DIY Tumblr Inspired Canvas Art – Ombre Quote (Room Decor)


Materials Info:
– 16×20″ Canvas (~$10 for 2 @ Michaels)
– Acrylic Paint ($1 for 2 @ Michaels)
– Sponge brushes (94 cents for 4 @ Walmart)
– Mod Podge ($10 @ Walmart)

Thank you for watching! & if you decide to recreate any of my recipes or DIY’s, then hashtag the picture with #SharonBeMakinStuff on Twitter/Instagram because I would love to see it!!

Sharon ♡



Laura Johnson says:

What is the purpose of lightly wetting the canvas before painting?Does it just help the color blend easier?

Digvijaysinh Thakore says:

is there any alternative for mod podge ?

Afifah Sana'ni says:

Hi Sharon! 🙂 may I ask why is it when I add mod podge to my dried painting it smudges my paint? I like the glosy effect of mod podge but it destroyed my painting:(

Pastel Angel says:

What is the song called?

coriella says:

please do more paintings!!!

Mister Curious says:

great work!

Asaëlle Lévi Alvarès says:

loved it ! ur answome 🙂

MsShreya07 says:

Made it on an A4 white sheet. Turned out to be amazing! Thanks! 😀

Ishita Bhatia says:

Where did you get the acrylic paint from?

Claire Vitez says:

That painting is very pretty! you are very talented!

RahIma RahIma says:


Shine Moon says:

wen u put mud podge did u dry the painting completely then u did mudponge and second can we make mud ponge as I don’t get it in Gulf and approximately how many hours these colours take to dry up completely. thankyou

Alyssa Villanueva says:

you are awesome!!!! i’d definitely make one of these.. more videos please..

Vicki Coy Touch Of Sunshine says:

Very nice I do crafts http://www.facebook Touch Of Sunshine By Vicki

Dannielle Gillaspie says:

It’s gorgeous and I really want to try this at home. However my question is will Mod Podge gloss Luster,  Clear acrylic sealer in the spary can work just as well as the mod podge that you used?

CherryChunky xx says:

lovee thisss simple ideaaa!! perfecttt for beginnerss!! thanxxx a tonnee 🙂

Sandria Basile says:

You have a new subscriber!!! I love the name of your page! SharonBeMakinStuffYo!!! 🙂

Laurie Ferguson says:

Please do some art for kids

Nereida Zamora says:

Super cute!!! I did a DIY Wall Decor video on my channel 🙂

Hotairballoon 123 says:

This is gorgeous

Angelina Girimonti says:

I thought that she put mustard and ketchup on the canvas.

0550 Bustamante says:

Is it ok if i dont put mod popge because here in the phillipine we dont have mod podge and the sponge brush

CherryChunky xx says:

lovee thisss simple ideaaa!! perfecttt for beginnerss!! thanxxx a tonnee 🙂

Katie Trantum says:

Im in love with this canvas!!

azazaz14321 says:

I loved it so much

Ishita Bhatia says:

I will try to make it at my house for sure as it is so beautiful

Hannah Szubert says:

I love this you are so good at art !!

Lea Levy says:

does it have to be acrylic paint?

PaytonSivak 33 says:

What kind of modge podge is it?

Senna vd Akker says:

really want to try this but i don’t have mod podge is it possible without it?

Faris Ebrahim says:

i dont have Walmart
and I don’t know which mog podge to get

cupcake queen says:

wasn’t it suppost to say haves then have?

Mikaella Teopaco says:

do more videos!!! i really_love it.

Tal Rubin says:

thank you so much!

Rebecca Annah says:

Nice art, but please in your videos try as much as possible to reduce your sound so we can hear whatever you say

Emalee Evans says:

This is really nice! Check out my paintings

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