DIY ROCK PAINTING for the First Time | Ideas and Tips, What I Learned

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Hey everyone! I’m trying something brand new today and that is rock painting. I’ve never done this before but I think it’s fun to try new things on camera and then share what I learned with you guys. I used river rocks that I purchased at the craft store along with a few basic materials like acrylic paint and metallic markers to make fun designs ( line art, faux calligraphy and patterns ) on stones. Organic items and bringing the outside in is really popular in home decor right now so hopefully this inspires or helps you in some way. Or at the very least, is fun. Have a great day and please share this video if you enjoyed! P.S. the rocks I did today are for INDOOR use. Be careful putting your rocks outside because you don’t want to ruin your work. If you want to use them in the garden make sure you’re using suitable materials and following all instructions.


1. black river rocks
2. acrylic craft paint (my favorite brand is Martha Stewart)
3. square paint brush
4. painters tape with edge lock
5. pencil
6. Sharpie metallic markers
7. Sharpie oil based paint pens EXTRA fine tip in black & white
8. i HIGHLY recommend sealing your finished products with Mod Podge or something similar.


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Nancy H says:

Thanks for the info on the Sharpie oil pen.  I’ve been looking for a good white pen and everything I’ve tried is of poor quality.  I didn’t know Sharpie had also oil pens.

the creation of beauty is art. says:

What a cool idea! This looks beautiful!

Vibhuti Gambhir says:

Love the designs!! Looks awesome!!!

Claire Sophia says:

Your painted rocks look amazing and so well done! Time for me to go paint some rocks myself now! hehe

Robin's Cup of Tea says:

how are you so adorable. it’s not even fair. I LOVE YOU.

Gazelle 251262 says:

the White on black ones are lovely

BearPawDezigns 66 says:

just a basic clear coat spray paint works great and half price of mod podge… anywhere spray paint is sold

Spanish Gypsy says:

These are really good! I love painting rocks. I use acrylic paints & a tiny, tiny brush, but after a while my eyes go blurry!

Carina Vardie says:

This is such a cute and fun DIY project.

prabhat singh says:

what is the cost for 1 stone ,,,and where i can get this product

Super Manos says:

Hi Carter!! I am making some intros, would you like one?? It doesn´t matter if you don´t choose the one I send you. You will make me happy if you only see the intro and tell me what you think about it. I am your biggest fan, greetings from Peru.

Jordanne Roberts says:

love this idea 🙂

Ana Leo says:


Vibhuti Gambhir says:

No haven’t tried it yet but sure will:)

LittleMissCrista says:

I LOVE these, C! You should make little encouragement messages on random rocks everywhere and leave them for people 😀

Pinky says:

Very cool. Do you know if you can add varnish over the stones afterwards or will it smudge the paint? I have tried with poca paint markers (water based) on stones but the pain smudges when I add varnish. Do you know if the sharpies are different due to them being oil based?

ItsEwelina says:

this was awesome! My mom paints the rocks as well, it looks really cool.

The Dragonfruit says:

No lie, I have several rocks just sitting on my bookshelf, and this idea is fabulous! I don’t know why I never tried this. They turned out beautifully Carter 😀

Kathy Hitzemann says:

How great! So many folks should take a lesson from you on how to create a video. No wasted time – quick views just long enough to get what you are doing. You rock!!!! And your art is beautiful, by the way!!!!

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