DIY: Sketchbook (NO SEW) + Painting

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Hey guys! Hope you like the video, had a lot of fun filming it.
The class I mentioned was by Leah Goren. Her work is really nice! Check it out:

Here’s the instagram artist I mentioned:

Song playing: Monma- Warm

For more clarification, check out this online blog post on how to make the same sketchbook!

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Tangerine Lights says:

Wow you’re such a good artist! love how the colors fit together!

Mush Ylog says:

I love how you did your fish! nice vid, good idea!

Eileen Goldenberg says:

Thanks..yes maybe apply the glue with a brush…and BTW we are not “guys”.. Obviously you are not! That disappears women.. Say hey artist!!

Alberto Delgado says:

very good and creative idea…i love it ^^

Katenarux3 says:

i made a sketcgbook just cutting some pages opening holes with a paper hole punch and just use a keychain to hold them XD it doesn’t take too much time

Kira Swan says:

I could watch this girl paint all day.

Keyta says:

I always get excited when you upload C:

Donald Draws! says:

Thanks so much for sharing! This actually gave me a really cool idea!

Adventures of Procrastination says:

I loved the painting, colors were so pretty and the whole thing reminded me of tropical breeze

Alexandra Adams says:

Hello, I was just wondering when you were going to announce the 200,000 giveaway winners? keep up the amazing artwork 🙂

crush edit says:

what’s the brand of your watercolor and do you know if it is sell in france? 🙂

genuineCorn says:

I missed you

Elvena Fae says:

Everybody is getting sponsored by skill share

heartyink 1230 says:

how do u make it look soooo easy??!! i love this so friggin much

Annette Do says:

I made a sketchbook using your old tutorial and it was great but I think this may be better! What paper did you use to make it?

Zefanna says:

when i see this, i jumped to my studio and get ready to do this.

The Mad Hattress says:

Unfortunately, I don’t see this as something you can just take on the go and draw or what have you, so it seems impractical in such circumstances.

Ágnes Bartha says:

Clever idea. 🙂

Azul Placidio says:

Hi pearl the giveaway is in chance today? im in!

SoloArt Studio says:

Awesome book work, thanks

Giao Nguyen says:

Watched this already, but rewatch, seriously tho, her videos are definitely addicting. I haven’t count how many time her video has pure out my soul. Glad I found you a year ago ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Bella says:

Where did you get such a long piece of watercolor paper? And I’d love to see a review on that sketchbook you mentioned :~)

Stephanie Ochoa says:

Did you know… Robsato created the artwork for Young The Giant’s ‘Home of the strange’ album. It’s oh so beautiful!!! <3 both the artwork (robsato) and their music (YTG) blow me away!!

Monarch Theatre says:

What brush are you using?

Ros Howes says:

I really like this video. You have shown great improvement on your filming style and the sketchbook is really cute, might as well try to make one of my own.

m m says:

This is the prettiest video I have ever seen. I love your videos you are very creativ.;)

Katenaru 03 says:

did your workspace change?

amorousgravity says:

I’m in love with all your fish paintings :’-)

Ally Johnson says:

this is impeccably done as always- i love this skillshare series!! i’m definitely going to take advantage of the free trial in the summer when i actually have time it seems super great

argylsocks says:

Oh wow. I’ve been thinking about making a sketchbook recently, just because I’ve been so finicky about what I like in watercolor ones–My first one is ~48 pages from strathmore. I want one with better paper/possibly a mix of different presses so I can try different things.

Joween Lim says:

aaaaHHH I clicked this so fast! Wonderful video !!

The octopuses garden says:

I really liked this video and the result! Very pretty

Thu Huynh says:

Just love the editing of your vids :>>

Sloth Florist says:

I love the idea for the sketchbook and your painting. 🙂

Valeriin Vainilla says:

We miss you

Lauren Mukamal says:

what tool are you using to paint with?

cookiecutters says:

saw that good kid m.a.a.d city 😉

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