How To Clean Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blenders + 3 Ways + DIY Makeup Brush Cleaners

Nasty filthy makeup brushes no more! 3 Ways: How to clean your makeup brushes and how to clean beauty blender sponges! Plus 3 DIY makeup brush cleaners you can make at home! Oh, and want a beauty hack instead of that expensive $35 makeup cleaner mat? I’ve got 2 different makeup cleaning tool ideas that are only $1 each! Because you rule! Thumbs up for more DIY videos!

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Clean Makeup Brushes with these DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner shown:
Antibacterial hand soap
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Baby shampoo
Dove bar soap
many more…

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Sasha Arroyo says:

I’m about to start washing my brushes and I keep thinking about how I’m gonna make the drying process work because my daughter is at that age where she wants to mess with EVERYTHING mommy uses. So there’s no way I was gonna be able to lay them flat somewhere. That cutting board method is GENIOUS!!! Thank you!

jessica white says:

The dish soap and olive oil works VERY well with beauty blenders

j4buddha says:

best diy on this subject I’ve seen so far

Edith Rosas says:

please don’t overlook this.
this is a dupe for the sigma express mat
here is the link. its under $5

tip: 2 parts dish soap and 1 parts olive oil/or coconut oil will not only condition your brushes and leave them clean but will also leave your sponge spotless and won’t dry it out
encontre uno igualito al express, y esta a menos de $5 americanos

tip para lavar brochas y esponjas: 2 partes jabon de trastes, 1 parte aceite de olivo/o de coco. limpia muy bien las brochas y esponjas sin dejarlas resecas

小鹿 says:

wow thanks ! that’s impressive!

Robin Emrick says:

You are another victim of marketing. Every other brush cleaning video I’ve watched specifies the use of antimicrobial soaps or detergents. Guess what? The concentrations of antimicrobial ingredients in commercial products are too low to destroy bacteria or viruses. By the time they have any affect, it is only to slow bacterial growth, you know, while they’re being rinsed down your drain. BTW, tap water isn’t sterile either, nor is it required by law. Your goal is simply to remove the make-up filth that is a breeding ground for bugs, and then to dry your brushes thoroughly to discourage microbial proliferation.

Marketing wants us think that we should do our part in a War on Bacteria, killing them wherever and however we can!! Don’t be fooled. Stop using antimicrobial products unless instructed by a doctor (not an advertiser) for a specific health concern. What doesn’t kill bacteria does indeed make them stronger. Bacterial resistance is a real and growing concern. In summary: cleaning brushes with detergents to remove soils: GOOD, but choosing products for their antimicrobial ingredients for non-medical purposes: BAD.

Shan Bam says:

can you clean brushes and beauty blender without using the oil

Cita Serfiyani says:

really helpful and informative

trappinnmystilettos says:

really liked this video!!! never knew about the texture surfaces to deep clean

Melva 04 says:

can i use baby oil ?

Kaylie Price says:

Omg! Love the tricks you showed so much!!!! Especially the rubber band trick totally blew me away!

trappinnmystilettos says:

but wait there is more!!!!! the cutting board drying rack is giving me life this morning

Nidhi Nagpal says:

best video to learn cleaning brushes

Rhody Nkoy says:

I did method one and I left my make up brush for 3 hours and it’s not fluffy like it used to be. What should I do?

puelo indigo says:

Great tips on different ways to clean brush! Thank you

Crazy Lady Cado says:

how do you dry beauty blender?!?!?

coffeedesbeans says:

Omg new subscriber here! I loved this video.

Dasnia Riddle says:

Thank you for these DIY. Looking forward to trying them they look cost effective and like they’ll actually work! Really enjoy your personality too!

Patricia Macmullin says:

I use a pot holder for my brush cleaning day

anuxena says:

too good

amayramlew says:

Awesome!! Cant believe u could still teach me on this subject- thank u!!

lashay hagins says:

thanks it was very informative!!!

Blossom Yudis says:

Thank u so much the third cleaning way was so helpful

Annais Torres says:


TheSuperNats says:

How often do you clean your brushes?

Grace Hedge says:

I also saw another way to clean it is on a flat surface (I used an empty disc) and using a hot glue gun, make patterns like dots, squiggly lines, ridged lines and then with a brush cleaner or soap, scrub the brush on the hot glued surface (sort of like the pot holder).

Emily Caskie says:

how often are you supposed to clean your brushes?

Cyan Knowles says:

Just going to use the second method to clean ornaments

Ariana Hernandez says:

Can I use almond oil if I don’t have coconut or olive oil?

THE Eljaaee says:

Use a lego plate

Shoppalistic says:

aweome tips! thank you 🙂

missdiamond169 says:

omg it helps a lot!!!

Morgan Amanda says:

can i dry them with a hair dryer if i use the cool and low settings?

Anne Saladar says:

i use the bar soap method

emo motherfuckers have snowflake fun says:

I just wrap a loofa around my finger and that works

NeighborhoodCatLady says:

Does anyone else find it so satisfying seeing all the makeup wash down the drain when cleaning brushes?

Cara MSP x says:

Thank you so much- this is so helpful!

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