Goth DIY: Painting Vintage Furniture

Thanks for watching my Goth DIY: Painting Vintage Furniture video!
if you have any suggestions for future Goth DIY’s lemme know in the comments!

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Batgirljamie says:

that looks really good

Ashley Navarrete says:

Where did you get your chandelier? Love the stripes in the background

kimberley joseph says:

so cute !

yin yang says:

omg I looovvvveeeedddd this

mademoiselle cauchemar says:

I absolutely love your DIY video. I’ve been needing a headboard for my bed so I want to find one like that and make it like yours!

pieulpe says:

I think you should’ve sanded it even more, and dusted it away with a moist cloth before applying the paint, otherwise it’s pretty good looking ^^

amyinmyheart says:

This makes me want to paint stuff!!

Stephanie says:

I love your crafty crafts. You have great ideas and are really good at it. ^^

amanda182 says:

Where’s the bed spread from?

Shari Welch says:

Hey I have those Jack pajama bottoms!

Alicia A says:


Zombie Baby says:

I love this! I had to sub!

Brittany Ruiz says:

so beautiful!! I absolutely adore how your bed frame came out let alone how you detailed your room. just beautiful!

GrimmieMonster says:

What is this song?? I’m in love <3

L says:

Love it. Subscribed.

skylar wolfson says:

Hello I’m not sure if you read you’re comments but I am a recent subscriber. I love your videos, and you are so funny. Anyway I recently died my hair green like yours at the same time when I found your videos blah blah blah you seem to be the only person I love who CAN do matching color eyebrows with your hair. I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on what you use and how you do your eyebrows. Just so you know I turned on the notifications for your channel only in case you do. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Emkabear88 says:

I love love love your room!

Metzli says:

“I’m a perfectionist!… But I don’t use a ruler” xD
Nice job, amazing looking bed 😀

Ariella D says:

Dre what happened to your hand??

Vampirja Clara says:

Jak pięknie <3 🙂

Suzy Homewrecker says:

Looks like my bedroom and artspace! I LOVE stripes! Good job. Have you seen the 80’s movie Real Genius? Reminds me of the scene when Jordan made the sweater and said “I have an eye for that sort of thing”

lomilosian says:

that’s sooo beautiful ! bed goals lol

Luna5094 says:

So cool

stachelbeere91 says:

love this =)

tina aka shortestyle says:


Lost Soul says:

whats the music in the background?

spooky_bat_queen says:

Where is your comforter from?

Marilyn kweeny419 says:


The Mad Lolita says:

I would suggest painters tape for the detail work too. Prevents needing to wipe small spills up. It’s easier to manipulate when cut in half.

Brittany Dorian says:

I think it would be great if you made a goth stash jar. The headboard looks great btw

Vampiriffic says:

This is sooo gorgeous. I might try this in black and dark purple.

cindy LeJeune says:

Great Job! what kind of canopy is that over your bed ? did you make it or buy it ?

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