How To Paint A Beach Scene DIY 1/3 | ANN LE

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GIVEAWAY ENDED, WINNERS ANNOUNCED HERE We are going to learn how to paint a beach scene using acrylic paint today. I am not a painting expert, but am just a person who loves the creative and relaxing aspect of painting and wanted to share with it all of you. Painting is a great way to develop your creativity.

Congrats to the winners of my #paintingwithann giveaway! They are: Ellie Lynes, Manasa Pentala, Bpink Burke, cad77771, Nathaly Bustamante and thecreativelady!!

Links to the other paintings (They are on private so you can only access them through here):

“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”
― Bob Ross

Giveaway Ended! Winners are announced here:
Ann Le / Anneorshine

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Monka12345 says:

Ann your such a great person you really spoke to me. this video made me so happy and sparked my creativity.

Crystal Nguyen says:

You are good !

VoNnE GiLiA says:


Nahraine Abid says:

Omg Anne thank u so much I’m happy with my art!!!!!!!! Ur the best

bella summers says:


Fhallon Storm says:

cam you do a dessert them please!!

Cutie Sketch says:

Awesome!!! I will make it!!! Have you ever thought of becoming an artist???

ranoomy123 says:

Thank you +Ann Le {Anneorshine} i decided on taking a risk and doing it it is my first “REAL” painting like on a canvas with professional paint and i think it looks great for a first painting thank you for helping me take a risk more painting videos there so helpful thank you again i will make sure to tag you on instagram 

Nicole Dutton says:

I love this and u made it look so easy please make more painting videos btw I’m new hear <3<3<3<3

Rosalie Cullen says:

You are such a good painter

Paleo Star says:

So beautiful!

Ece Demircioğlu says:

so beautiful

Erin Lee says:

Hi Ann!! I really love your videos and you inspire me to be creative and to have fun with painting. I have made a beach scene that I have been working on.

Ella Clark says:


Ones and Zeros says:

How To Paint A Beach Scene DIY 1/3 | ANNEORSHINE

julie skywalker says:

you are very clever but the most important thing is that you are a very very good and beautiful person (i don’t know how to do it because i’m not english) you are kind and sweet 🙂 i hope you’ll continue in the future to make happy people 🙂 

Lucy Mollie corner says:


Ragazzo design says:

You did great! I just subbed 🙂

Koala Kortney says:

U literally made my day by saying happy clouds. I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows about him 🙂

Ella Clark says:

I love this picture because  I love the ocaen

Milla Karppinen says:

Wow. Just wow!

Malibu Barbie says:

Where’d she get her shirt?! I love it!

Nirvana Bliss says:

Beautiful xx

Nathalia Valenzuela says:

I wonnnn but I couldn’t claim my prize In tears ; ( so sad

Natalia Schuler says:

i meant followed ahhhhh

Aulyn Fox says:

I ve tried to paint and it turned out so amazing! thank you for the inspiration video, dear Ann

jeuelio calhoun says:

such a motovational speaker 

anne dorothy says:

More painting ideass / tutorials

Pahkuu says:

This makes me want to paint again!

Kennasaur 1771 says:

You are amazing

Cláudia Tavares says:

Hi Anne! This is a very beautiful painting! One of my favorites DIY from your art work! I’m sure I’ll do it as well!♡

Ragazzo design says:

Hey Ann! I made the same version and it looks Soo good! The thing I added was a tree and some green effect in the sea. I have a picture of it in my YouTube channel. You can see that! Have a great day, God bless

Kaitlyn Nelson says:

I love your videos! Your diy videos are my favorite!

Ana Portillo says:

i love to se e your vidio

MissMouche Mouche says:

OMGG i lOVEE that plant on the left side of your desk in the intro XD

Julia Westwick says:

Such a beautiful painting and a perfect tutorial! Thanks so much!!

Michaela Žárská says:

OMG! This so wonderful! Like it:-)

Ugly Jerk says:

What size canvas is this

Nidhi Gautam says:

This was the first canvas painting I ever did and it turned out amazing .

Diana says:

Am I the only one who found this as a motivational video?   hehe   kisses from Mexico +Ann Le {Anneorshine}

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