How to Make a Contemporary Dining Table | DIY Furniture

We’ve been needing a new dining table for years! This one is sleek and simple to make.
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“Loose Joint, ” Polyvinyl Acetate”, “(No one Hates) Carpet Tape” and “Princess Meow-Meow’s Theme” by Per Almered
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oxyier says:

hi guys, what kind of camera is the best to shoot woodworking video?

J D says:

Did this kill your compressor in the end steve? Seems like the motor was running nearly constantly. Maybe that’s not the end of the world but you just had to grab a new one right?

Howard Frischer says:

sorry about the flood

Jeffrey Lombardo says:

Youre making me nervous when you use your tablesaw. Dont you think you reach over the blade area too much?

C Puzz says:

Torsion box. Great idea for flatness and cost. Like a Paulk workbench.

Sharon La Tour says:

63 peeps are goofy. Nice table Steve!!

Kristian Rasmussen says:

Nice project Steve – have a great weekend

Iris Malis says:

I would love to see a gaming table like this. Could this be a possible project in the future?

Saravana Kumaran says:

good bro…

Bradford Armstrong says:

That HVLP spray gun looks like it works great with your new air tank. Where did you grab it?

Christian Perez says:

Awesome table!

ForvoQuizlet says:

Next you need to do a “Geek Chic”-style board game table. Except that it doesn’t cost eight million dollars.

John A says:

Hope I am not repeating someone. Very nice table but maybe fill the spaces with some particle board or even foam board. This would give it a solid feel and save the thin plywood if something is dropped on it.

David Watson says:

When you attached the skirts to the bottom of the table, which size pocket screws did you use?

Mike Dickson says:

Good looking table!!!  Don’t freak out with the rain, it could be snow … well maybe not where you are LOL!!!!

Pedro Tassi says:

I would like we have this kind of plywood here in Brazil

Christine Taylor says:

Nice job! And good of you to get the “Banana Slug” to weigh in too! 🙂

Mitch Y says:

very helpful video. I am getting geared up to make a dining table of my own.

Milse Torres says:

Hi Steve! i´ve come back to your channel after almost a year and a half! i can´t believe all the projects that i´ve missed, i have to catch up! I´m so happy to see how much your channel has grown. Your content is amazing! Wish you all the best, you deserve it! Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina 🙂

Flokroll Projects says:

Steve, you are awesome 😀

Edward Kelly says:

Awesome Project

Nelson Conde Lobo Martins says:

NIce project! Super well done! Thank you!

social3ngin33rin says:

A carpenter who doesn’t make himself the highest quality furniture he can produce? I would have put in the ridiculous number of hours to build a big solid wood table >_>

Edvaldo Jose says:

Okay, my friend, you have the pdf of this workbench for the upturned tupia.

String.Epsilon says:

I understand pretty much nothing about woodworking – but there is a small matthias wandel in my head who’s screaming in agony whenever I see pocket holes. And I’m not even sure why he dislikes them.

joshua hand says:

This is what Ikea and the like do. Be butter.

Aldreth says:

Where do you buy your plywood?! Im trying to find some for cabinets/bookshelf but all I can find is garbage lowe’s plywood

vikram boyat says:

Love your videos, but we get nothing in India what products you promote..

Zachary Maneja says:

HOT CHOCOLATE RUN…Please do the sf marathon

Capt Dan says:

Wow… I have been weary of making any “real” furniture, but wow, after seeing this, I think I’ll add this to my “Things to attempt in 2017”! Thanks for the Videos !!!!

antimo cristiano says:

salve cercavo un consiglio per la laccatura del legno che tipo di vernice devo usare grazie

Matt Turns says:

wow! microjig is getting so advanced, they even made a microsteve!

Omar Herrera says:

You should make chairs to go with that dining table…

Влад Иван says:


Achraf tmimi art says:

I admire you so much from Morocco

Dennis de Villa says:

Premium lumber then pocketholes?

Wildman Tech says:

Good build Steve!

Z L says:

Dr House changed a profession?

Scinzon says:

Was the storm later renamed “”Alfie””?

Ben Poliquin says:

i find it strange that no woodworkers on youtube never seem to harvest there own lumber. I’d love to do that with an Alaskan Chainsaw mill. I’d like to think it will lead to a better product then plywood

Josh Gunther says:

can you add a link to the HYLP gun you used here?

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