How to Clean a Bathtub! (Easy Bathtub Cleaning Routine)

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Cleaning your bathtub can seem like scary, overwhelming, even back-breaking chore – but it’s not – and there’s actually a very easy way to clean your tub! In this video, Melissa Maker shows us a quick bathtub cleaning routine which will make this job so much easier!


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How to Clean a Bathtub! (Bathtub Cleaning Tips & Tricks)

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Park Avenue says:


Cindy Espinoza says:

I only watch your techniques. Your techiques are safe. Your awesome!

MeMeS mEmEs says:

Ur a bit dramatic

Coach Fuzz says:

I watched video at 2x speed

Clean My Space says:

Do you like taking a BATH or taking a SHOWER?

Sam Kim says:

It really works. thank you so much.

SHRUTI says:

I just did this and my back is dead but hopefully it works!

alan quintero says:

You talk to much woman

01malibutony 01malibutony says:

Does it matter what kind of soap use?? Cheap vs DAWN!

For Freedom's Sake says:

Thanksss 🙂

Bradley M says:

4:08 3 minutes to (gather ingredients) prepare mixture, 4 minutes to evenly spread solution around tub, 10 minutes to let mixture sink in, 2 minutes to rinse, 3 minutes to hand dry.

So not LIKE 5 minutes

Justine Chamberlain says:

Where is that showerhead from

Wesley Adams says:

I’m really disappointed that you said “giving your tub a facial mask” and not giving your tub a bath.

Hannah Petcovic says:

I was skeptical but this worked pretty well! forgot to put in the oil and I think it would have made a difference

Emme Kittelson says:

Thank you! This helped me very much.

Jared Lutmer says:


kiyonexus says:

You missed a very important step in your video… Remove all clothing while cleaning so your clothes don’t get dirty. I believe that’s the most difficult step so that requires a demonstration. Why not just use bleach?

Bradley M says:

4:08 3 minutes to (gather ingredients) prepare mixture, 4 minutes to evenly spread solution around tub, 10 minutes to let mixture sink in, 2 minutes to rinse, 3 minutes to hand dry.

So not exactly 5 minutes

Janet Palmtag says:

You need to use a TUBTOOL

Single To Taken TV says:

How often does one do this?

Oddball says:

that worked really well! i think i would wear gloves next time….it was pretty harsh on my hands. but yeah, looks like a hotel bath tub now 🙂

Sara Hayes says:

It really worked! Thanks so much for the idea!

Lisa Surlie says:

So annoying when we come to a video and you take forever to get to the point

brian chen says:

Dank you very much kind ladeh. Now I can clean my tub :::):):)):):):::

Brooke Diven says:


Logical BAM says:

I tried it. It was alright :p

Ariel Estulin says:

oh the humanity. soap scrum!!!!!!

Emily Armstrong says:

Thank you for the tip to separate the tub stall into two jobs, walls and then tub. I have one of those all-in-one tub stalls and it’s hard to see them as separate items, but the job is so much easier this way.

Brooke Diven says:

Volleyball knee pads are great for protecting your knees!

Staria Morris says:

I love the demo of cleaning shower and tub, however I need to know how to specifically clean the metal track part of glass door shower. There is slimy black mold that accumulates hidden in the track. I use Clorox to spray under there and then I use the hottest water from the shower head to rinse. The stuff that come out while using the pulse setting of shower head is sooooo gross. I can’t find anyone who tackles that job.

John Hershlag says:

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Here is the link :
I think you should try..

Kathleen Quinto says:

Is this a porcelain tub or fiberglass?

True Indigo says:

I have a cast iron tub, and I am looking for something that will kill all those germs.

Shara Parker says:

Where’s the link for the tiles?

KitKat Kate says:

I dont have none of these probs- I made a black tea tub- inspired by Liza Koshy

Lisa Surlie says:

Do you know what it’s like to clean with a fucking shower door?

9StickNate says:

I use regular vinegar (not cleaning vinegar) in a spray bottle. Spray on, wipe off minutes later. It’s acidity will breakdown hard water and residue.

MOPARGuy says:

Scary and overwhelming? Seriously?

Malvavisco says:

Do you have to mix it up in a glass container, or will a plastic one work too?

Brittany West says:

I Just cleaned my tub with this mixture and it got rid of the soap scum SO EASILY. so much better than my bleach products, AND it didn’t smell like a chemical farm in my bathroom. I will definitely use this recipe again! Thank you for the tutorial!! ❤️

Nini Mendoza says:

I prefer a bath

Alex Hooydonk says:

This totally worked on our disgusting tub! Thanks!

Evan Jesso says:

Wow I put essential oil it smelled amazing and my whole bathroom smells amazing , it worked great for that scuzz thank you – Samantha

superplan89 says:

5 minutes

…wait ten 10 minutes hmm

L0gic N Truth says:

Too much talking

Lisa Surlie says:

Get to the fucking point

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