How To Clean Fast! My Speed Cleaning Routine

Clean with me! Today I am showing you my cleaning routine for when I’m in a hurry. Check out Kathryn’s video how to deep clean your kitchen

♡ R E L A T E D V I D E O S ♡

Habits for Keeping a Clean House:

The Dirtiest Things in Your Home and How to Clean Them:

Cleaning and Organizing Video Playlist:

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**Cleaning products:

DIY Vinegar based cleaner recipe: 2 parts water, 1 part distilled white vinegar and 10 drops tea tree oil. It will smell like vinegar at first but the smell dissipates once dry.

Thymol based natural cleaner I use for disinfecting (the one I use is seventh generation):

**Things Shown/Mentioned

Cordless vacuum cleaner (Dyson):

All decor is talked about in detail in my master bedroom tour and office tour videos

My good vibes shirt is from Target and leggings are from Lorna Jane. Phone case is from milkywaycases.

(if I forgot something ask in the comments and i’ll get back to you!)

**My Speed Cleaning Checklist

Bedroom – 10 mins
• Make bed
• Gather and put away clothes and clutter (basket)
• Wipe down vanity
• Dust off night stand and blinds
• Vacuum

Bathroom – 5 mins
• Spray toilet area with disinfecting cleaner
• Wipe down mirrors and sink
• Swipe toilet bowl
• Vacuum

Kitchen – 15 mins
• Unload/load the dishwasher
• Remove and soak stove gaskets
• Wipe down counters, sink, microwave, oven and fridge
• Rinse off, dry and put back stove gaskets

Family Room – 5 minutes
• Gather and put away clothes and clutter (basket)
• Fluff and put back pillows
• Dust surfaces (TV, mantle, blinds, etc)
• Wipe down coffee table and trays
• Vacuum kitchen and family room

Office – 5 minutes
• Gather and put away clothes and clutter (basket)
• Dust surfaces
• Wipe down desk area

• Throw rags in wash and but away collected items in basket

*For speed cleaning I clean only the main areas of the house. I typically do this routine in between deep cleanings (bi weekly) or when I’m in a hurry and guests are coming over!

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Afsah Farooq says:

wow your house is superb it doesn’t need much cleaning anyway

yoneyo87 says:

have yall noticed alot of these YouTubers house is already clean while they are cleaning lol JS, just an a oberservation

Katherine H. says:

Am I the only one who would start with kithen and living room? It seem to more logical to me. Especially when visitors should come. Anyway you videos are amazing. When I am watching them I start to feel like I want to have my own house and my own rules about cleaning.

Jennifer H says:

new subbie!!

Arri Love says:

I love cleaning other people’s houses but cannot get motivated to clean my own HELP!!!

Desmelinda Benitez says:

Thanks for the tips and NEW SUBSCRIBER.

Chanel Coco says:

It would take me 30 days to speed clean so that’s why I hide most of it away in fancy looking boxes lol they need to create houses with magic voids where you can put things like Xmas trees for people who don’t have garages or a lot of storage space x

Misaki Ayuzawa says:

Your house is so beautiful

marijaxo13 says:

I love your videos! Helps me stay on top of my room, I am going to register (getting married in Oct) within the next week and was debating on getting the dyson cordless, but I did read reviews that said it only lasts 20 mins? Do you find it to be enough time? I was thinking of getting one with a cord and the cordless one as well. What do you think?

Pink Nerd says:

What’s the name of your cordless vacuum?

Gracie lamoureux says:

your house is soooooo nice

MyNameIsMeg says:

thank you for soothing my ocd haha x

Oscar Stenberg says:

Was looking for a tutorial on how to do a clean in weightlifting lol

zizou farah says:

I loooove it

Jennifer Cahill says:

Yeah, visitors must give me a day warning and even then, usually my bedroom or any messy room that isn’t a main room or the bathroom is off limits 😛

shirohara harutora says:

I tried this my room looks so different now!

Destinee crothers says:

Love your couches!

Animaljam Sorayadll says:

ur house is soooo nice

Jocelyn Williams says:

i have been stuck watching your videos for 3 hours now and you have inspired me in so many ways. Thank you so much

Natali Pullen says:

That tray mirror on your counter in your bathroom, I have the same mirror hanging up in my room!


Love your videos!! Always make me want to clean!!

di says:

Clean only if it’s dirty.

Anna Bernath says:

Where is your marble coffee table from?

Edelberto Castillo Calderon says:

I totally love this video! I watch it everytime I have to speed clean my home.

Candice Walkingstick says:

Good.. but when you have kids its a totally different type of cleaning!

Stacy Fun says:

I’m not lazy to clean, I’m just lazy to start

balakrishnansm says:

good one. thanks for sharing.

Molly Noneofurbuisness says:

There is nothing on the counters…

Cool Grammaw says:

How many vacuums do you have? By the way, I really appreciate all your videos!

Joslyn Santos says:

Where’s your sofas from?

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