Interior Painting Cut-Ins Tips Made Easy. DIY How To Paint A Straight Ceiling Line.

A quick look at how a long time professional painter does ceiling and crown molding cut-ins. The Idaho Painter, gives explanations, tips, and shows you close up on video how to make your ceiling cut-ins look laser sharp. DIY painting tips for the home improvement painter and home and garden expert. Handyman painting tools. How to paint a house.

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I created The Idaho Painter as an alternative to big box DIY video shows that have actors who only act like they can paint but really can barely act. My mission is to teach everyone across the globe how to paint from the non-experienced to the long time professional. No experience is necessary. My channel is for the home improvement person, DIY painter, handyman professional, home and garden enthusiast, and even the professional painter.

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fresh thabarber says:

using the weeny roller with the cut in…wouldn’t that leave a thick line where you stop at…

Steve Hardman says:

hi chris thanks for all the vids great tips and information .from ENGLAND

Mange Mange says:

you have a 2 inch build up of paint on your frame. you are an idiot. a dirty, dirty idiot.

Josh Buehner says:

not so easy on knock down

Anthony Edmondson says:

I use a Purdy 2.5 sprig, don’t need a fancy angle brush for any of it.

Allan P says:

You want to learn to be a painter and make good $ go work with the migos lmao them hispanics dont play they fye

Mike Flex the Arrow says:

why do you keep a spare brush in your back pocket?

Hans Klusser says:

i don’t think you can do this the first time, this takes practice, nice, thank you

Alvaro Matias says:

The 2 1/2 corona cortez is the best brush to
Do a straight cut ! Im a painter for about 15 years from new jersey and we do things a little different but you guys are good!! If you send me your email , i can send you pic. Of my work!!!!

Ali G says:

sometimes just the tip gets the job done

Anthony Edmondson says:

I also use a 9″ 3/4″ nap and roll tight to corners saving that step of the 4″ roller. If you have trouble cutting in ceilings, draw a pencil line where wall meets ceiling, then cut to the line.

John Puccia says:

If you are painting the trim first, how do you get a sharp line between the trim and wall, when the trim has only a 1/4 inch lip?

My Builds says:


Florencio Candelaria says:

I have often been asked to use blue tape and it often lets me down because paint seeps behind the tape and it doesnt work. I find great consistency the way you do it.

moises saldivar says:

Chris Thank you for this lesson it is truly helpful especially understanding what brushes to use to make a straighter line. Great job.

Jason Waters says:

alot better. still don’t understand the tape…..scared you were gonna bump the top of the frame.i saw it on the ceiling cutline too. I’m starting my own painting business myself so hats off to u my dude for already making something for yourself fuh real bro.i will have footage up coming soon.i will leave one in one of your comments to check out my flavor.its all love do cuz…

jamie huber says:

you’re pretty awesome. looks so easy when you do it.

Jason Waters says:

no prob dawg

Sefket Kojasevic says:

you are PRO excellent just get some microphone so you don’t have to turn , more safety.

capeman10 says:

Thank you sir, I got the trick now.

DJ Steezy says:

Don’t forget to check out his new clothing line.

jy214551 says:

Shucks….I should have watched this before I started painting. 🙁

Mange Mange says:

you should clean your brushes and roller frame. looks trashy.

Mindyobusiness says:

I just watched this and the rolling video. Do you go back and do a second coat for both cut in and rolling or not necessary with your techniques? I am using sherwin williams paint. Thank you!!

Mike Flex the Arrow says:

constant pressure on brush and think of pulling the brush not pushing it when moving it, thats how i do it

Linda Bernardini says:

I like the build up on the roller frame !!

gazog1 says:

Cheers for the tips man, hello from the uk……

Mike Flex the Arrow says:

Chris I see your right handed. Do you use your left hand to paint as well in some tricky doir frame cut ins? I learned to paint with both.

Tom Shelton says:

you are a bad man. nice job.

mtbluzman says:

Does Purdy pay you to promote their products? Just asking

Oscar Moreno says:

I don’t know why they sell us the Idea that painters should dress on whites
there’s many dressing whites and have no idea about painting
But people hire them because they’re dressing whites

Jeff G says:

Well done Chris. Thank you for sharing!

fresh thabarber says:

do you like Wooster or purdys?

Jerico Navas says:

Haha good job brother. I started working as a painter yesterday and I was learning how to cut in and shit you make it look so easy. Good work!!!

Mike Flex the Arrow says:

what if your working alone, only one wall at a time, cut then roll?

Jason France says:

Thanks a lot! Very helpful.

Maciej Olejniczak says:

I’m using straight 3″ for cut in ,also i can paint the skirtings without masking tape, I’m a London painter 🙂

lost heritage says:

This is excellent, thanks for posting.

staw1718 says:

from a new York painter nice work

Bill K says:


pimpcadillacs says:

Dude is a beast

Patrick Fun says:

good job i like it

Optimus PotatoHead says:

Can I ask: What technique did you use to paint around the uneven parts of the trim?

David Steele says:

Great work

Ricky Ric says:

If you want a razor sharp line, use a 5 in 1 to score the ceiling line. The scoring will make a small channel at the wall and ceiling line. The paint will flow into the channel and never touch the ceiling. I use a 3.5 in sash to cut in a wall. I can cut the ceiling line in a room 15 x 15 in under 5 mins. I also use a wiz roller to backroll the brush marks. If your not fast enough I highly recommend to cut a wall then roll it so you dont end up with picture framing and holidays.

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