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najia samah says:

Wow. Ur eyes. Their beautiful

Nicki L says:

Shabby chic doesn’t mean lazy-this is a lazy paint job

rob wells says:

why would you ruin natural wood with paint¿¿¿¿?

Georgette Liquorie says:

sorry not a good production you never once mention what you were applying and what brand you get a tums down

remainingembers says:

For that white washy used looking affect, you could have also painted it white first, then blue-green, and then lightly sanded it in spots so that the green came off but the white peeked through. I think. Either way, still looks nice in the end and thats what matters!

Winnie Huang 瓦薩里藝術塗裝 says:

I like what you were doing that shabby chick furniture. wonderful.

Anna Giffin says:

You have done such an amazing job this is going to help me heaps with my next project 🙂

I am my own super-HERO says:

Sandpaper grit….

Julian Farber says:

I love it!  As you say, it’s you project for your room, if people don’t like it they don’t have to do the same 🙂

Renee Woodside says:

What kind of paint did you use?

Janey Hopson says:

are you using chalk paint

Real Hour says:

You Did great. It seems to be your first time doing this… But still, You successfully made this item appear to be an antic piece.

Shanti Amore says:

she is right though.people would pay hundreds for this type of thing!! I’ve just completed a chest of drawers but didn’t add the distressed look (I’m far too lazy for that!). I’ve revisited this video and like this her finished product even more! specially the handles and the top detailing distressed look. she has done this for herself and if no one knew she hadn’t unscrewed handles and taken draws out etc… they’d think this was either the real thing or done by a professional. I’ve learnt that you don’t need to go about things the right way to get what you are aspiring for!

KARO says:

tutorial and amateur diy it’s big gap between them your is diy disaster

Sam Brero says:

god you are so pretty xxx :))

Tori Bland says:

supernatural fan over here… CURSED OBJECT.

Evie Allman says:

lol why would these negative people even be searching for diy shabby chic furniture on youtube if they’re professionals?
loved this tutorial! really helped a sista out! thanks love!

Anita Spero says:

You did an awesome job. I own a very well known business and you are not taking away from our businesses….lol THAT IS JUST SILLY. Another thing is you don’t need to purchase any pre-mixed decorative paints. I never have! I make all my paint and distressing treatments. I started at 19 and just turned 49…It can takes lots of time to find recipes that work for you..I think you are going way in the right direction. The only thing I would say is the water will change the paint and maybe cause issue later. Just spray a bit of sealant (matte) over those areas…Keep going you are doing AWESOME! I see it’s been a while so I’m sure you have…Take care and keep going…Anita Spero…

Maleandro Le Male says:

I am terribly sorry for saying this but your finished job looks quite bad! I came here bc I was looking for a video that could teach me how to do the shabby chic thing, and in my opinion you took something that was, as I see it, very beautiful in itself and totally damaged it. From what I understood you didn’t have a lot of money which is quite normal when you are young!

And I get that you wanted to spice it up a little, but when you don’t know the right way to do a thing, please don’t make a “how to do it” video. I think you could have avoided a lot of the critique if you had said this was your interpretation of the style in question!

And I don’t think the nasty comments are bc you are young and beautiful, personally I’m gay so… and I don’t think many of the other “nastier” commenters care about your looks either.

And as a side note, I would have paid a fortune for those handles, well actually for the whole furniture to be honest, mahogany is after all not the cheapest material out there, so I would gladly have paid you a lot for it. But as many have said, as long as you are happy with it that is the important thing! But please for the future don’t give the viewer the impression that it is a real instructional video when it’s not.

sew Regi says:

Good for you!!!! I started experimenting just like you and now, yrs later I do creative work that has people dropping their jaw is disbelief. I do it for myself in my home. I really admire the courage you had to put your video on YouTube. For sure by now you have gotten even better although your first piece, if it’s this one, is far better than my first work. The sky is the limit. Reading the hateful comments might hinder you so just follow your spirit, ignore the idiots, and you will be amazed. 🙂

Tiffany Martinez says:


Daisie says:

I really liked your video – whether or not you were new to doing this or not, I thought you were so very natural, down to earth and it gave me another perspective on how to do my own shabby chic furniture. What I liked about your video is that you are very honest in stating that this is something you were doing for yourself – for your bedroom with an antique piece that you really liked and wanted to create for yourself. And, you are beautiful inside and out! Both my boyfriend and myself enjoyed learning from you. Thank you! Daye & Tommy

Natalie Minshull says:

Lovely lovely work! I’m planning on moving in a few months and I’ve thought about making my room shabby chic! I’ve always loved the style and I’m glad you make a diy project out of it! Can’t wait to scour through the thrift stores and find some great furniture to “shabby chic-ify”!

BlueGiraffe says:

Ez nagyon ronda lett… Egy rettenet… be nem raknám egy lakásba sem, kuka!


if u show ur project don’t expect everyone to like it. some ppl would love ur wrk n some wnt. personally I think it was a crappy wrk but if u like that’s all that matters. ☺

Christine Moyhu says:

OMG,  I cant believe the negative comments you have got from some people abt this video!!!! I have been looking through a few vids abt shabby chic and find yours very interesting and easy!!!  I love your work and love that you share it with others!!! Keep it up! you go girl!!!!!!!!!

Nikki S says:

Don’t worry about simple minds & their insults. I love the effect it took. What’s the color you used? Brand?

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