Easy Homemade Cleaning Products

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Woman wearing gloves cleaning toilet bowl in bathroom at home or hotel room
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kanelipulla ! says:

Hey! if you got pets(like cats and dogs) and you wanna do the last one, please dont use tea tree oil! it is very VERY toxic to pets!!!

That Braz Over There says:

Thanks buzzfeed

Shook K says:

lol I am early

Liz says:

Cool! I need more recipes. I made a bottle of cleaner for the floor with just water a bit of dish soap and added lemon essential oil, plus orange EO, and a tiny bit of lavender. Smells so good! I’d add tea tree but my family hates the smell and so do I…. I have to get some pine oil since that has antibacterial properties

Aishwarya Ramesh says:


Genesis Gallegos says:

Líke si miras los videos pero nunca ases nada

doggo mckitten says:

Why would you need cleaning products to clean up flour? Like a paper towel and water is all you need

Virginia Clark says:

Is this a repost?

Ash Westbrook says:

Buzzfeed being the April 1st Buzzkill

Csb1289 says:

nah, sorry. I need bleach in my cleaner if I’m cleaning the bathroom, do any of these really disinfect?

hamsterlover 123 says:

8th yasss

asiabrown99 says:

Perfect for my new house!

Ayano Kun says:

At 1:58 The volume of the music changes

Blox Gameplays says:


Dapple Dachshund says:


Ada Chu says:


NCT Trash says:

Also does anyone ever question where they find such products like
ISOPROPYL based alcohol

Pro Bond Cleaning Sydney says:

Great Share

Dgoz says:

If you’re using the cleaners with essential oils in them, make sure you use glass bottles. They can break down the plastic bottles which isn’t good for you or the bottles

mariam says:

I mean, isn’t the whole house going to smell like vinegar? Is that what we’re going for, ooor?



Mik Kurzhal says:

I make my own toiletries, and I’ve been looking for a good conglomeration of easy diy cleaning supplies. I’m glad you guys finally made this video.

Spiral Breeze says:

I just use vinegar, water and tea tree oil. That stuff even works to kill mold so it never grows back.

sam buchanan says:


ShiningKeep says:

Not bad 😉

christina wechkin says:

0:50 the sticker isn’t straight…

Neonennui says:

These are not real cleaning products.

Kailee Her says:


Jonida Memedi says:


Athu Athufa says:


C’mon Crazy! says:


Cake IsLife says:

Happy Easter!! And if you don’t celebrate Easter then happy normal day to you too.

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