How To Clean Your House Fast: Clean With Me! | Hayley Paige

Today I’m sharing how Doug and I clean our house fast for guests! This is a real life depiction of how we quickly clean our home in under an hour because we actually had guests coming over shortly after this video was made. Having a tidy house always makes me feel a lot better, especially if I know I’m hosting people. We like doing the zone cleaning method because it’s easier to narrow our focus room by room! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out Megan’s video below!

Megan’s video:

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Winx Club Beauty sparks says:

In the kitchen you need to put the plate rack.. And then cover with some clean kitchen towel

Karen Cortes says:

You have a nice house I wish I had a nice house

Phyllis Douglas says:

What a lovely couple xxx

asma mahamud says:

oh I love it how to help your husband , it’s cool

Justice2Hearts says:

You should try using incense (the arabic kind) it smells amazing

Jessica Silva says:

I’ve never owned a dishwasher. I feel you!

Purpurrt says:

omg we have the same trashcan (:O

Mirgam says:

What a good husband. Goog couple, good job. Congrat

farzana shaikh says:


Evan Hernandez says:

How to clean your house:
1. Invite people over.
2. Clean your house.

Autumn Spring says:

Your hubby is so NICE!

Erika K says:

Bout your house look clean !!!!

J Be says:

that was cute team work rare to find that now days

Ryan Carey says:

Bleachers for lightning not disinfecting

Awakened Son says:

Why do you need separate bathrooms?

حنان خالد حليم' says:

سال اولاد دفعه عن الصحن إلى فيه باقي العظام البساس قالت غسلته كافيه الاعدام وجت عليه النمل
فكسر واحد من أولادها لحيها من أعلى والولد الثاني لحيها من اسفل وأخرجوا لسانها وقطعوه في الحمامات
قساه اقسم بالله
انا بروحاااا

Abby Lalalove says:

Do u call this a dirty place it’s so fine.It’s just the dishes

Christopher Powell says:

Dishwasher you have.its you.

Goran Filipovic says:

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Fatima786 Fatima says:

Super nice lovly video

ُEl Bshayer says:

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Emylife Xoshnaw says:

God bless you very adorable where are you from

Kendalynn Locke says:

My mom’s only 2 weeks behind you she’s 30 weeks and its a boy due january 3rd Congrats

Nina Moore says:

I love how real your videos are I cant stop watching

sans and mal vlogs says:

What day in December is your baby duo

David Mota says:

Thats the worst way to wash dishes, scrub them all first and when all are scribed with soap then soak the them, the way she does, uses too much water

sans and mal vlogs says:


Nellie Saia says:

ummmmmmmmmmm OMG! Your husband is helping you! Good job mama! You found a good one! So jealous! lol

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