How to make the Best Homemade Cleaners!

Download your free cleaner recipes and labels here:

I use “NOW” brand oils, which are available just about everywhere! Amazon has them for a really great price:

These homemade, natural cleaners are inexpensive, non-toxic and they smell amazing! The best part? They work even better than traditional cleaning products! Give it a try today!

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Kimberly Faison says:

Hi ClutterBug, I absolutely love your versions of cleaning products. This is my very first time making any DIY cleaning products and I love them especially the glass cleaner. Thank you so much for sharing. Your video really inspired me to try making my own products and I love it.

veena kunder says:

Hi clutter my problem is carpet cleaning my son is 3&half year he always dirty the carpet after some time it smells very bad so please give me any good solutions to cleaning carpet, after cleaning should feel good fragrance and fresh

kat weaver says:

hi, i cant seem to find this particular list on your houselhold printable page..

Racheal Charles says:

I just partnered with a wholesale company like a Costco’s or BJ’s that specializes in manufacturing natural, green products where you can buy in single units while helping you save 50% less than Walmart pricing.  It’s a great way to either save money, make money or both.  Listen, I promise you it’s not a MLM or a scheme type of business. I myself is a cancer survivor hence I promote and support a healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in more info please message me.

Ana Navarro says:

Can I use the disinfectant cleaner to clean baby’s toys ? Is it safe?

Mumxi says:

tysm for posting this. ❤❤❤

Everardo Salazar says:

Thanks you for putting all the cleaning solution in one video.

Sebrina Lee Biscardi says:

Thank you!! =)

Bridget George says:

Does this powder detergent leave white stains on my clothes? Because I have had this problem in the past..


Can you substitute glycerin for Castille soap?

Keknegen kai says:

the first few seconds got me like baby from sister location

Dark Angel says:

Question. I have oils from different makers. I made the glass cleaner. And all purpose. AMAZING. But the glass cleaner, at the time I only had certain oils. The vinegar smell over powered. So I purchased more oils at the store but they were made by a different company. I did the sweet orange, and cinnamon like you had done. Except these oils won’t mix with the water! Is this because the maker of the oils is not a good brand??

There is no planet B says:

Love this so much!

stargazer0480 says:

do you have a recipe (or recommend one of the ones you made already) for particularly stubborn mould stained grout?

preciosa1030 says:

Is Oxi-All a cruelty free product, and all natural ?

Dance to express says:

Just a tip, most grocery stores sell baking soda for even cheaper than $1 and if you use it a lot, buying a larger box or bag can save money in the long run

glenda brekke says:

I can’t print your recipes cause you have a little block where people have to subscribe which i did and I still can’t remove that block

elchewtoy says:

wondered if you could make a follow up video to this one. wondered if you are still using these recipes. … thanks for sharing.

Michela Vasquez says:

I use thieves household cleaner. You can use it on glass, counters, floors, and basically everything. Great presentation.

Tamira Lee says:

will the detergent work for high efficiency washers?

Lowzenza says:

Holy, 90 loads of laundry = 2 months for you?? Dang…that is a lot..

Veronica Salas says:

I love your labeling. Looks so high end.

Ang Joe says:

what I can use in place of BORAX for the multi purposes cleaner and detergent?

Bryana says:

Do you use your all purpose cleaner in your Rubbermaid mop?

AlexciaLinette says:

Just made the glass cleaner!!! It worked great!! TFS

Savannah Singleton says:

how long does your diy cleaning products last for? like what is the shelf life for each?

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