DIY Shopkins Petkins Chocolate Milk Bud Do It Yourself Painting Custom Video

My awesome cookie fans have been requesting a custom Shopkins chocolate milk bud!!!! 😀 Watch as I turn the Season 4 petkins from strawberry milk to chocolate with acrylic paint! Its so simple fun and easy with this DIY video.

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madi0420 madi0420 says:

the blue one had the cookie

Melony pips toy channel says:

can you make a video of making milkbud plushi

ItsMe WithYou says:

Hi candy

You make my day bright

Jeff The Killer •Dancer SP• says:

I’m okay w/ buffer
I’m okay w/ ads

But wen ads buffer I suffer

LPS Pug T.V says:


Abby Green says:

That is rlly cool Kookie XDDD

Shea Kelly says:

Hi hi hi I wish so mush that I could meet you

s Muniz says:

yay cool vid

mermaid crystal says:

hey cookie i love you sooooo mutch youre good with paint 2

Qxeen bella says:


Emilie Savignac says:

can you make a costume Marty party hat skihy

katelyn evans says:

3rd commet

Carlos Vallejo says:

cookie you cant make a apple blossom squishy plis

analia saldarriaga says:

cookie is the best

Emily Morris says:

So awesome cookie, can you make a banana milk bud?

Tina Pham says:

Hi cookie! I love your videos!!!!

Kitty Marie5610 says:

ooohh this was sooo cute

Kimberly Juarez says:

687th view

Jennifer Ford says:

if you have another one of tasty toast you should paint that one to

Prisha Bhargava says:

I love your diy shopkins videos, can you make a Wishes shopkin squishy and shopkin, PLEASE!!!

It'sToriCWhat ?! says:

Banana milk bud

Anisa Doye says:

I love you videos Cookie Swirl C

Emilie Savignac says:


Kimberly Juarez says:

687th view

Ally Lps says:

Can you make a rainbow twozie

Chiweenielovers 911 says:

Can you did macarron in a diy

Rand Gaming says:

make banana milk bud so its all the flavours

Gummycandylover AJ says:


NamoNimo Animation says:

this is making me hungry

Ummay Chowdhury says:

cookie swirl c I love you

kailyn dollreview says:

can u make more mommies

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