Health Checks, Fleece Cleaning & DIY Disinfectant | Vlogmas Day 5

Health Checks, Fleece Cleaning & DIY Disinfectant | Vlogmas Day 5

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Willow Tree Pets says:

I video you could make is one of the voiceovers for the piggies so it’s like they are talking.

Georgina Keen says:

Hi could you do a review of the Alexander hamsters cage and how you set it up as I’m looking to buy one for my hamsters and I can’t find any good videos of it

Bruni Glendinning says:

your piggies are so well looked after 🙂 and i find it super funny because at home when im feeding all our many animals(guinea pigs,dogs,horses,pigs…….)i get around in socks and crocs

zara pyne says:

how about u do a pet night routin or your night routin

Katie Markland says:

D.I.Y hamster and dog treats

Rabbit Crazy says:

We have aldi in the U.S. To!

Sara Bee says:

OMWORD my guinea pigs name is milo too…Love that name!!!!

Lainey's Pets says:

Is she homeschooled ,? xx

Regina Salim says:

pets palace plus my guinea pig named pom pom has very long nails but I dont know how to cut it do you think I suhould give it to the vet cus here we dont have vets

Maia Ball says:

you could do a house plus garden plus everything tour!

Ash Kaur says:

Hi, im not really sure what pets you have and where their housed and what cages their in (obviously not for Jasper and Vinny). If you could that will be gr8 xx

Animal Arrow says:

your videos are great and verry helpful i have 2 rabbit and 1 piggy u could do maybe do idears you could do a each guiany pig and there name age and personalaty u could do all the animals that would be cool because i dont really now all you animals and how often do u do heath cheackes
I love your Vlogmas ; D

The Furry Friends says:

Is there any other pet channels doing vlogmas that you’re keeping up with?

guinea pigs says:

life hacks

Nina Dowling says:

all animal routine for winter

Aggie Luck says:

How does you and your family all afford with everything like bedding food with your pets? 🙂

4 pretty Princess says:

Do u enjoy cleaning the hutches

Nicole. Nicole says:

Can you do a video on baby guinea pigs? Like their food (hay and pellets) what supplies they’ll need as oppose to adults, when to stop feeding them alfalfa based food. Just stuff like that

HeyImTT says:

Is the diy disinfecter for hamster cages aswell?!?

Ashlynn Bruns says:

Hey pets palace can you tell me (Guinea pig expert) why my guinea pig is having panic attacks those noises they make when they are hungry and stuff it’s driving me nuts and yes he is used to being held but he just started acting like this a couple days ago

zara pyne says:

DIY christmas gifts for pets

Myreen Khan says:

i can never get my guinea pigs to open there mouth.even with food

Elicia Murphy says:

HELP…my guinea pig is 2 mounths old and i got her for christmas and she is super scared can you give me some edvise

Tasha M. says:

can you please do a vid for gerbil life hacks 🙂 btw i will txt you on sc to let you know that I commented on this yt vid (:

Chloe Lee says:

If I don’t want to put my guinea pig fleeces in a washing machine, how should I wash it to make sure all of the pee gets washed out?

zara pyne says:

homad pet food for christmas

lazy killa88 says:

you should do a video of how to give your guinea pig a health check

Diamond Love Flame says:

hi xx where do you get your avierys From? Xx

The guinea pig Bunch says:

Do a pet items hall

zara pyne says:

how to get a bond with your pigges

Morgan Koo says:

my guinea pig has black nails, so how do i know where to cut?

iJulia says:

how come your guinea pigs are so good, but mine are mentally insane?

kinga dzik says:

Pet palace plus could you please do a full video about having fleece as bedding advantage disadvantage how to clean it how often etc ??

Thegirlwholivednextdoor x says:

Hi erin, great vid btw xx Could u make a vid on guinea pig grease glands? Thx

Strawberry Rabbits says:

I think a cage cleaning video about all of the pets cages would be good to watch

NV Animals says:

Also was wondering is the vinegar disinfectant is harmful to rodents??

Zoë Oskam says:

super nice vlog❤

Caitlin Wright says:

instead of ready grass you could use timothy hay its nice and sweat my rabbit loves it

Tata Pummakanchana says:

you should do a video where you recommend some good toys for all the pets

ps. Love the vdo

Aakash D says:

Can you make a video on bedding for all your animals ?????

Kylee Fritz says:

What is the best soap for cleaning your Guinea pigs toys or huts that is safe?

Kiera Shorten says:

Rabbit beginner guide( food, accommodation, basic care)

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