DIY Popsicle Stick Furniture (with working doors!)

This is a tutorial on how to make all the hamster-sized popsicle stick furniture shown in the popsicle stick hamster house. There’s a bed, a table, a shelf unit and a pantry. The cupboards even have fully functional doors with popsicle stick hinges. This furniture would be great for dollhouse sized dolls or LPS, or as a part of a miniature room diorama display.

What if my hamster chews it?
Check regularly for damage, sanding down any sharp, chewed edges, or just replace any damaged sticks individually.

What if my hamster pees in it?
If you’re worried about this, you can apply some brush-on plastikote (a non-toxic enamel safe for hamsters, but not the spray on kind) to the floors so that they can just be disinfected and wiped clean.
Since Vanilla is potty trained, I didn’t need to. You might be interested in the potty training video on my channel 😉

What sticks should I use?
Use the natural, dye-free popsicle sticks. You can get these very cheaply online or in craft stores.

What tools should I use to cut the sticks?
The best tools for chopping would be anvil secateurs, wire cutters, or something similar. If your only option is scissors, the further in the blades you cut the stick, the more control you will have over it.
As for cutting the intricate shapes, you’ll need a craft knife or something similar. rather than cutting above like with paper, cut from the side of the stick as if the knife was a tiny saw cutting a tiny plank of wood 😁 Cut from each side of the shape alternately, removing the splint between them so that you can get deeper into the shape.

What glue should I use?
Any glue that is non-toxic and water soluble e.g. PVA, Elmer’s and school glue. If the hamster were to accidently swallow a little, it would just dissolve. Since hot glue is not water soluble, it would not dissolve, and could cause blockages, which is why I don’t recommend it.

What type of hamster is Vanilla?
He’s a Syrian 🐹

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Galaxy Girl says:

I discovered this channel today and my hamster is named Va Nil Russian for Vanilla

astrangeone says:

That’s insanely clever with the toothpicks and popsicle sticks as a hinge. Will probably make some for my niece’s obsession with dolls!

Jenna Ali says:

It is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute


Thanks you for this idea ham ham Vanila Loves

барис барисович says:

мне нравится

giady rarity fashion pony tv says:

so cute♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

みほ薩南 says:


Lori Kokosha says:

If I get a hamster I’m going to make the bed into a sand bath by using more Popsicle sticks for the bottom !

Brenda Saldana says:


Tuana Emekli says:

omg your just too sweet i love hamsters too

chong poh lian says:

I like the DIY camping house

暇人& 凡人 says:

これ頑張って作ったのにハムスターに噛まれてボロボロにならないのかな( ˙-˙ )

Sunny Renolia says:

This is why I want a hamster or at least another guinea pig

Lily Blossom says:

I love these, I officially have cage inspo for when/if I get a hammy/hammys 😀
It’s going to be a bin “mansion” with a bunch of furniture like this as rooms

Maria Deleon says:

Can you make them and sell them

Dragon_Blood1 says:

This is just my opinion but I think u should maybe adopt another hammy that is brown and name it chocolate so vanilla has a friend to play with:3

crystalheart9 says:


Katherine Canon says:

that hamster really like the bed lol

chong poh lian says:

I cannot do

Jemma Pizzanelli says:

I love thinking that one day you just woke up and randomly went “Hey, you know what my hamster needs – furniture”

Kaylen Saephan says:

This is probably the most obscure and CUTEST channel on youtube. I love the little animations/drawings!!

Sunny Renolia says:

How long did dis take you to make?

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