HOW TO PAINT A LARGE ROOM FAST. DIY Painting a large room in 1 day. Paint a room in 1 hour.

How to paint a large rooms with high ceilings in one day. How to paint a room fast and easy. Instructions painting a large room 3 colors including ceilings in less then one day. Home improvement painting tips for the DIY painter or handyman who wants to paint a room in 30 minutes.

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dcstang67 says:

Hi, my name is Dave and i have been watching alot of your videos lately. I’m learning so much from your channel. I am in the process of painting my entire first floor of my house room by room all by myself. i have the ceiling done and now its time for me to do the trim. i need some quick advice on the subject. I prefer to brush all the trim because i do not have time set up and spray it all at once in my time off. I only have a couple hours a day and have a 4 year old running around all the time. I would like to use the Sherwin Williams Pro Classic semi gloss for my trimwork which is all new pre primed. Should i reprime after filling all the nail holes? If so, what do you recommend for primer? what would be the best brush to use while painting the trim with the Pro Classic? Thank you very much in advance

Victor Avila says:

you need to get them guys to sling at least a 12 inch for that ceiling chris…lol…



what makes you decide whether to spray the room, ceiling and walls or roll them like you did here? seems that spraying would’ve gone much faster.


Ryan Pitkin says:

I really enjoy your videos. Have you thought of using a portable mic to get better audio?

joseph Fleming says:

looking good Chris

Marc Gray says:

hey… did that all cover in one coat? looks ace!

Burke Mawby says:

I cane to you from Wrangler Star; I have follow his channel about a year before all yo’all painted his workshop. I have heard you mention the clear caulk in a video I saw right after this year’s paint help visit. My interest stems from work in a 1920s lathe & plaster Sears kit house with large openings between walls and the ceiling. I switched from quick-dry-spackling compound to white DAP painters caulk to have less shrinkage and drying time between applications. Rooms were painted, papered and painted again. On walls I have had to fill where paper that came off as paste let go. I have done the worst: a bedroom and the only bath but have another bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen ahead. How would you advise me going forward?

kamouruska says:

amazing…as a woman trying to save money i could not afford professionals…i have just finished my 2 bed flat….i now understand why the quote i got was thousands!!!!! thanks for showing, very inspiring…would love to see close ups of the cut ins and finished lines. thanks and have a great day.

Sir Daltonix says:

are you guys using those rubber ended mini rollers for cutting around the window frames?
If so, do they actually produce a nice clean cut?

mrtv777 says:

Massive job! But I don’t understand the concept of caulking the stairs after painting. Do you go back and paint the chalking after it dries I guess.

nebruin777 says:

Is there a reason you don’t use a paint sprayer with a roller, e.g. the paint sprayer pushes the paint in to the roller through a hose? It seems like it would save a lot of time going back to the bucket. Not criticising, just curious.

B&C_SQUAD says:

great job man im starting a you tube channel for my company soon hopefully we can give each other shout outs FROM.

Steve McCluskey says:

Impressive. I wished you lived in Minnesota. I have plenty of work for you. Hard to find good hard working people these days.

David Malone says:

im gonna guess…$3,199??

Trox118 says:

How do you determine when to spray vs roll a house? It seems like you do a lot of both.

loveloverlove loverlovelover says:

How do you get customers to empty the rooms out? Or does your crew move the furniture out?

Stoned Wizard says:

Love the vids as always. How do you go about quoting something like that? My business has only been going for 2 months and Im working out all the things to allow for in terms of cost. Just wondering if you have a set format or rate that you charge across the board. Just some tips or links would help me out alot! Thx

mrtv777 says:

Thanks for your reply Chris. Thanks for all your help. I just found out about your newsletter too! Thanks

renaissance development llc. says:

bro….I’m a young Blackman from the inner city, and imma tell you the truth because of your techniques, I’ve been able to do some really nice paint jobs for a few customers….thanks bro,really appreciate the videos

Greg Tuma says:

I recently just became EPA lead certified. It would be awesome if you could make a video where you work lead safe?

Charles Youngblood says:

Great Job…

Brian Kolley says:

Cutting in the walls way up in the high parts of the ceiling must have been brutal. You can only reach so far and still be accurate with the cut in, so there must have been a lot of climbing up and down those ladders with the paint bucket, brush, and roller, and then moving the ladder over a few feet and repeating over and over. Tough work. Have to be in good shape for that. Are there any tricks that you guys use to make that easier, or is it just as brutal as it looked and you just had to tough it out?

alytande03 says:

Are you at all concerned with the natural light and how it will display the walls as it passes through the room throughout the day regarding imperfections?



let’s say you caulk the door trim between the wall and the trim piece 2:43 (i’m assuming).

how do you now tape it off so the walls are gray and the door trim is white?

do you put the tape right in the middle of the caulk, or on the wall edge of the caulk or on the moulding edge of the caulk?

sorry for the dumb question but i can’t get that part thru my head.

it seems that if you tape in the middle of the caulk (where the moulding and wall come together if you didn’t caulk) that the line wouldn’t be straight or it would be noticeable.

could you clarify that part a little more?

i even went to super HD but couldn’t tell how that door moulding was taped.



Joseph Wilson says:

How much would a room like that cost with labor and paint??

Donna M. Schmid says:

Holy Moly!!! That’s what I call one HIGH ceiling!!! Whew!!!!

cwrowe says:

Always remember brother this isn’t a true 1 hour because you got a number of workers on it…..(just so the do it yourselfers don’t get confused)

Glenn Ferreira, Jr says:

so 2 coats on the ceilings and one coat on the walls?

Eric Ism says:

You making Bank!!! How u been doing this?

Jack Hartman says:

how tall was that ceiling? I have a 22′ high ceiling to paint and was wondering if I could do it off tall step ladder and extension poles? what do you think?

Seba Painting and Construction LLC says:

Nice work.. don’t you hate what happens to drop cloths on stairs? They just don’t stay on. We should invent like suction cups on the edges so it stay on protecting the stair and workers from tripping.

Piyush Chunilal says:

wow verry gast and clean job i love it

pablo corona says:

Hi Chris, do you make your employees to buy they’re own hand tools? like putty knifes, paint brushes, masker,etc etc or do you provided every tool to perform the job?

SS Skates says:

Good job. I’m curious as to why you caulk the frog tape after painting? I use various paint edge tapes and they all peel well as the paint seals the edge. In my head that’s a four man day job. Good result!

true magoo says:

Frog tape is a little too expensive I use blue tape and I always carry a quart of glaze to seal my tape

Oscar Eli says:

so you cut-ins the walls only one time?

Stéph 23 says:

Nice color for the walls painting by Greg! What is the name/reference of that paint? Thanks.

joe mama says:

Why paper? if you are using drops

alwaysrockn2009 says:

Looks sweet. Rock on Chris!

Glenn Ferreira, Jr says:

what paint are you using?

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