ???
do you plan to sand the white paint flat on the wall so it won’t show when you repaint the wall ?

G THOMAS Duffy says:

Using the de glosser is a great idea because it keeps the dust factor down and gives you an even smoother finish. Chris is right on with that. Also it keeps the home more dust free. If you work on older homes and there is a need for scrapping in some areas standing less is always safer in case of potential lead paint. Deglosser reduces the airborne dust.

jamdee350 says:

Hi Brooke!

el lobo Almanza says:

personally would never spray trim with any extension or spray any cabinets you can clearly see the guy having trouble spraying that little closet just saying

Carlos Oswaldo says:

Hey do you re touch caulking after you finished spraying the window case????
Is that professional?

J L Grizzly says:

Great content I have learned a lot, I also would like to give a hearty Amen to John 14:2-3 Thanks for the hard work.

Joseph Balestrieri says:

do you get alot of runs with spraying. do you ever use a wizzy rollor and brush your boxes and then wizzy them. JHB PAINTING-SERVICES

M. Carr says:

So after you’re done with trim, do you mask and primer the walls, or just use a quality paint with primer in it? I know trim is typically high-gloss and wall are less glossy. Didn’t know if the paint will adhere correctly.

Rodimiro Velasquez says:

are guys use white lacquer paint satin

Annony Mouse says:

So when you overspray onto the walls with a high-gloss paint, do you have an issue when you then paint the walls and you paint on the overspray portion? I guess I’m asking if you have to prime the glossy overspray?

thomas Buckner says:

where did you get that little trim strayer gun from?

M. Carr says:

So after you’re done with trim, do you mask and primer the walls, or just use a quality paint with primer in it? I know trim is typically high-gloss and wall are less glossy. Didn’t know if the paint will adhere correctly.

Easton Paint Pros says:

very good tips sir

Hunk Golden says:

Ya to spray the trim is fast and looks easy. How long did it take to tape and cover all the floors. ? Ya no thanks

Spencer Colgan says:

Hi Chris:

1. The room has no furniture. Do you spray if there’s furniture in the room?

2. You used to use Sherwin pro classic. Is solo your new preferred semi gloss?

3. After spraying the trim, do you roll the walls and ceilings?

ruiz cervantes says:

muy buen trabajo pero habla mucho

Rodimiro Velasquez says:

what kind of paint are you using

Mav12282 says:

have you ever painted interior doors on the frames while also painting all trim or do you always remove doors and spray separate?

MIChemE says:

Two weeks ago I rolled on 2 coats of pro classic semi gloss on all the trim in a few bedrooms. After watching many of your great! videos, I decided to now spray all the trim for a better finish. Would you still recommend using gloss-off? Will the spray coat stick without using gloss off? Lastly, to prevent tape bleed through on floors, do you recommend clear painters caulk between the frogger tape and base boards too?

B Roberts says:

Great vids ! One question for you. When you spray trim with a 310 tip, does it require two coats or is one suffice ?
Thanks in advance.

Derek Hood says:

Chris, how do you hide the flashing from the semi to a satin on the walls?

J H says:

Aren’t those respirator filters more like dust filters? Wouldn’t charcoal filters be better?

Tom Jackson says:

Hey Chris, question on the taping and clear caulking on the windows between the wood and vinyl windows. So you caulk to do two things, seal between the wood trim and window and to give a clean line by sealing the tape edge, right? When you pull up the tape, doesn’t it cause issues with the caulk which may have dried some? A picture of this taping and caulking would help me understand the process. Thanks!

Spencer Colgan says:

Lastly. I need to see how you mask those windows. Do you use the hand Masker with plastic on it?

Dave Montross says:

Solo? over ProClasic hybrid or oil or even promar oil for trim like that. ever try Ben Advance? solo is a dumpster fire imo

John Puccia says:

Chris, if you are painting baseboards with bare wood floors, do you mask the floor with a bead of caulking to prevent bleeding, or is that not necessary with spraying? Thanks.

Yolanda Valverde says:

Great video thank you!

SumerianTurk says:

sucks, amateurs

maciverandy1 says:

you should box spray with doors. after your up and down do a light side to side coat to limit flash.

Kyle Ruddell says:

Spray painting your trim is hardly DIY, unless all americans have air compressors built into their castles?

Brandon Cole says:

what was 3:10 about lol

Chris P says:

What is the Model number of the gun you are using. Also do you find the tips that you buy in Home Depot the same quality you get in the big name Paint stores? How high did you set the pressure on your Graco paint rig? Did you thin the paint at all?

GoldFish Films says:

What trim paint are you using spraying? Colour , brand & finish ? Great work BTW

Charles Youngblood says:

Absolutely Great for seeing what to do and what to paint first. Thanks a million!

m dids says:

Thank you Chris for all the time you take to make these videos.  They have helped me take my company to the next level.  The clear caulking technique was a game changer for my wall to trim transitions.

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