How to Paint a Room! Paint a Wall in 4 Simple Steps

How to paint a room tutorial! Here’s how to quickly paint a room in 4 simple, easy to do steps for fast, great results! Tons of you requested this so here are my tips on how to paint a room without needing any fancy tools.

Paint, painter’s tape, and rollers from Home Depot. Plastic drop cloth and brushes from the 99 Cent Store.

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Shandone Valentine says:

My last name is Valentine too girl… We might be cousins

Andrew Harman says:

I’d say it would take you 3 years to paint a house

Elvie Embradura says:

what kind of tape is that u used?

Emilio Marranzino says:

hey love your post, im getting ready to do some painting myself, here are some tips and tricks i found for all different things with painting, rollers, tape, brushes and more


The guy said I like a angeld brush and this bitch said it too

wordsin mybrain says:

what color is bill gates wall

Moey says:

i think you guys are just haters . i mean she obviously isnt a professional and shes doing it for fun and for a diy for YOU guys so if you dont like it stop watching. i dont understand how people find joy in other peoples sorrows. i just pray to go that your heart gets purified before judgement day.

Dan van gelderen says:

I bet she is a virgo

Maya Lindsay says:

You did awesome! What paint did you use ? Behr paint with primer ? Or ….?

merry bee says:

I can’t see any tips given.. Just waste of my time watching

PuppyGirl TX says:

It looks like a M when you use the roller

daisyhinojosa23 says:

what if the color i want to paint my wall is lighter than the color it already has?

Bill Liney says:

She is a very nice girl and enjoyable to watch, great personality. That being said she makes the biggest
mistake I see when people paint a room. Put more paint on your roller! You are just rolling a dry roller cover
over your walls! Also paint pads are a waste of time, use angled brushes and a roller.

skorpyo33 says:

If I was just painting one wall, this would be perfect.

rono Odowa says:

u r damn horny

MOUNIR Benask says:


Jo FitzPatrick says:

Love your Style!

BlueSkyline34 says:

how come the one with the dude is wayyyyy beter??? even though its 5 years older

Miranda Vangel says:

thank you so much for the tips!! I’m gonna paint my walls white

sho va says:

What tape did you use

Smoke AWAY says:

Id love to paint your pussy with my dick

Gordon says:


Youth Moose says:

That was a great introduction!! Thanks so much, I feel like i’m on the path now

Suzy Sanders says:

Great job and I am excited to paint my living room accent wall. One suggestion I saw and will do when I paint my wall. I found you can buy these snap on plastic pour spouts that clip on the big paint cans and it makes pouring paint into roller pan a lot easier.

CloveSmokes says:

That was really awesome. I am – or was – a complete painting idiot. Pretty sad considering my dad was a professional painter. Anyway, you told me everything I needed to know! How much paint on the roller, not to saturate it, etc. Thank you so much!!!

Mr.Marshall Ck says:

Thanks for sharing this…

Lanceia Henry says:

do you like to. paint

Eagle Prey says:

I wish you were my boss , so I would make more hours lol

trisha mae delez says:

Hi! How long should I let the first coat sit before I paint over another coat?

samuel dol says:

i could have cut and roll the whole room by the time she masked all that shit

wordsin mybrain says:

this color is making me crazy

Beth Williams says:

I would love to know how you got your hair in such a great bun without it looking like a donut. my hair is long too and I can’t get mine to look like that to save my life lol

Anuradha Nagendran says:

she is looking like a painter

Diamond Thomas says:

What color did I use, didn’t see it in description box?

Jared Mason says:

Every painter watching this is embarrassed for you.

Mohammad Hassan says:

Can u pls tell wht music was playing?

كشكيله Kashkilh says:


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