DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

DIY Yoga Mat Spray | 5 Essential Oil Blends for cleaning your yoga mat and the aromatherapy benefits.

Where I Purchase Essential Oils:
I buy all my essential oils from local health food stores. Essential oils are also widely available online.
The brand I currently use most is Veriditas Botanicals

What You’ll Need:
Dark Glass Spray Bottle (I use 2oz bottles)
Funnel (optional)
Distilled Water
Alcohol-free Witch Hazel
Essential Oils (of your choice)

Cleaner Base:
3/4 Distilled Water
1/4 Alcohol-free Witch Hazel

Essential Oil Blends:

Sweet Orange 16 drops
Peppermint 8 drops

Tea Tree 9 drops
Lemongrass 10 drops
Bergamot 6 drops

Tea Tree 12 drops
Lavender 12 drops

Lavender 10 drops
Eucalyptus 6 drops
Bergamot 8 drops

Tea Tree 8 drops
Sweet Lime 6 drops
Lemon 4 drops
Grapefruit 6 drops

Love you guys! Have a fantastic day!

Music: Kevin MacLeod Vandodora Chill Mix, Jalandhar.
Creative Commons 3.0

Disclaimer: This video is Not sponsored. I purchased all items shown in this video.


beautyplayground says:

Thank you for sharing 🙂

Emma Hansen says:

I love your diys with the essential oils! Do more!!! HAHA Thank you for sharing definitely making these!

Amazing Unicorn says:

Your yoga mats are completely gorgeous!! Where did you get them? Love you!!❤️

Ramona Kapa says:

You should sell these online!

1948em says:

Very informative, thank you, Christine!

amber greer says:

great recipes!

Rosa Klochkov says:

this an awesome idea. I’m gonna start taking yoga 2017 my yoga mat has not been used to much but I think it will this year!

Kristen Kay says:

very cool & helpful video. Thank you! I usually wash mine with dr. bronners liquid baby soap but the spray will be nice between washings

Anthonia Farfalli says:

I love ALL of these sprays, and have been loving your series of DIY fresheners. Great job and thanks for sharing. The yoga mats are lovely. Did you make them or give them the Kobzeff treatment? If so, please share. Thank you.

Fokaira says:

Those labels look professional. Thanks for the idea.

lou lou corr says:

great video I use oils all the time and they do help a lot

Kiana Nicole says:

I really loved this video! Thanks for another amazing diy! Is there any other uses for these sprays?? They seem very versatile

Leese M says:

I recently subscribed to your channel and I love your DYIs and how you present the information. I love lemongrass so I will be trying that one.

vanina prats says:

is any replacement for the wich hazel?? I´m from Argentina, we don´t have that here and I really want to made this!!

Michael VR says:

Yay. Just btw I miss your plant videos

mihaelamexi7 says:

Hi, Christine. Thank you. Great idea. I will do this to spray my desk at work. Best wishes to you! Happy New Year!

Marlena Bensev says:

I needed to see it done, for some reason I find making things with essential oils to be intimidating, but watching you add it to the distilled water is perfect, so I know precisely the measurements.

viceb7 says:

I love this 🙂 I made a simple one awhile back with just eucalyptus oil but I love these ideas.

DGolden says:

I love your videos- I get so excited when I see that you have posted! Can we replace the Witch Hazel with Alcohol? I find the regular non fragranted witch hazel very strong smelling.

Garnet says:

This is cool! Makes me wish I did yoga just to use these sprays. lol Does the witch hazel smell still come through even with the other oils?

Erika Summers says:

I have a rubber based yoga mat. Anyone know if EO will break down the rubber? I know EOs break down plastic and other materials. I usually wash mine with vinegar and water

Amanda Lynn says:

love this video! can’t wait to try this out

Rollmops Mitkartoffel says:

love the idea. thank you 🙂

Christeal Chapman says:

I counted 20 drops of the orange. lol

Alicia Rodriguez says:

Loved it Christine! Is there a specific reason it has to be distilled water? I want to make a lavender spray for my fiancé to help him sleep.

bellabeanthree says:

I make my own yoga mat spray as well, but so excited to try one of your recipes!!!

Victoria justice says:

Thank you for making these type of DIY videos, they are always so easy to follow and helpful. I appreciate you adding all of the info in the description bar too, helps a great deal! Your channel has been one of those bright spots for me in social media, I’ve become disheartened by so much of these platforms lately. Thank you for being you! ♥

Abra Brizal says:

I made one like yours, but not exactly. I was broke at the time and had to use what I had around the house. I did distilled water, witch hazel, and lavander. My spray turned out amazing.

MandaPhenom says:

This is exactly what I was thinking about the other day. This video has perfecting timing in my life lol

missmayflower says:

Lovely! Are there other uses for this spray?

Ops Endless says:

I’ve been watching many of your videos the past few days (new sub). I want to let you know that you give me a sense of peace and love. I feel like we could be really good friends if you were close to me. You seem introverted and reflective by nature and I adore your creativity. I hope you know that you are spreading good vibes and making a difference in this world. Wishing you the best always.

carol Oesterritter says:

This is wonderful!! Can’t wait to smell!!! Great to see you. Xoxoxo

Casual says:

Love this! Do these sprays last a long time? Like no mold or anything?

Cheryl Chase says:

You always have the best dyis

pinkmelissa49170 V says:

Awsome idea!! Just a little tip, if you want all the benefits from the oils and wants it to really bind with the rest of your ingredients, add a pinch of salt at the very beginning, then your oils (so they’ll have something to grab onto – as water and oil don’t mix) then add the rest of your ingredients and mix well. Coming from a YL oil junky lol

gypsyvanneraddict says:

Bad Azz! I love it! And so eco chic!

lalvarezromano says:

Could we use some of these as a bed spray? Maybe there is a good combination to induce sleep!

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