how to make an Outdoor Sofa

This DIY sofa can be made with basic power tools in less than 5 hours. Modern outdoor sofas can be quite expensive and this project can provide a more affordable alternative. I made this couch out of 4x8s, 2x8s, and some outdoor sofa cushions that I bought from IKEA. It is a sturdy DIY sofa made from solid wood. I used a grey Minwax wood stain to finish it.

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The Cutting Bored says:

Love your channel! Would love it so much if you checked out our new woodworking YouTube venture!

pavel ignatenko says:

What does 4×8 mean? Is that in inches, centimeters or another measurement?

Sushi Wasabi says:

Lolo lol ryobi…

3rd axis says:


nicole ambrose says:


fundifferent1 says:

WARNING!! For anyone considering doing this project: 4×8 are almost impossible to find, without getting an expensive special order from a lumber store. You probably won’t find it at a Lowes or Home Depot. Instead do with Brian suggested in the comments below and use 4 or 5 4x6s instead. It won’t look exactly like the video, but good luck trying to find the 4x8s.

Another hard to find item, as Brian also said, are the L brackets. The ones I was able to find are about half the length of the ones in the video or half the width, so you may want to double up and buy twice as much shown.

Finally, know that this couch is SMALL. The average sofa seat is about 17-18 inches off the ground. this one, minus the cushions is only 10 ft off the ground. The entire couch is the height of an average seat height. Whether you use 4x8s or 4x6s, consider adding more than 2 feet worth, unless this is for children.

elan really says:

Thank You, I love the simplicity.

Pixelated Charizard says:


giuli coco says:

Hola tengo una consulta, en centímetros cual seria la medida de las maderas.

Steven Olsen says:

Do the cushions need fastening (laces, velcro) or do they stay put?

Karma Leon says:

Simple and looks good.

Christian Loor says:

muy bien excelente

Al-eem Ahmed says:

Hi can you please Give the Detailed instructions on how to build this sofa im interested but feel confused though i checked your site and cant understand the details given there

will rees says:

Where did u buy the 4x8s

Su Ni Tha Giri says:


Joshua Bartley says:

love this. simple yet stylish and actually quite beautiful!!

raykupal says:

i like mine shiny. i brushed clear glossy polyeurethane after the stain.

Rok Podlogar says:

how come you went horizontal with the side pieces instead ov vertical? is it just aestetics?


Hi!! What is mean 4X8 s ?? What is the boarda weiht and long cm??? I sad i ama not understand

Javier Rivas says:

me gusto eso hacer juego completo

Aaron Fang Shenhao says:

I’m curious: When making a furniture, how do you calculate whether it is strong enough to take a load? For example, how do you know whether your joints (screws, L-brackets, etc) will be strong enough?

TaNNo TaNo says:

Nice… very nice… great job man!!!

Azarul Ziqri says:

something weird and swedish

Dusan Hlavaty says:

As I am from a metric world, can someone acknowledge what 4×8 and 2×8 actually means, please ? I found this:
4×8 = 3.5inch x  7.25inch = 89mm x 184mm and 2×8 =  1.5inch x  7.25inch = 38mm x 184mm Is that correct ?

Invention Therapy says:

How long did this project actually take?

Edwin Manzanares says:

u r hot.

Ronie Buenaseda says:

I’ll try to give it a shot, it was awesome thanks for the video.

Nicole Baker says:

What is the exact color of the wood stain you used? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks.

PapaKay says:

How much does the wood alone cost?

No Rocket Science Build says:

I will sort of recreate this and then put the link up lad. Thanks simple idea!

thefactbin says:

I love this project! I can’t believe how simple you can make an awesome outdoor couch! The wood doesn’t appear to be treated, is that correct that you didn’t use treated wood?

For those of you interested in other DIY project check out these Holiday Gift Ideas.

mahesh ganta says:


BornToRunBarefoot says:

In my neighborhood, people just put their old sofa out on the front porch and let the dogs sleep on it.

sammy placencia says:

what would the weight limit be approximately? would the L brackets hold 3 adults?

Maddox Troy says:

Where do I get 4×8’s no luck at Home Depot or lowes..

Adrian Benyasef says:

Very Nice and easy to do ideas! thanks for sharing…

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