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MOCHI’S PLATFORM WAS SADLY A FAIL! Everything was working fine but I sadly was just not happy with it in the end so I decided to take it out of her cage and figure something else out in the meantime 🙂 You will see that towards the end of the video:) Also please let me know your opinions on if I should move all the babes in the other room /area! It would really help me out on making a decision! Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy the video today it was fun giving her new toys to play with and some fresh new bedding! Talk to you all down below and see you in the next video! xoxo

hugs and I hope that you all will enjoy this Video today! xoxo

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Sabrina Brinkley says:

yes, you should move them in there.

tapiasolis says:

Omg how can u have kids u look so young Hammylux

Isaac Rickett says:

The bedding looks like popcorn!!! Hahaha!!! This was such a good vid!!! Keep it up!!!

Annette Horizon says:

What’s that cage that was next to Luna ?

Amy215 says:

Also I think moving the hamsters into your art room is a great idea. Then they won’t bother you and your kids at night

Grammar Nazi says:

I just found this channel because I got a new hamster, and I love it! (and I love the lighting btw)

Denise Camareno says:

yes!! hamster room will be super cute…

Little Hammies says:

Mochi’s cage looks great. Mochi seemed to be enjoying her new set-up. Shame about the platform. I think it’s a good idea to have a hammy room. I hope Patch is doing well. Lots of hugs.

Molly Molly says:

You should totally turn the office art area into a studio/hamster room!!!!!!

Animal petlover21 says:

A little late, but I love love your hair!! So pink and girly!! I think having a hamster room is everyone’s dream so I would go for it and if you don’t like it you can always move them back!! Your cage is and was absolutely georgous!! I love the colors and how well you made it!! Have a sweet day Pam!!

Jazzy :3 says:

How often do u clean her cage?

Grace Reed says:


Saije Writer says:

do it do it

Uny Just A Girl says:

woow when i saw you taking out the bedding from kaytee clean and cozy.. i thought “thats not enough” and you just fluffed it up soo much.. its amazing how it expanded to fill the cage with enough substrate.. i really wish we will have kaytee clean and cozy some time in the future in europe.. i love the white bedding.. it just makes it look so clean

Amy215 says:

The bedding looks like popcorn

Sabrina Brinkley says:

you can use the platform as a shelf to store stuff on.

JustTooFluffy says:

I am the same i’m always scared of my hamster getting hurt while I’m asleep but I’m getting more confident to realise she will be fine but I just love my wee baby , sadly though she doesn’t really seem to want to be tamed because after almost a month she will still rarely eat from my finger tips but I’m staying strong and just giving her a good life and not giving her away <3

Kenzies Cam says:

I loved your video but just from watching other videos (not a hamster owner) but just letting you know I would suggest not spot cleaning the cage because it will be all fresh and new like to the hamster which “can” cause health problems because it seems like a totally new environment which gives them stress.

Amy215 says:

If your going to attempt making another platform please check Home Depot for wood


Wonderful video! Ooh I love your new lights, they are amazing and the lighting in this video was perfect! Haha aww Luna is such a cute cat! I think making a hamster area in your art room is an awesome idea! I really hope it works out for you! It was really fun watching you clean out Mochi’s cage, I do love time-lapses! Haha it was funny watching you putting down the liners, I thought you did a good job! Okay I was amazed when I saw the heap of bedding in the cage and I was thinking is that gonna fill the cage? But then as you were spreading it out and it just instantly expanded, I was actually mind blown! :O That was pretty cool to watch 😀 I always find putting fresh bedding into a cage really pleasurable for some reason haha. Lol not gonna lie, when you started adding the yellow, it reminded me of egg fried rice ;D Started making me hungry, haha never thought bedding would make me hungry lol! The set up at the end was fantastic, so much to adventure in, Mochi is one lucky ham! Awh I’m sorry the platform didn’t work out but it was still lovely to see it set up anyway 🙂 I also think it was a very sensible decision not wanting to risk anything and it only makes you even more of a caring owner! Aww she is so cute and she looks really happy in that cage! Hugs! 🙂

Fatihah Tihah says:

good idea!

Kawaii Kiwi says:

I think you should put your hamster’s in the hammy corner :3 I really liked the cage setup and seeing how you clean Mochi’s cage!

Armando Adame says:

Loved the vlog!!! And the new lights make the camera quality look 10x better!! Quality looks so good love it!!❤️

Stephanie H says:

Yes I would change the rooms around. Under the window is an inspiring place for your art desk. Loving your hamster vids.I miss your art journal videos SOOOOO much!!!!

pink tonka says:

oh yes move the hamsters I think it would Benifit everyone, and you still have the pet cube so you can watch from your tablet when laying in bed:) by the way I bought a cube yesterday so I’m looking forward to trying it out once I get home

Cassie's Critters says:

OMG a tampon XD Good luck with your new platform. Maybe you can find something online 🙂

Lily Blossom says:

I was just about to recommend waterproof tablecloth for the bottom until you showed the (oh gosh I forgot what it’s called it’s what you put on the bottom of the cage)

Sofia N says:

i suggest using cage liners and there is a type that are made for your cage so it’s easier to clean your cage and no staines

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