IKEA Hack Platform Bed DIY

This video shows you how to turn seven standard kitchen cabinets from IKEA into a platform bed with storage underneath. It’s a perfect solution for anyone with limited closet or attic space.

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BLUEPRINTS OF THIS PROJECT ARE AVAILABLE AT http://handydad.tv/ikea-hack-platform-bed-diy/

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Boy’s Bedroom Makeover – http://handydad.tv/boys-bedroom-makeover

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Kelly Karbodin says:

You are one awesome dad!

Mattie says:

This is great but this wouldn’t hold up with my fat ass.

Karlito P says:

SO would love a bed like this

Bhikshuni Lozang Trinlae says:

handy dad, you ROCK!

Madobea says:

ummm… you’re a genius. Wish someone could make me a bed like this.

Sakorn Phelan says:


Sammae says:

would that hold if you fuck on it?

swansmeister says:

IKEA sucks, move it once and it will fall apart, if you are lucky. And who the fuck puts beside a bed and closet his furnitur together him or herself

Teresa Hobby says:

Great idea! I love it! I’d prefer a little more floor space though, not much; just enough at the foot of the bed. Great job!!

Fran Sudha says:

Just love the doxie at the end 🙂

Ana Dos.S says:

i’m jealous … T^T


Love it, awesome dad too!

Iqra Maryam says:

Very nice

Rubik says:

better to use 5 dollar tables! buy about 12, join them with tape and you will have great spacious bed with plenty storage space below

Carlos B. Madden says:

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Roger Fern says:

That MDF might be toxic, right?

huedrian 9 says:

that space under the bed is also pretty safe for crissis, if someone get into your house you can hide inder

Winterspring says:

fucking on this bed has to be noisy, lol.

Wakil Khan says:

very Nice

Sara Sinclair says:

How much did it cost?

Hannah Perry says:

Its really cool however I would be scared that it wouldn’t hold peoples weight seeing as how its only screwed into the wall (doesn’t look very secure/strong) that’s just my anxiety though

Zappenduster says:

You are awesome! Congratulation to this very good work! Love it!

Rob 223 says:

why is this called a hack? it implies a unique change. This is just stacked cabinets with a platform on top.

Danika Hilkey says:

Omg! I need someone to make that bed in my room for my min wiener dogs!!! Gr8! Idea

Louise Bradley says:

imagine have a dad that could do this, my dad couldn’t put my basic IKEA bed together i had to do it

Candace Jones says:

Damn she is lucky as hell she got a dad who is willing to do that.

K M says:

don’t you need support? support the bed plus human weights

تعبي وجلق زبي ضاع وياچ !! says:

this bed for fucker pro

Julianto Tarlesno Tjhia says:

great sharing

Mas Rashid says:

this is not DIY….it needs a pro

Simplynick25 extra says:

One of the best dads in the world

JGR Industriez says:

How much weight does this support?

misshollybrooke says:

Um, sir, can you please come and build this at my house??

CancerLordTv says:

It’ll be awesome if my dad didn’t fucking left me

Ian Felix Sihombing says:

good workmanship… thanks for great video

Jurica Colic says:

Very smart

icecreamania says:

Great if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon. Or maybe the next buyer might buy the bed with the house!

Chris Heider says:

2/23/17 – THE FREESTANDING VERSION OF THIS BED IS LIVE! https://youtu.be/SbwLn02Q55g

Muskan Singal says:

itz amazing

Anarchy Time says:


Victoria Leppold says:

Once I have my own place I’m soooo doing this!

Buffer Zone says:

Nice. Doing this for my son and daughter. Thank You.

jose yo says:

very very very good

MrHandwerk says:

so easy ! Great guide. Check my channel 🙂

Louis B says:

Personaly i would sleep under the bed to the secret lair…..

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