DIY Spoon Painting – Easy Home Decorating with Mr. Kate

When I help people decorate their spaces, art is one of the main components to bring in life and design, but it can be expensive, etc. For more fun, subscribe to our channel here: – This spoon art requires no painting skills and it’s a great technique to get a textured and colorful, custom piece of art. Store-bought art can be cheesy and you can’t beat a hand-painted, or shall I say “spoon painted” piece!

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Song: “Aitech” by Kevin MacLeod
Video shot and edited by Brad Etter

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Daphne Wilson says:

“this is offf the wall! lets go put it on the wall” i see whatcha did there;) 😉

ValeriaV says:

Nice love them

SillyMonkeyRacing says:

the painting itself is good and a cool idea but it doesnt go with the room at all

Kaylee Tran says:


Francesca Baldassarre says:

oh shit i hate when people mix up you’re and your and then i just decide to mix them up -__-

grayreign says:


Selcen Zor says:

i found your channel now and i love it! nice job

neethu hari says:

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Melissa Mieko says:

Why is it Mr Kate? Is she a dude?

Langga N.A. says:

What’s with the “MR” thing kate?

Paulina Abarca says:

she sounds like Miranda sings and it’s really annoying but I love her diys OMG

Boo I Scared You says:

This is way too cheesey for my taste. Creative thinking, though.

Ally Spear says:

you couldve just used a regular brush and painted waves..

mily white says:

Thanx alot i have no skills but this helped me to improve as a beginner

laycha morales says:


ELLA P. says:

Zo grappig dat je Amsterdam (Nederlandse) verf gebruikt

So funny that you’re using Amsterdam paint because that’s dutch paint and I’m from the Netherlands

lorimar matos says:

Was she drunk the whole video?

Wendy Alejandra says:

Wow what did I just see

Louise Ng says:

I love your video editing!!!

Ugly Hands says:

Sooo… You’re a cross dressing guy? ಠ_ಠ

Daphne Wilson says:

I love you

King Dhillon says:

Treehouse feeling LOLL <3

ShimiArts says:

she’s not an intro, she’s Mr. Kate..
actually it’s just that it’s your, not you’re 🙂

Francesca Baldassarre says:

You’re intro. 3

Carol Gorzney says:

That is wonderful!I I have a wall in my bed room that needs this …so here I go !

L.N. Josseau says:

You´re really good!

nicole caballero says:

Super like Mr. Kate!!!:), I love your ideas, thank you!!!

Kenzie Roy says:

Mr.kate should come and decorate my room I love Maryland Monroe

Emma Gray says:

I find you so inspiring 🙂 I did this today and also cut out a mustache then stuck it on top.

Bregje Hoed says:

Yes!!!!! Dutch paint!!!!!!

DaisiesInMyHair says:

Love love LOVE your videos!!! You got a new subbie!!! I love you too! You and I have the same personality!! You have haters and I have haters and they always tell me “Girl, calm yourself down!”

Karan S says:

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Victoria says:

You are awesome!

Angleahscottoncandy says:

I dont really like her style

xSamanthaalove says:

Amsterdam paint 🙂 du

Joyce Deleon says:

where are you

Saima Shah says:

The idea is superb bt I dont like the design bt ill definitely try it

Just America says:

Why do you call yourself “Mr.” Kate

Emma Walker says:

pause at 0:27 HAHAAHAA!!!!! love ya Mr. Kate!

jina sheridan says:

someone through me an orange! attack of the oranges!

Merel Wijnen says:

Amsterdam paint ?

carla huerta says:

Is it just me or does she remind you and kinda look like ce ce from shake it up
Bella thorn

afroindia42 says:

Looking good. The only thing I would change are the curtains. They look a bit drab…

Sassy Link says:

Is it a guy or girl?

MzCareyCouture says:

Im doing this for my superbowl party =) in seahawk colors and on just a huge piece of paper

Dr. Benzedrine says:

Pause at :26 XD

Marie-Christine Lachance says:

I would change the curtains and the wall color because I hate beige with a passion

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